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Why Video Marketing Is the Way to Advertise Today

Why Video Marketing Is the Way to Advertise Today

So, you might be wondering why video marketing is so effective today. The fact is, more people than ever prefer to get their information from video. Websites like Hulu and Netflix have replaced libraries and even written content on the web isn’t being read as much as it was in the past. If you want to appeal to your audience, and get the most potential for your marketing efforts, video is the way to go.

Today, when someone hears about a news story or some event that makes them compelled to look it up, some of the first results that come up in Google are always YouTube results. Not to mention the fact that if you click on the video search tab Google, you’ll get a whole list of videos. If you have a video on YouTube for particular keyword, and it is the only video based on that particular keyword, you have a good chance of getting ranked first in the search engines even if you didn’t do any sort of optimization besides the title, description and tags.

This is an important point because there are websites that have spent years ranking for the top spot on a particularly lucrative keyword and if you choose the right one you could outrank them just because Google likes to put video content on top. Of course, there are also a number of video marketing agencies out there that specifically seek out those keywords for their clients and then make videos they’re going to be at the top for those keywords. All that means is, you’re going to have to work harder to find the right keyword. But once you do you could make your video bring in traffic like from no other source.

So, how do you find these keywords? Unfortunately, it is a matter of trial and error. You start with searching the Google keyword planner for keyword phrases that are going to get a lot of traffic and then you search Google with the same keyword phrase to find out if there any videos already ranking for that keyword. You also need to check the video itself because even if a video is placed in that top spot, that doesn’t mean that it is optimized for that keyword and if you can create a video that is more optimized you will take over the top spot.

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