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You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction

You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction

Wallowing in self-pity and low self-worth because you don’t think you’re worthy of success or personal satisfaction is a sure way to keep your dreams from ever coming to fruition.

Unless you begin to take actions to reach your goals and dreams, you’ll never see yourself as a true achiever and worthy of great success. There’s no one like you in the world and your ideas are unique. Take advantage of that and go after what you want.

Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything

You aren’t perfect – no one is. Others might look as if they have no flaws or imperfections, but when all is revealed in true light, there is no such thing. So many people put off taking action to reach a goal because things aren’t perfect yet.

Putting off until tomorrow what you should be doing today is detrimental to your future success. You might be waiting for a promotion at work, putting off writing that novel until you have time – or even waiting to get fit and lose weight until you can join a gym.

Ignoring the changes you need to make in your life until things are perfect tends to lower your self-esteem because you don’t see yourself as valuable enough to make the changes now.

The process of esteeming yourself means that you’re setting a higher value on your own personal satisfaction and creating the life you dream of and deserve. If you don’t value yourself and think you’re deserving, you won’t treat yourself as such.

Rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before you spread your wings and fly, create your dream life now. First, you must believe in yourself. You, alone, can take charge of your self-worth.

Take over the responsibility of showcasing your talents, promoting your abilities and fostering your potential. Begin by acknowledging the successes you’ve already had in life. Write them down as you identify them and keep the list as a sort of victory journal.

Refer to your journal when you lose focus of what you want to accomplish and when you feel your self-esteem seeping away and being replaced with self-doubt. Being reminded of your past successes helps you recharge your batteries and gain a sense of purpose.

You may have to take some risks in the path to success. Sometimes it takes a high amount of self-confidence to face obstacles head-on. Fear of the unknown is always difficult to navigate.

Embrace your faults by acknowledging them and then focus on your positive traits. Your future is at stake and you only have to believe in yourself to create the future you want and deserve.

Forgiveness Is a Skill You Have to Master

Forgiveness is mentioned in nearly every religion’s rules to live by. That shows how very important forgiveness is in our lives. It doesn’t come easy for most of us and we have to work on it constantly.

True forgiveness is a challenge that takes action. It requires a shift of your emotions and a desire for closure. You can’t hang on to past hurts after you forgive. It’s important that you move on.

Some people need guidance to develop the skill of forgiveness. Even if the person you need to forgive won’t cooperate by meeting with you or accepting your forgiveness, it’s important that you are satisfied with the depth of your feelings of forgiveness.

Learning to forgive brings many benefits – especially to the one who is forgiving. Letting go of the anger and resentment can give you a unique perspective on yourself and could be a catalyst for you to move on with your life and become successful.

Letting old anger and resentment cloud your life can hold you back and keep you from being able to focus on the task or goals at hand. Developing empathy for the other person can help you let go.

Think of the other person and what s/he might be going through in his or her life. The negative factors they’re dealing with might be similar to a situation you may have gone through and you can relate the anger and frustration that goes along with it.

Perhaps the motivation for the hurt someone inflicted on you wasn’t meant to hurt you, but the act happened because of what the other person was going through. There could be a person who hurts you simply because they want to.

It’s hard to understand, but some people seem to have evil in their hearts and get some sort of enjoyment from seeing you hurt. It could be a coworker who takes credit for something you did – or a family member who demeans you even though you’ve told them how you feel.

Forgiving isn’t the same as condoning what happened to you. Forgiveness helps the forgiver much more than the person you’re forgiving. It’s filled with benefits that will bring a level of personal satisfaction into your life and help you move on.

Many times, we’re more unforgiving of ourselves than others. When you hold grudges against yourself, it can be a sure way to stifle your emotions and make it impossible to reach the success you desire.

If you feel you need to forgive someone, but just can’t reach that point, get help through a therapist or a friend who can offer the guidance you need. Keeping a journal of your feelings can also be helpful for letting go of an old hurt that’s holding you back.

Believe in the Power of Self-Talk and Your Subconscious Mind

Self-talk and your subconscious mind often combines forces to become a monster that threatens to destroy all our hopes for a successful future. We know how powerful self-talk is to our conscious mind, but it can be even more powerful in the subconscious.

Learning how to communicate with the subconscious mind can turn the power of self-talk into a dynamic force that can make a difference in your future success and ability to meet your goals.

The way it works is that your conscious mind processes any thought, choice or action you take. At the same time, your subconscious mind is also storing those thoughts, choices and actions.

