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Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -1

I Always Fail at Everything

Sometimes it can be very frustrating to rack up a long string of failures as you sit by and watch others succeed. Some people are capable of experiencing failure and moving past it with ease.

Unfortunately, many people wear their failures like a ball and chain around their ankle. They allow it to hold them back for an eternity. You have the power to change your mindset to one that shines a light on failure for what it really is - proof that you tried.

Not everyone can say that. Some people are too afraid to try or have never taking the time to learn what they need to know to attempt anything in this business. If you are someone who has experienced failure, it's a sign that you have taken action.

Whether or not the end result was exactly what you wanted is irrelevant. If you truly want to see success as an online entrepreneur, you will take that failure, break it down to analyze it, and turn it into a success story.

There's danger in using absolute words like always. Putting it this way, it guarantees that each time you try something in the future, you have sealed your fate before you even start.

You have labeled yourself a complete and utter failure regardless of how much you learn, how hard you try, or any other determining factors. You have to change your language so that you give yourself a chance.

For example, if you are trying to succeed at a specific goal, instead of saying you always fail at it, you might say, “I haven't figured out how to do it yet.” Giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, you free yourself from that limiting belief that sabotages your efforts.

Besides that, there are often many different reasons why someone experiences a failure. Sometimes, it's no fault of their own. You may have invested in a course that was recommended to you, but which fails to give good instructions.

Or, something else may have affected the outcome. The important thing is for you to take time to analyze what went wrong, see if there is a way you can fix it, and try again until you can move it over to the success column.

Even if you can't figure it out on your own, if you will simply allow yourself the dignity of requesting help from others, you can often change the narrative from being a constant failure to being an eventual success.

Delegating and Outsourcing to Free Up Time

Delegating and Outsourcing to Free Up Time

Because your time is so precious as an online entrepreneur, you want to hand over any tasks that makes sense for someone else to do. Not everything is able to be handled by another party.

In fact, you don't want it to be. Part of the reason you got involved in this career may be because you want to be your own boss and make all of the decisions. There are some things that only you can and should be handling.

But there are many tasks that are considered grunt work or menial tasks that you can put on to someone else’s plate so that you can work on more important things. Think of everything you do in your business that takes a lot of time and effort.

For example, content creation can be a very tedious task for many online marketers. You may not have the skills it takes to be able to turn out content for your info products, email autoresponders, social networking posts, blog posts, and more On a regular basis.

Finding a good ghostwriter or using private label rights content can be a great way to outsource the task to someone else. If you use a ghostwriter, you will be assigning a specific piece of work to someone else and waiting for it to be completed.

If you want to outsource the content aspect, but you don't have time to wait, then you may want to invest in bundles have private label rights content that allow you to edit and tweak the verbiage and put your name on it as your own.

Another thing you can outsource or delegate to someone else is the publishing of that content anywhere you need it. And administrative assistant can post to your blog, put the content in a social marketing group for you, and send out an email on your behalf.

The key to success in delegating like this is to find someone that you trust. They must be reliable in terms of time and consistency. You don't want to hire anyone with a volatile personality who may try to sabotage your business at the first sign of a disagreement...

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Designing a Calming and Stress-Free Workspace

Designing a Calming and Stress-Free Workspace

By designing a calming, stress-free workspace, you’ll be able to concentrate easier when it’s time to get to work. Doing this raises your productivity level and makes it a healthier space for you to be in.

Check your office. If you have clutter there, even just a little bit, you need to either get it out or organize it. Messy spaces cause stress that you file away in the back of your mind, even when you don’t address it.

Place plants in some of the areas of your office space. You can get decorative pots and use colorful flowers if you like. These bring a little bit of nature indoors. Plus, plants clean the air by removing what’s bad - while at the same time, their photosynthesis process creates oxygen.

This also helps with the air purity in your home. The green color of plants is known to be a natural relaxant and can work to lower anxiety and stress. If you’re not someone with a green thumb, be sure to buy plants that don’t require a lot of effort or attention in order to thrive.

The light matters for more than just eye strain. Dark home office spaces tend to affect one’s mood. Focus on the lighting in your office to make it stress-free. When you choose good lighting, it makes it easier for you to be able to work.

