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7 Tips for Staying Motivated

staying motivated

7 Tips for Staying Motivated

To be highly successful in life, no matter what that means to you, you must do the work to get there. Finding motivation and staying motivated is hard to do. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make it a little easier so that you can continue to accomplish your dreams and desires.

Plan It Out

Plan and be as detailed as possible about what you want and how you can achieve your goals. Plans make everything you want to accomplish straight forward. While the work may still be challenging, at least you have a clear understanding of how to get there - leaving less room to be frustrated and more time to crush your goals.

Be Aware of the Consequences

Imagine for a moment, the consequences of not doing what you want to do. What would happen? How would you feel if you never accomplished your dreams or goals? Would your family suffer? What would you be missing? Channels these emotions into creating motivation and use it as determination to succeed.

Fully Understand the Goal or Reason Why

What is your why or your purpose for doing what you do each day? Why do you want to accomplish a specific task or go after a dream? Write down your reasons. Create a vision board so you can see it each day. This way, you have a visual reminder that can instantly inspire you to get going. The reason is usually the only thing that keeps people going. No matter how much motivation you have about something, if you don’t have an excellent reason for doing it, you are unlikely to get there.

Visualize Success Often

Pretend as if you already achieved what you set out to do. Imagine how it would feel experiencing the success you seek. Visualize what looks and feels like to finish that speech. Feel how it feels to win that award. Feel how it feels to be successful doing what you want to do. Then use that energy to accomplish the work that needs to be done.

Let Go of High Expectations

Don’t let lofty expectations prevent you from success. Nothing is perfect. The sad thing about expectations is that they can make an entirely enjoyable and successful day feel less than. It’s sort of like how you felt when Santa didn’t leave you the gifts you imagined, or you didn’t stay awake long enough to see him. You’re let down even though it’s a wonderful day.

Make It Fun

Most importantly, make it fun. Just because something feels painful or seems unenjoyable on the surface doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it fun. If you dread exercise, but your goal is to lose twenty pounds, then find fun activities like kickboxing or ice skating instead of going to the gym.

Celebrate Your Success No Matter How Small

Be proud of every moment of success, no matter how small. Never compare your success to others or even what you have done before. Any success is a good success, and the more you celebrate it, the more you will want to feel it repeatedly. Therefore, to create motivation, you need to keep going.

Staying motivated is a personal choice. What motivates one person could be demotivating for the next. Take the time to self-evaluate and be true to yourself to unlock the key to staying motivated.

The Chain Reaction of a Positive Attitude

The Chain Reaction of a Positive Attitude

Your mother says it, your teachers live it, your friends know it’s true, and so do your co-workers – there is no doubt that “positive energy brings positive results.” Having a positive attitude can have a chain reaction in the world. You don’t need to volunteer all your time or know the cure to cancer to make an impactful difference. All the world needs is more positivity and compassion.

Your smile can be enough to make someone's day brighter. Holding a door open for a stranger or saying thank you can make the difference between them having a bad or good day. That positivity can inspire people to be kind to others and change the world to be a better place for everyone.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Dwelling on the negative aspects of life can make you sick. This can happen when your mind continually goes over what you did wrong, in turn increasing your cortisol levels. However, staying positive can reduce it. Cortisol is a hormone that increases your stress response, as well as triggers other symptoms. Stress can lead to many illnesses and depression and anxiety.

Increased Happiness and Hope

When people are less stressed, productive, and feel valued, their happiness goes up. They become more hopeful of the world and want to continue to spread happiness and positivity. Increased happiness leads to improved health, productivity, life, and relationships with friends and family.

Positive Events and Outcomes

Spreading positivity can lead to festive events and outcomes that can change your society. It can lead to more local donations, volunteers, and overall compassion. Positivity is what brings the whole world together, even strangers. It’s what motivates each other to get along and work together to reduce pain and suffering in the world.

Improved and Increased Productivity

Less stress and increased happiness mean people know they are needed. Which ultimately leads to improved and increased productivity. Negative thoughts can cause people to dwell and dread doing things that lead to poor performance. Positivity, however, clears your brain and gets you inspired to want to do better and more for those who value you.

Ultimately, making the world a better place starts with positivity. Spread the positivity and make a difference in your life and in others’ lives. Inspiring happiness, hope, and health through positivity can make the world a better place.

Attitude Is More Important Than You Think

Attitude Is More Important Than You Think

It may seem your life is completely out of your control, and for the most part, it’s true. Many things are out of your ability to control; however, your attitude is the one thing you do have control of that, if displayed correctly, it can make your life just a little bit easier to deal with.

Attitude Is the Ultimate Secret to Success 

You can have a great business idea, great products or services and still not receive profits due to poor service. To be successful, you need to have the right attitude. Think about the last time you purchased a product or paid for something. Was it a positive or negative interaction, and are you likely to do it again? This is precisely what happens when you communicate with others. You either leave them with a poor or positive impression that can alter your future or success.

Attitude Is Contagious and Reflective

Like laughter or seeing someone smile, a good attitude makes you want to do it too. When you have a positive or negative attitude towards someone, it can change their day instantly. Often negative attitudes can cause more damage as it results in negative emotions or pain. If you are hostile towards others, they are likely to reflect this behavior towards you. It was ultimately, you making your day more difficult due to your bad attitude.