This vault of conscious actions and thoughts can be opened again and flood your mind with whatever you have stored. It can fill you with self-doubt – or spur you on to greatness – depending on what you’ve been feeding it.

When you criticize yourself and plant negative thoughts in your subconscious, you’re inadvertently keeping a Pandora’s Box of trouble. The good news is that it’s possible for you to reprogram your subconscious mind and replace the negatives with positives.

Just remember that it’s going to take a lot of atta’ boys to get rid of only one bad snippet of criticism. Criticizing yourself can become a habit that’s hard to break, but you can make it happen.

Practicing positive self-talk is one way to tame the monster. Whenever you are consciously criticizing yourself, immediately replace those thoughts with positive ones. For example, rather than thinking that you’ll never be able to do something, stop and replace that thought with how you will succeed at it.

Also, delve into the reasons why you’re telling yourself that you can’t succeed. What triggers your subconscious to dredge up old failures and faults? All it does is sabotage your current efforts to succeed.

Shifting your thought process from negative to positive won’t happen overnight. It takes determination and effort on your part to rid your subconscious mind of all the negative ways and times that you’ve criticized yourself.

Affirmations are great to begin your self-healing. When you feel yourself becoming anxious or stressed by your thoughts, repeat a mantra that will calm you down. If your negative thoughts lean toward thinking you won’t succeed, replace them with a mantra that reflects how you will succeed.

Visualization is also a good technique for training your subconscious mind to become more positive. Think of it as making a great movie of your path and realization of success.

Focus on that movie until you master it and become more detailed as you go along. For example, if you want to be a published author, visualize yourself working at your computer and taking the steps needed to publish the finished manuscript.

Then, become more detailed by visualizing how your life will be changed when you become a successful author. J.K Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter series, never lost her focus on becoming an author.

She had faith in her eventual success even when her work had been rejected numerous times and was on the verge of becoming homeless. That’s the faith we all must have when visualizing our successes and changing the way our subconscious is fed.

Detail your rise to success and then how you will feel and react when you do reach your goals of success. In time, the monster inside your subconscious mind can transform into a loving friend that nurtures you rather than tearing you down.

You Help Form Others’ Opinions of You with Self-Degradation

We know that we internalize self-doubt when we degrade ourselves with negative self-talk and feelings of inferiority. You may think you’re simply poking fun at yourself, but you may be doing harm and embedding negativity that’s difficult to undo.

By filling yourself with thoughts that you’re not good enough, you may also be convincing others to form low opinions of your self-worth. It’s common to make fun of yourself – especially when anxious or afraid of failure.

Comedians do it all the time. We laugh at their jokes, but probably believe just a little of it even if what they’re saying is for laughs. But, it goes deeper than a comedian’s jokes when you’re doing it to yourself.

When others get the impression that you don’t believe in yourself, they may come to a conclusion that what you’re saying is true. Your self-worth is further damaged when they mirror your feelings about yourself.

This can wreak havoc in your life. Your coworkers and boss, spouse and friends may cease to believe in your talent and begin to show it by the way they act toward you. You could lose out on promotions and other good things that would have come your way.

Eventually, those closest to you might turn away because of all the negativity you harbor about yourself. It makes people uncomfortable and rather than look for ways to make you feel better about yourself, they avoid you.

That doesn’t mean you have to inflate your ego by singing your praises to others. That’s a turn-off too. When you truly believe in yourself, others will see it through your actions and the self-confidence you portray.

Try to catch yourself when you begin to degrade your abilities. Replace those thoughts (and words) with positive affirmations and let others see rather than hear what you’re all about.

How Many Years Have You Wasted Wallowing in Low Self Worth?

Those years you’ve wasted in believing you don’t deserve success because you’re not worthy can never be lived again. But, you can begin now to set goals and take actions to achieve your dreams and stop punishing yourself.

Begin by getting rid of the shame that’s limiting your success in this world. Some ancient groups of people used shame to control others and today you can shame yourself into a state of mind that makes you believe you’re unworthy of happiness.

The shame you feel for not being good enough weighs on your conscious and subconscious minds. It will take work to replace those thoughts with positive ones, but it can be cone.

Any positive image of yourself can be torn down by others who criticize you. It can also be torn down by your own negative self-talk. Prove to yourself that you’re worthy of success.

Begin by creating and working toward goals that you value and want to pursue. It doesn’t have to be grandiose dreams of success. It could be a hobby that you want to excel in such as lowering your golf handicap.

Every small success you make will boost your self-worth and change the way you think about yourself. And, pride will take the place of shame that’s kept you from achieving your dreams.

