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Why Do Videos Go Viral?

Everyone knows about viral videos. They dominate the news when they happen and they spread like wildfire on social media. But how do these viral videos get started in the first place? Are they designed that way or is it just a happy accident? The fact is, both are true. There have been viral videos that were carefully designed to have as high probability as possible of going viral, and the effort succeeded. There are also other videos – in fact the majority of videos that go viral – that do so against all odds and completely by accident.

How to Know If the Video Will Go Viral or Not

If you want to know if a video will go viral or not, you need to look at the characteristics that make up the video. This doesn’t mean the production value, nor does it really mean the subject matter. Instead, you want to see if it has the characteristics that make it impact you emotionally and want tell your friends about it. When something changes someone’s life, even in a very small way, they want to tell her friends about it. A viral video touches someone either in a good way – or sometimes in a bad way – it makes them want to share it.

Tips to Give a Video the Best Chance of Going Viral

If you want to give your video the best chance of going viral you should start with creating a short but effective video. You don’t want a video that is too long because people are going to want to sit through a 10 minute video even if it’s good. You should keep your video about the same length of the song – 3 to 4 minutes.

Make sure that your video conveys some sort of message you want the viewer to come away with something when they leave – something that is going to be simple enough for them to easily share with others.

You also want to make sure that there is some sort of emotional connection – some sort of human touch that works on emotions. As mentioned, viral videos work because people have an emotional connection with them and they want to share it with others.

These things may not make a viral video at all. In fact, you could follow the exact same steps that other viral videos followed and not have your video go viral because much of it depends upon chance.

Using Customer Testimonials to do Video Marketing

One of the things that you can do to create an effective video that could get people to use your company or buy your products and services is a video marketing campaign featuring customer testimonials. You want to use actual customer testimonials if at all possible. People can tell when the person is not being genuine and besides, you have to identify actors as such when you make a video for profit. Here are some great tips so that you can use customer testimonials in your video marketing strategy and can get views and traffic.

First, you want the testimonial to feel as natural and as genuine as possible. That means that you are going to want to use actual customers who have enjoyed your products or services and don’t mind talking about them on camera. In order to capture that natural and genuine spirit on video you probably are going to want to write them a script either. A much better idea is to let them talk and then use editing to create a concise testimonial that will keep the viewer’s attention.

Second thing is you want the video to be interesting. This is done many different ways. First, make sure that you choose a background or setting that is interesting to the eye but not so interesting that it detracts from the person on the screen. You can ask them to where a colorful outfit or something that will contrast nicely with the background. Obviously, you also want to make sure that what they are saying is interesting. Storytelling comes into play here. If you can get them to tell a story with her testimonial it will have much more of an impact than if not.

You also want to make sure that the video is relevant to whatever it is that your marketing and that viewers go away with a message that they’ll remember. In fact, this may be the most important part of creating a good marketing video. If you can create a message in a video that resonates with people they are going to share it. On the other hand, if you don’t make an emotional connection with your video you are going to have much success with it no matter how many views you get. Make sure that the video has an impact emotionally on every single person that watched it.

Video Marketing Strategy Tips from the Pros

If you’re getting in the video marketing, you should definitely look around the Internet and find out what the pros are doing. The people who are being the most successful when it comes to marketing their videos and getting views are the ones who will teach you how to grow your own video marketing strategy so that you can start to get the traffic that you want. Here are a few strategies that have worked well for some of the biggest video marketing campaigns out there.

The Dove Campaigns

The beauty brand of has been making viral video content for several years now. They have a team that is put together several winning campaigns based upon the idea that all women are beautiful no matter the size, shape, skin color or other attribute. One recent campaign had them placing signs and then allowing people to choose between two different doors that they had to enter through on a busy building. One sign said ‘beautiful’ and the other ‘average.’ It was such a fascinating social experiment, and the people that actually walk through the doors and then were interviewed afterward were touched so much that the campaign went viral, which is what Dove intended.

Google Earth

Recently, Google Earth had a campaign where they used a person that was searching for his family. This story had all of the ingredients that would make up a viral video campaign and it was definitely designed to be talked about and get shared. That’s because people felt like they could relate to the person that was searching for their family and because the story was so touching. Of course, at the climax of the video, users could share in the joy that the person the video featured was experiencing. This is a perfect example of using human emotion to create a viral video.

