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7 Tips for Staying Motivated

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7 Tips for Staying Motivated

To be highly successful in life, no matter what that means to you, you must do the work to get there. Finding motivation and staying motivated is hard to do. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make it a little easier so that you can continue to accomplish your dreams and desires.

Plan It Out

Plan and be as detailed as possible about what you want and how you can achieve your goals. Plans make everything you want to accomplish straight forward. While the work may still be challenging, at least you have a clear understanding of how to get there - leaving less room to be frustrated and more time to crush your goals.

Be Aware of the Consequences

Imagine for a moment, the consequences of not doing what you want to do. What would happen? How would you feel if you never accomplished your dreams or goals? Would your family suffer? What would you be missing? Channels these emotions into creating motivation and use it as determination to succeed.

Fully Understand the Goal or Reason Why

What is your why or your purpose for doing what you do each day? Why do you want to accomplish a specific task or go after a dream? Write down your reasons. Create a vision board so you can see it each day. This way, you have a visual reminder that can instantly inspire you to get going. The reason is usually the only thing that keeps people going. No matter how much motivation you have about something, if you don’t have an excellent reason for doing it, you are unlikely to get there.

Visualize Success Often

Pretend as if you already achieved what you set out to do. Imagine how it would feel experiencing the success you seek. Visualize what looks and feels like to finish that speech. Feel how it feels to win that award. Feel how it feels to be successful doing what you want to do. Then use that energy to accomplish the work that needs to be done.

Let Go of High Expectations

Don’t let lofty expectations prevent you from success. Nothing is perfect. The sad thing about expectations is that they can make an entirely enjoyable and successful day feel less than. It’s sort of like how you felt when Santa didn’t leave you the gifts you imagined, or you didn’t stay awake long enough to see him. You’re let down even though it’s a wonderful day.

Make It Fun

Most importantly, make it fun. Just because something feels painful or seems unenjoyable on the surface doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it fun. If you dread exercise, but your goal is to lose twenty pounds, then find fun activities like kickboxing or ice skating instead of going to the gym.

Celebrate Your Success No Matter How Small

Be proud of every moment of success, no matter how small. Never compare your success to others or even what you have done before. Any success is a good success, and the more you celebrate it, the more you will want to feel it repeatedly. Therefore, to create motivation, you need to keep going.

Staying motivated is a personal choice. What motivates one person could be demotivating for the next. Take the time to self-evaluate and be true to yourself to unlock the key to staying motivated.


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