While plenty of lighting is best, you want to be able to have soft lights with adjustable levels of brightness. If you have a window in your office, make use of the natural lighting by using sheer curtains when you want the light and shades for when you don’t want as much light.

Make sure you incorporate artwork as part of your office décor. You can hang photos that are meaningful to you or that make you feel happy. Look for positive designs in colors that are known to boost moods...

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Working in Bulk and Automating Your Tasks

Working in Bulk and Automating Your Tasks

When you are trying to achieve your goals in incremental steps, it often causes you to go slower burn if you put all of your focus on one task and knock it out as a whole. A good example of this would be writing product reviews for your blog.

For many people, creating content means they have to put themselves in the right frame of mind and get in a certain groove where they are not distracted and can be on a roll for an extended period of time.

Working in bulk is a very effective method for some tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. If you are an affiliate marketer, then it stands to reason that you will need to publish product reviews on a regular basis.

Instead of spending time each and every day to write those product reviews, you could spend one or two days of the month creating 30 days’ worth of reviews. Then, instead of keeping them stored on your hard drive, you could enable a system where you take each product review through a publication process.

Blogging is one task that can be easily automated on a WordPress platform. You can queue up your product reviews to go live each and every day for a month or longer. In fact, you can create a publishing schedule that you can refer to so that you can see what topics will be published and when.

You can also develop mini systems for each of your tasks. For example, for those affiliates needing to publish product reviews on their blog, you might create a systematic approach to that process.

You could start by pasting the body of the content into the blog area. The next part of your system could be to make sure the product is properly hyperlinked. Then, you could insert any images or graphics that you wanted to include...

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Keeping the Air Quality Clean in Your Home Office

Keeping the Air Quality Clean in Your Home Office

The type of air quality in your home office can impact your health. It can lead to things like allergies as well as make you more tired throughout the work day. But there are ways that you can keep the air quality clean.

You may have air vents in your office or work space that are in need of a good cleaning. It’s easy for dust and debris to collect inside as well as outside the vent. When that happens, you don’t get proper air circulation.

Plus, dust can cause sinus problems and make allergies worse. Make sure all vents in the room or space are clean and free of any clutter if you have vents in the floor. The filters in your air unit need to be changed on a regular basis.

This should be scheduled on your calendar as a reminder. The filter works to trap dust and debris and once it’s full, it can negatively impact your air quality. Many people think that an expensive air filter that you change every three months is the best kind to use.

But it’s actually healthier and gives you better air quality when you use the cheaper filter and change them more often. For the best air quality, change the filter once a month. If you have a lot of humidity in your home, this can cause a problem with air quality because it can lead to mildew or mold.

Buy a dehumidifier and use it in your office. The more natural that you can allow your office to be, the better. If you can allow natural sunlight in and the brightness doesn’t affect your work, then do that...

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Prioritizing Work-Life Balance Systematically

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance Systematically

Working for yourself can be very grueling and more brutal than working in the corporate world. Your enthusiasm and drive as a business owner will surpass anything you felt working for someone else.

It's easy to put your needs on the back burner. You will be wrapped up in ensuring that your business is a success. But you have to make sure that you take care of your needs and the needs of your family so that all of your hard work is paying off.

When you are developing a routine as an online entrepreneur, you don't want to just focus on work related tasks. Yes, you do need to make sure that money tasks are at the forefront of your day.

But you also want to highlight things like self-care, relationship building with loved ones, healthy activities, and personal enjoyment. These can be scattered throughout your day or scheduled at the beginning or end of your day, whatever you prefer.

Some of this will depend on who else is in your life. For example, if you are single and live alone, then you may be able to spend more time working during the day and spread your tasks out with plenty of relaxation in between.

However, if you have a spouse or significant other, you may want to complete all of your work tasks before they return home from their job at the end of the day so that you can spend ample time together.

The same would hold true for online entrepreneurs who are also parents. You may need a routine and schedule that works around your parenting duties. In fact, if you are raising a young child, you may need to have certain systems that you activate at times when your children are either quiet or noisy...

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10 Secrets of Successful Marketers

10 Secrets of Successful Marketers

Everyone who gets into Internet marketing online looks for that special formula that will help them achieve success in the least amount of time. Whether they're frantically seeking push button profits, or simply hoping some guru will take them under their wing and teach them the ropes, it feels like it's based on luck or a lottery.