American Greetings

You might remember the American Greetings campaign where they posted a video that said it was seeking a candidate for a particular job. This job, the interviewer said, was 24 hours a day and required things like the equivalent of a medical degree, a degree in culinary arts and many other requirements. In fact, the job didn’t even pay anything and you would have to work overtime on Christmas and other holidays. This was obviously a brilliant campaign that made everyone who watched it think of their mother – the person who actually does that job and meets all those requirements.

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How to Use Tutorial Videos to Market Your Company Effectively

One of the big types of marketing videos that are out there is tutorial videos. Why does this video type get made so often? Because it works; people are always looking to learn how to do something and creating a tutorial video that is either the only one out there that shows them how to do this particular thing or is the best out there of all of the ones available will allow your tutorial video to rise to the top and be an effective marketing video.

What Can You Make a Tutorial Video about?

You can make a tutorial video on anything that you can solve within your industry. You may be an expert in other areas as well, and can easily make tutorial videos in that area, but unless you stick with your niche you’re going to have a hard time naturally incorporating marketing into the video which is the entire point.

So, you can make a tutorial video about common problems that people have with some product or service within your industry. For example, if you have created a technological product and you know that some people have had trouble with a particular feature, you could make a tutorial video on this feature and how to resolve it and this will build your brand as well as create customer loyalty. It may also advertise to people who don’t have that particular product, but need it.

Of course, an even better way is to create a tutorial video on solving a problem that your product or service actually fixes. If you can create a tutorial video and show people that are trying to solve an issue that it can easily be resolved by buying your product or service you will make sales. This is the most effective way to use a tutorial-based video marketing strategy.

How Do You Make a Tutorial Video?

Making a tutorial video is rather easy. If you are using an actual product make sure that you can set it in front of you so that people can see what you are doing. If the solution to whatever problem they’re facing is a service then you can use an approach where you simply talk to the camera. Look at some of the more successful tutorial videos on YouTube and use the same techniques that they use if you want to create the most successful tutorial video possible.

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What Should Your Video Marketing Strategy Include?

If you’re getting into video marketing, you’re going to want to create a strategy that will get you results. But how do you do that exactly? How do you know what sort of things make up a good video marketing strategy? Here are some tips to help you know what your strategy should include and ensure that you will be effective at video marketing.

First of all, you should definitely stick to a publishing schedule. There are multiple studies that show that the most effective video marketers – or marketers of anything else – are those that publish on a regular schedule. That includes Twitter, blog posting and much more. People just like to see regular content when they expect. This is a great way to grow your followers and make sure that your video marketing is reaching an audience.

The second tip is to keep your video short. A period of 3 to 5 minutes is the ideal links for a video that you want to be shared and viewed as often as possible. If you make your video to short, it is going to make an impact in people’s minds when they watch it. If you make your video too long, they aren’t going to finish it. You need to make it within the optimal window the people have gotten use to watching.

Third, you should definitely incorporate customer content into your video somehow. People respond much better when is other people making videos than if there is a company behind them. People simply distrust videos that are obviously made by companies and so it takes a lot more good content for them to get shared easily. If you can get some of your customers to help you with your viral marketing efforts, you’ll be much more successful.

Finally, you should always include a call to action. The call to action is a vital part of video marketing – or any other type of marketing – but many people skip it for some reason. If you provide a call to action people are going to know what to do next. That means that you are going to prod them in a certain direction and some of them will go that direction and do whatever it is that the video was asking them to do. If you don’t provide a call to action, there is little chance of that happening.

What Type of Businesses Should Use Video Marketing?

Business concept: arrow with Video Marketing on grunge textured concrete wall background, 3d render

There are many businesses out there that could benefit from video marketing but there are some that definitely could use the strategy more than others. Here are some of the types of businesses that should definitely try to incorporate video marketing into their advertising strategy.

Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses should definitely invest in video marketing. The thing about this industry is, people like to know where they’re going to be treated if they should get sick – or where they’re going to be treated for regular doctor visits. Video marketing can definitely showcase some of that and allow people to be impressed by an organization’s technology or facilities. Healthcare organizations can also take patients on a 360 tour of their entire facility quite easily, and this is a very useful thing for any business that is going to be having people in their facility for any length of time.