Rather than wallowing in self-pity, you’ll be so busy focusing your time and energy toward achieving your goals that you won’t have time for negative thoughts. You must also learn how to surround yourself with positive people rather than those who would feed you with negative thoughts about yourself.

Think about the language you’re presenting to the world. Even your body language can make a difference in the way you see yourself. The way you carry yourself when walking, sitting or dealing with others sends a powerful message.

Slumping as you walk or sit, hanging your head and not looking someone in the eye when you’re speaking, crossing your arms across your chest and speaking in a voice that indicates weakness can all hamper your image to the outside world – and yourself.

Take the necessary steps to help you believe in what you can accomplish and stop punishing yourself for all the flaws you think you have and the mistakes you’ve made. Believe that you’re worthy of achieving your dreams now – and you will.

Most People Have Never Uncovered Their Personal Gifts

It’s doubtful that you realize everything you’re capable of accomplishing. In fact, you may have never even scratched the surface. Most people struggle with uncovering their personal gifts and using them to create success for themselves.

You may be limited by what others have told you about yourself. Teachers, parents and other influential persons in your life may have inadvertently limited you by telling you what you’re capable of just by observation or testing.

These well-meaning people don’t usually dig deep enough to set you off on a path where you feel you are capable of anything. We’re all limited by what we think of ourselves as told by others.

Unless you stop limiting yourself to what they’ve told you and begin to uncover and reveal your personal gifts that make you the unique person you are, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

Keep in mind that your habits can become talents. Whether you want to write, play the piano, start a business or become a Navy Seal – forming habits that will get you to that place is the only way to achieve it.

Only the obstacles you place on yourself can hold you back. Overcoming these barriers that you and others have come to believe takes perseverance. You must begin to prioritize the steps that are going to get you where you want to be.

Each step you take requires focus. While everything might not work out as you hoped, you’ll at least be taken to a place in your life that can provide guidance about what you want to do next.

Have specific values and goals in your life. Never violate these values to get what you want. That will never provide satisfaction and you may never be truly happy with what you’ve accomplished.

To find out your true mission in life and reveal your personal gifts, dig deep to find out what activities you enjoy most – the ones that make you forget about time. What comes naturally to you? Your innate skills are gifts you can use to bring success into your life.

Be honest with yourself. Think about what you might regret not pursuing later in life and some challenges you’ve already overcome. Use these thoughts to create your mission in life. After you identify your true mission, it will be easier to reveal your gifts.

You’re Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success

It’s easy to feel as if you’re not worthy of success or any good things that come your way when things happen to make you feel broken and frustrated. You’re deserving at all times – not only those times when you achieve successes.

What makes you a deserving person is your commitment to overcome obstacles in your path to success. You can’t be complacent and halt your progress every time you’re faced with a distressing situation.

You know you’re worthy of all success that can come your way when you have a strong sense of purpose and a powerful vision. You can’t let the past determine how you plan your life. Have a plan and stick to it.

You’re deserving when you refuse to give up on your commitment to success. You may imagine success and struggle for it, but give up on it when the going gets rough. Truly successful and most deserving people never give up on their commitment.

Successful people truly believe they deserve the success they’ve realized. They don’t let preconceptions about themselves or from others ruin their chances. They know that spiritual success is entwined with material success.

Without both types of success, both become meaningless. Many people never grasp that concept of success, but when you are spiritually healthy, you bring a consciousness into your life that helps you focus on the material things you want and need.

You actually become afraid of success when you give in to thoughts that you’re not deserving – that you just don’t have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success that others have.

In truth, the challenge to be successful is comprised of the fears that get in your way. Unless you identify these fears and overcome them, you may not accomplish what you set out to do in life.

One of those fears could be fear of failure. You may struggle with fears of your goals not working out quite the way you imagined. It’s particularly difficult to overcome this fear if you’ve tried before and failed.

When you solidly put those failures in the past and take steps to find future success you will have overcome one of the main fears that are holding you back. Then, you can move forward.

Another common fear that becomes an obstacle to success is fear of the unknown. It helps to allay this fear if you step into your plans for the future fully prepared. It takes a lot of preparation – physically and mentally – to prepare for the success you deserve.

Good habits can help you feel better about facing the unknown. They can help to nurture you past the times of feeling unworthy and full of self-doubt that you can do it. When your mind and body are functioning at full force, you are capable of most anything.

Are you afraid of what others think? Others aren’t going to climb over those obstacles for you. They can help, but they can also hinder your progress if you let criticism and rejection rule.

