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What Type of Businesses Should Use Video Marketing?

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There are many businesses out there that could benefit from video marketing but there are some that definitely could use the strategy more than others. Here are some of the types of businesses that should definitely try to incorporate video marketing into their advertising strategy.

Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses should definitely invest in video marketing. The thing about this industry is, people like to know where they’re going to be treated if they should get sick – or where they’re going to be treated for regular doctor visits. Video marketing can definitely showcase some of that and allow people to be impressed by an organization’s technology or facilities. Healthcare organizations can also take patients on a 360 tour of their entire facility quite easily, and this is a very useful thing for any business that is going to be having people in their facility for any length of time.


Hotels are another type of business where people stay for a particular length of time. People want to see in advance what they are going to get if they check into that particular hotel. Video marketing using high-quality footage of the hotel can be very impressive and even if it is a budget motel, people are going to see that they’re getting a clean, comfortable room for a budget price.


Restaurants are another great type of business to use video marketing with. The reason the restaurants should use video marketing over all of the other types of businesses that are out there is that video marketing can easily showcase your food. If you’re giving a tour of your dining room, for example, there will be several different dishes and each shot – assuming that you take the pictures or video when there are people in the dining room. Either way you can incorporate pictures of the food that you serve and this will make people want to come in and try it.

Beauty Salons

Finally, the last group of people who should use video marketing to promote their business are those who work in or own beauty salons. People like to know what the salon looks like, what the stylist looks like and of course, they want to know that the service is good, so featuring customers who have had great hairstyles or other services is the key to video marketing within this industry. Of course, these are just three of the many, many businesses that could benefit from video marketing.

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