Hotels are another type of business where people stay for a particular length of time. People want to see in advance what they are going to get if they check into that particular hotel. Video marketing using high-quality footage of the hotel can be very impressive and even if it is a budget motel, people are going to see that they’re getting a clean, comfortable room for a budget price.


Restaurants are another great type of business to use video marketing with. The reason the restaurants should use video marketing over all of the other types of businesses that are out there is that video marketing can easily showcase your food. If you’re giving a tour of your dining room, for example, there will be several different dishes and each shot – assuming that you take the pictures or video when there are people in the dining room. Either way you can incorporate pictures of the food that you serve and this will make people want to come in and try it.

Beauty Salons

Finally, the last group of people who should use video marketing to promote their business are those who work in or own beauty salons. People like to know what the salon looks like, what the stylist looks like and of course, they want to know that the service is good, so featuring customers who have had great hairstyles or other services is the key to video marketing within this industry. Of course, these are just three of the many, many businesses that could benefit from video marketing.

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Why Video Marketing Is the Way to Advertise Today

Why Video Marketing Is the Way to Advertise Today

So, you might be wondering why video marketing is so effective today. The fact is, more people than ever prefer to get their information from video. Websites like Hulu and Netflix have replaced libraries and even written content on the web isn’t being read as much as it was in the past. If you want to appeal to your audience, and get the most potential for your marketing efforts, video is the way to go.

Today, when someone hears about a news story or some event that makes them compelled to look it up, some of the first results that come up in Google are always YouTube results. Not to mention the fact that if you click on the video search tab Google, you’ll get a whole list of videos. If you have a video on YouTube for particular keyword, and it is the only video based on that particular keyword, you have a good chance of getting ranked first in the search engines even if you didn’t do any sort of optimization besides the title, description and tags.

This is an important point because there are websites that have spent years ranking for the top spot on a particularly lucrative keyword and if you choose the right one you could outrank them just because Google likes to put video content on top. Of course, there are also a number of video marketing agencies out there that specifically seek out those keywords for their clients and then make videos they’re going to be at the top for those keywords. All that means is, you’re going to have to work harder to find the right keyword. But once you do you could make your video bring in traffic like from no other source.

So, how do you find these keywords? Unfortunately, it is a matter of trial and error. You start with searching the Google keyword planner for keyword phrases that are going to get a lot of traffic and then you search Google with the same keyword phrase to find out if there any videos already ranking for that keyword. You also need to check the video itself because even if a video is placed in that top spot, that doesn’t mean that it is optimized for that keyword and if you can create a video that is more optimized you will take over the top spot.

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YouTube Authority-Getting Started

Deciding to create a YouTube channel for your business is an excellent idea because it can provide you with a broader audience to build brand awareness.

With YouTube, it doesn't matter if you're an experienced business person or a new entrepreneur; you all have the same chance of success. A YouTube business channel provides an equal opportunity for everyone who has something to share with others and who are looking to make money online.

However, there are some things that you must consider before you can set up your account and start creating your first video. You'll need to ask yourself some questions that will help you to examine your overall goals so that you can tailor your approach. You need to start off on the right track if you want your YouTube channel to be a success.

As you consider these questions, take the time to write down the answers you come up with. This can help you see things from a different perspective and can be especially helpful if you find yourself facing challenges down the road. Writing down your thoughts will also show you how far you’ve come when your YouTube channel is up and running. …

YouTube Authority- Mistakes to Avoid on Your YouTube Channel

Now that you’ve established a YouTube channel for your business, you will likely find a ton of advice on how to make a quick buck. Since you want to become successful quickly, you may be tempted to take shortcuts. There are some mistakes that a majority of new YouTubers commit just because they don't know any better.

If you want to avoid crashing and burning, then you need to make sure you don't make these mistakes. If you can avoid the following pitfalls, you'll significantly increase your chances of successfully growing your YouTube channel for your business...

YouTube Authority- Developing Your Content Strategy

If you want your YouTube channel to be successful, then you need to develop a content strategy that includes how often you are going to post, as well as what kind of content you’re going to post. It's a good idea to have set days where you post new material because it creates a sense of anticipation for your subscribers. It can also help to keep you on track by providing you with a deadline for filming, editing, and posting new content...

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