Follow your own heart and do what you need to do to reach the goals you set for yourself. When you strive to please others over yourself, you become co-dependent and that can be detrimental to you ever achieving personal satisfaction and success.

Don’t Look for Approval from Others

You don’t need abject approval from others to realize your dreams and have personal satisfaction about your life. Not everyone will agree with the paths you take to find success.

Everyone wants to be loved and admired, but truly successful people don’t let it stand in the way of their own successes. When you’re working toward something you believe in and love, others’ opinions about you fade away.

Each goal you meet and success rug you reach helps you become more self-confident and satisfied with the direction you’re heading in. Your need for approval becomes less imperative as you continue your rise to success.

People who depend on others to validate their successes are known as people pleasers. It’s important that people pleasers impress everyone to gain praise and accolades so they’ll feel deserving.

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s important that you make a concentrated effort to stop depending on others’ love and admiration and take responsibility for your own life. Unless you do that, you’re likely to miss out on much of what life has to offer.

Continuing to depend on others for your satisfaction and feelings of worthiness you’re likely to experience feelings of emptiness and insecurity. These feelings keep you from enjoying life and creating good memories.

What if you never get the approval from others that you think you need and deserve? The truth is that nothing bad will happen to you. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you believe in yourself.

You can drive yourself crazy trying to please others – you never can please everyone – or you can live in the present moment and focus on you and what you want for yourself. When you’re happy with yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Breaking your habit of wanting approval from others will let you live life on your own terms. You’ll be more relaxed and can simply enjoy your relationships with other people when you let go of your need for approval.

Your self-worth will soar and your entire life will change for the better. Take steps to break free and give yourself what you, alone, need and want – not what you think others want you to be.

Each of Us Is Both Courageous and Intimidated

You don’t need to be a ferocious lion to think of yourself as courageous. And you don’t need to think of yourself as the cowardly lion to be intimidated. But, you can pull out all the courage you need when necessary and take intimidation with a grain of salt.

Just the act of living life – especially on our own terms – provides many chances to prove your courage. Living also provides many intimidating experiences and can threaten to make you give up.

You don’t have to have courage like a warrior and jump out of planes or dive into the oceans depths. The type of courage you need to have is that which will see you through challenges and hardships and make you a better person.

To understand courage, you need to know that its definition is a type of power or determination to meet difficult situations head on. Facing a bear in the woods doesn’t take as much courage as planning ahead.

If you know you’re going to be hiking in bear-infested forests, you’d better know what to do in case you meet one on the path. So, you don’t always have to fight physically (you would definitely lose), but use your knowledge to thwart the attack.

The word courage contains the root, cou, which means heart in French. You can have strength in your heart to counteract some of the most pressing problems that come your way.

For example, Mother Teresa was the exemplary of courage using love and compassion for others to meet incredible disasters in the world. But, courage also has the word, rage, embedded in it.

Rage can also give us power to meet challenges. It helps to sustain and energize our drive to become successful and overcome tremendous odds. Constructive anger or rage means that you’re using your anger to generate the courage you need to get things done and make things happen.

While it takes courage to live your life as you want – it also takes a great amount of courage to think of others and let yourself love and commit to another person. Moving past fears to move ahead doesn’t mean we don’t have fear – only that we’ve conquered it.

Personal satisfaction can come to you in waves of success when you face fears by knowing our frailties, but working past them anyway. Maintaining a false bravado won’t bring that personal satisfaction.

You’ve got to actually face the fears for what they are and have the courage to follow through with your plans and dreams. Some people become so fearful and discouraged that they turn to other things to fortify their courage.

Liquid courage – alcohol – may temporarily make a person feel like they could conquer the world, but in time that type of courage will take a severe downturn and destroy any hopes of success.

Guard against masking your fears, but reveal them and deal with them. That will produce the strength that you can only get when you pick yourself up from disappoints and failure and try, try again.

Intimidation is courage’s worst enemy. It can rob you of your courage and keep you mired in the past or afraid of taking courageous steps to make your dreams happen and to live the life you deserve.

Everyone has a choice to make when intimidated by people or circumstances – to curl up in a fetal position and give up or to stand and fight – endure and proceed rather than give in to the intimidation.

Intimidation can also come from within. If you’ve given in to intimidation as a child or in other areas of your life, it may be difficult to see yourself as a courageous person. You may need to dig deep to find that lion-type of courage, but it’s there.

It truly takes an inordinate amount of courage to live a life of creativity and productivity and it’s not always easy to have that courage to follow your dreams. But, as long as you believe in yourself, you can tap into that courage to achieve anything you want.

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