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How to Use Tutorial Videos to Market Your Company Effectively

One of the big types of marketing videos that are out there is tutorial videos. Why does this video type get made so often? Because it works; people are always looking to learn how to do something and creating a tutorial video that is either the only one out there that shows them how to do this particular thing or is the best out there of all of the ones available will allow your tutorial video to rise to the top and be an effective marketing video.

What Can You Make a Tutorial Video about?

You can make a tutorial video on anything that you can solve within your industry. You may be an expert in other areas as well, and can easily make tutorial videos in that area, but unless you stick with your niche you’re going to have a hard time naturally incorporating marketing into the video which is the entire point.

So, you can make a tutorial video about common problems that people have with some product or service within your industry. For example, if you have created a technological product and you know that some people have had trouble with a particular feature, you could make a tutorial video on this feature and how to resolve it and this will build your brand as well as create customer loyalty. It may also advertise to people who don’t have that particular product, but need it.

Of course, an even better way is to create a tutorial video on solving a problem that your product or service actually fixes. If you can create a tutorial video and show people that are trying to solve an issue that it can easily be resolved by buying your product or service you will make sales. This is the most effective way to use a tutorial-based video marketing strategy.

How Do You Make a Tutorial Video?

Making a tutorial video is rather easy. If you are using an actual product make sure that you can set it in front of you so that people can see what you are doing. If the solution to whatever problem they’re facing is a service then you can use an approach where you simply talk to the camera. Look at some of the more successful tutorial videos on YouTube and use the same techniques that they use if you want to create the most successful tutorial video possible.

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