The truth is, each and every person striving for success as an online entrepreneur has it in them to succeed. The unfortunate part is that most people sabotage themselves with a broke and limited mindset.

Instead of looking so hard for some mysterious ancient scroll that delivers all of your dreams to you, give yourself a chance by embracing the lifestyles, habits, and mindset of people who know what it takes to reach their goals.

There are two different kinds of people who pursue this kind of career. The first are those who actively study and practice a change in habits, effort and mindset so that there is no obstacle they can’t overcome.

The second are people who brush off the concept of change completely. These are the frustrated individuals who falsely believe that if someone would simply lead them, they could succeed...

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Home Office Lighting That Protects You from Eye Strain

Home Office Lighting That Protects You from Eye Strain

While it’s great to have natural light flooding your office so you can work comfortably, that’s not always an option. The sun doesn’t shine every day and, in the winter, when the days are shorter, you don’t get as much natural light.

That’s why you need home office lighting. But you want to get the type that can prevent you from getting eye strain. Close light is good for your time spent working at a computer.

This means that you should get a sturdy desk lamp. There are specific desk lamps that can be purchased that are designed to alleviate common problems with the eyes when working from home.

Look for a desk lamp that doesn’t use blue light. Some of them do. There are many models that use natural light, which can mimic sunlight. These come with options to change the brightness level as the day goes on.

So you can have natural lighting from the time your work day begins until it’s finished. You can get these lamps as fixed based ones, swinging or swivel lamps. If you have to
toggle between computer monitors or swivel from one desk to another work platform, you’re better off getting the swivel kind because you can adjust the direction of the light.

There are also computer monitor lamps that are anti-glare and can prevent blue light, which causes eye strain. These lamps attach to the top of your monitor and can cause a 45 degree angle path of light that doesn’t focus on the screen - which is what you want... 

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Prepping Your Schedule and Daily To Do List

Prepping Your Schedule and Daily To Do List

The first thing you want to do is develop the routine add preparing for each day. Flying by the seat of your pants and randomly choosing which tasks to work on is not an effective way to conduct business.

You should have a list that has been prioritized according to what needs to be achieved each day in order for your business to be profitable for you. You can be as broad or detailed as you want, as long as the list you create helps guide you in what to do next.

Figure out a time that works best for you to create a daily to do list for your schedule. Some people like to have this completed before they go to bed each night. It gives them Peace of Mind and helps them sleep knowing they can hit the ground running the very next morning.

Others prefer to wake up, pour themselves a cup of coffee, and see what the day has in store for them before they get started. Both ways are effective, but if you think you have a tendency to forget something, you may want to do both.

Start by making your to do list for the next day each night. Then, revisit it in the morning and make sure nothing important was left off. If you want to approach it in a broad manner, then you might simply use keywords such as emails.

This might be all you need to remind you to go to your inbox and sort through the various communications that have come in and also send out your daily email to your niche subscribers.

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Computers, Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse Options

Computers, Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse Options

Every tool that you use in your office should be beneficial to your body. If you’re using something that’s causing you pain or isn’t best for your physical needs, then you should get rid of it and replace it with something that does help.

You might not realize it, but the type of computer that you have can make a difference. Computers such as laptops that have large screens are better for you than ones with smaller screens.

That’s because the smaller the screen, the worse it can affect your posture. If you’re straining to work using the computer monitor, then it’s not good for you. Computers that have an all-in-one keyboard that’s too flat can often cause wrist fatigue.

You want to use computers that have a high definition display and offer the option of blocking blue light, which can cause fatigue as well as chronic dry eyes. The type of monitor that you use also matters.

The ones that are curved are made by design to help alleviate eye strain. That’s because the monitor curves like the eye does. These kinds of monitors also have a better refresh rate and quicker response, which can reduce eye strain.

In addition to that, curved monitors boost productivity while helping ease work strain.
Besides eye strain or fatigue, another notable issue with office equipment is that the wrong kinds can cause injuries.

A keyboard is an important office tool and having the right one can help prevent injuries that are caused by repetitive motion. When you use an ergonomic keyboard, this can alleviate the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can also ease the strain that’s caused by overuse of the wrists, such as what happens with frequent typing. Not only that, but the right kind of keyboard can also remove strain from both the neck and shoulders...

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