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Why You Need To Sell On Etsy

selling on Etsy

Why You Need To Sell On Etsy

It is important that you are fully aware of the benefits of selling on Etsy so that you will have the motivation to create your own Etsy shop and promote it. In this article we will provide you with the top benefits of selling on Etsy so that you can be confident that all of your efforts will be worthwhile.

Etsy is essentially an arts and crafts platform but there is plenty of scope for you to find products that you can sell for a profit. You do not have to have art and craft skills to be successful with Etsy. There are plenty of successful Etsy sellers that have never created any arts or crafts in their life.

1. Etsy is a Traffic Beast
Every month Etsy.com receives over 390 million visitors and this is growing all of the time. Most of the visitors come from the “top tier” countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.
The vast majority of Etsy visitors are from the US. They represent over 60% of the total visitors each month. This means that you have a great chance to sell your products to these people wherever you are from in the world.

2. Etsy is very easy to use
There is nothing overly complicated about setting up a shop on Etsy and selling products. Some of the other retail platforms make it quite difficult to do the same thing with a lot of rules and regulations. Literally anyone can set up a successful Etsy shop with no technical skills or experience.

After registering a free Etsy account, you can start to create your shop immediately. Everything is intuitive and easy to understand with the Etsy platform. We recommend that you use good graphics with your Etsy shop and you can outsource this on Fiverr.com for a few bucks.

3. There are already Successful Etsy Sellers
There are some sellers on Etsy that make thousands of dollars a year from the platform. As usual, there are millions of Etsy sellers that have not made a lot of money but this usually comes down to effort and determination.

The costs of selling on Etsy are lower than a lot of the other retail platforms as well which helps. We are not saying that selling products on Etsy is easy but you can say the same about selling on any platform. There are successful Etsy sellers so this should always motivate you to put in the additional effort required.

4. The Seller Community will help you
Unlike a lot of other platforms, the seller community on Etsy will always be willing to help you succeed. They have a different mentality to sellers elsewhere. If you want answers to questions or general help and advice then you are very likely to get what you want from the seller community.

5. The Etsy Niche Markets
It is easy for you to focus on specific niches when you are selling on Etsy. There are a lot of people in the Etsy community that will be interested in your niche. You can find niche communities on Etsy that have an interest in your niche and you can connect directly with them and explain what you have to offer.

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