Attitude Affects Your Self-Worth 

A negative attitude can creep into your mind leading to low self-worth and a poor view of the world. Trusting your abilities and being confident in yourself no matter what is vital for leading a successful life.

A great technique to increase your self-worth is to practice words of affirmation. Each morning look into your eyes in a mirror and tell yourself things you love or like about yourself. Dig deep within yourself and believe every word you say. As you continue this practice daily, you will gain more confidence and find yourself taking on more challenges you never thought you could do.

Attitude Affects Your Happiness and Overall Health

Negativity is known to increase cortisol levels and other hormones responsible for stress, reducing happiness. Stress can lead to many illnesses over time if left untreated. Problems like general anxiety disorder, depression, and heart disease rise with more negativity.

Don’t let a negative attitude get in the way of your success. Smile more and inspire others to be positive, achieve goals, and make the world a better place.

8 Ways to Overcome Disappointment

8 Ways to Overcome Disappointment

Everyone faces disappointments in life. Some disappointments are minor while others can be catastrophic. However, you choose how to manage and overcome your disappointment. You are in charge of your actions and reactions.

Usually, disappointment happens because an outcome we hoped for or expected did not come to fruition. This happens frequently throughout your life so knowing how to overcome your disappointment will help you move on and find happiness.

Wallow and Move On

When something disappointments you, don’t ignore your feelings. It’s okay to be sad and feel frustrated. This happens in all areas of life when your expectations aren’t met. Let yourself feel the emotions but don’t wallow in your disappointment. Let it go and move on after you grieve through it.

Gain Different Perspectives

During your wallowing phase, you may need to get new perspectives by asking for friends’ opinions. Make sure you’re ready to hear the unvarnished truth before you ask. There is no right or wrong here. You just want new perspectives.

Engage in Positive Activities

Once you’re tired of wallowing, start doing things that make you feel good and positive about life. You may want to read a book, listen to uplifting music, watch funny movies, or spend time with people you love.

Detach from The Outcome

If your expectation was not realistic, the outcome was probably inevitable. Detach from the outcome and look at the process that caused the disappointment. You may be able to prevent that same thing from occurring again.

Deal with Your Cognitive Dissonance

Everyone has deeply held convictions that are erroneous. Sometimes disappointments occur when your convictions are challenged. It’s hard to let go of something you thought was true, even when you are faced with the evidence.

Acknowledge the Opportunity for Growth

When you have a situation where an outcome is not what you thought it would be, you have an opportunity to learn something new and grow. When you understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what, if anything, you could do differently next time would help you accept the outcome

Do Your Best

All you can do in life is the best you can do based on what you know. If you’re challenging your ideas, learning new ways of thinking, and moving through disappointments in life that’s really all you can do.

Practice Acceptance

Acceptance means that you realize it is what it is, and you can’t undo the past. While something may be disappointing, accepting the facts gives you the opportunity to move on and change plans.

You can overcome disappointment in life and bounce back faster with practice. Set up a contingency plan that will help you overcome disappointment, and you’ll see that you can deal with it in a new way that will ensure your future success and happiness.

How Your Attitude Affects Your Performance

How Your Attitude Affects Your Performance

If you struggle to reach optimum performance mentally, physically, and emotionally, it could be your attitude is getting in the way. Studies show a positive correlation between having a positive attitude and performing optimally. In fact, multiple studies back the idea that a positive attitude directly affects performance in a good way while a negative attitude lowers your performance in all ways.  

A positive attitude manifests in many ways. It encourages constructive thinking and gives you a more optimistic outlook on life. Plus, the more positive you are, the more energy and motivation you’ll have to see through to reaching all your goals.

Here's some ways to build a more positive attitude.

Expect Success

Successful people expect to be successful in the things that they do. Their positive attitude and their lack of doubt drive them to push forward until their dreams are achieved.

Look for Inspiration

You are literally surrounded with inspiring things. You just have to open your mind to them. The air, the sky, the family walking in the park can all give you inspiration if you just look for it.

Build Your Perseverance

A person with a positive attitude will persevere through the hard times knowing that if they continue on the path, they will succeed. If you tend to get discouraged when things get tough, don't give up. Build your perseverance by focusing on the outcome instead of the small things that try to trip you up.

Open Your Eyes to Opportunities

You know the saying when one door closes, another opens. Just like with inspiration, you are surrounded by opportunities. When you start focusing more on the positive you will begin to notice those opportunities for success.  

Never Stop Learning or Taking Action

A positive person won't stop until they are great at what they do. They are lifelong learners, diving headfirst into the topics they need to know to achieve their goals. Once they reach their goal, they continue to stay on top of topics that will better themselves. They don't just learn; they take action on what they learn because action equals results.

Believe in Yourself

When you have a positive attitude, there is no room for self-doubt or negative self-talk. With a positive attitude, you will have faith in yourself and your abilities. You will believe you can achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

Become More Solution-Oriented

A negative person only sees the problem. A positive person seeks a solution. When things don't go as planned, locate the problem then move on to finding the solution. Being solution-oriented will ensure you perform at optimum level.

Accept Setbacks

When you have a positive attitude, you won't see setbacks as failures. You won't give up because something didn't work according to plan. You'll view these setbacks as part of the ongoing process. Oftentimes when facing a setback is when you grow the most.

The more you seek to improve your attitude in all areas of your life, the more success you’ll experience. You’ll be healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally. You'll reach your goals quicker and with bigger success.


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