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5 Ways to Win the Day and Feel Like a Success

5 Ways to Win the Day and Feel Like a Success

Here’s something most people are unaware of - feeling like you’ve achieved something worthy during your day is usually enough to give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.
It doesn’t mean that you need grand gestures or huge wins to accomplish ‘big things’. Forget the big wins and focus on the small wins daily.

Just completing the tasks you need to do instead of procrastinating will motivate you because you’ve stayed on course and did not drop the ball. Here are 5 techniques you can apply to achieve more daily.

1.Plan your tomorrow today

It’s an excellent habit to spend about 15 to 20 minutes every evening (or when you’re done with your daily work) planning what you’ll do the following day. Have a to-do list with 3-4 crucial tasks that MUST be completed.
This list will act as a roadmap for the next day. The moment you wake up, you can get started on your day productively, rather than spending time in planning mode.

2.Eat That Frog!

In his book, “Eat That Frog!”, Brian Tracy emphasizes a very useful technique to eliminate procrastination. He says that you should complete the most difficult tasks of the day - FIRST!
Very often, these are the tasks which you’ll be dreading and which will mean the most to your business.

The goal is to start work on them as soon as you can. Try not to think about it and just get started. Very often, thinking leads to indecision and your mind starts conjuring up excuses and very plausible reasons to avoid doing the activities you’re supposed to do.
So get started without thinking and finish up whatever you dread doing. Once you complete these tasks, you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief mixed with joy at having accomplished something worthy for that day.

3.Exercise daily

Exercise is crucial no matter what type of job or profession you’re in. One should never be too busy to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day exercising. Your body will release endorphins that make you feel happier.

Not only that, but exercise will boost your energy levels too. You’ll feel like your life is more balanced, and subconsciously you know that you’re living a more productive life.
Very often, feeling successful is about knowing that you’re doing the right things and progressing in life. While you do not need to spend hours at the gym like a professional bodybuilder, a 30-minute walk or swim will more than suffice to give your body the movement/activity it needs daily.

4.Challenge yourself every day

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, has a quote – “Progress equals happiness.”
He hit the nail on the head with this one. In order to progress in life, you must step outside the comfort zone and do a little bit more than you’re accustomed to. You don’t need to go overboard, but by pushing yourself just a little bit more each day, you’ll be forcing yourself to progress.

When you see that you’re gradually improving, you’ll be motivated to keep going and strive for greater heights. Success is a habit… and this is how you train yourself to seek success daily. Inch by inch, you’ll get better.
In a month or two, you’ll definitely see improvement. In 6 months, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.


You must hold yourself accountable every single day.
Did you do what you needed to? Were you distracted and wasted time along the way? Did you check off the tasks on your to-do list?
There’s a quote – “You either make yourself accountable or you will be made accountable by your circumstances.”

So, monitor your progress closely and be proactive about winning the day. If you can do that, your day will be productive and a success.

Initially, adopting these 5 techniques might be a challenge because they’re new to you. But as the days go by, you’ll discover that they are extremely helpful and actually help you to progress while reducing anxiety and freeing up more time for you to do what you love.

Apply these techniques daily and reap the rewards.

10 Success Habits to Adopt

10 Success Habits to Adopt

“Habits are not a finish line to be crossed. They are a lifestyle to be lived.” – James Clear

Your habits will make or break you (and your business). One of the best things you could do is read James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits. It’s essential reading for any entrepreneur who wants to up his game.

Your daily habits will determine not only how far you progress, but how fast you do too. Some people who seem like super-achievers just have better habits that the masses don’t.
Your habits will carry you long after the initial burst of motivation has left you. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may be raring to go when you just get started. You decide to walk for an hour a day.

Now, if you’re 30 pounds overweight, it may take you 15-20 weeks to lose all the excess pounds. But here’s what usually happens – you’ll lose motivation and interest by the 4th week or so.
You may have expected to lose all the weight in a month. An unrealistic expectation, but people often underestimate just how long it takes to achieve goals. Most people will quit after the first month because the motivation has left them.

The results aren’t anything to write home about. The juice just doesn’t seem worth the squeeze… so they quit.
However, if you had the habit of walking daily, you’d still walk for 60 minutes every single day regardless of what number showed up on the weighing scale. In about 5 months, you’d have reached your ideal weight.

All because you stuck to the habit no matter what your results were. That’s how powerful a good habit can be.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll need to establish several good habits in your daily routine. It takes time to establish good habits. So you might want to create a habit stack that’s part of your daily routine. By executing this habit stack daily, you’ll inculcate these habits in your life.
Now let’s look at a few positive habits you can begin with…

1.Follow a fixed sleeping routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time daily. This is a fantastic habit that will serve you well.

2.Exercise daily. The benefits of exercise are immense. You’re never too busy to exercise. Don’t sacrifice your health for your business. Aim for 30 minutes of activity daily.

3.Eliminate distractions. Avoid squandering your precious time and energy on social media and watching the wretched news which is mostly negative.

4.Visualize your goals daily and see yourself achieving them.

5.Challenge yourself daily. Increase your effort and output. Be more productive. Pain leads to growth.

6.Start a gratitude journal. By being thankful for what you have, you’ll feel happier and attract better things in your life. Having a positive mindset is crucial to success.

7.Plan your day the night before. Spend 15 minutes at the end of every day planning what you’ll do the next day.

8.Network more. Be proactive about meeting or interacting with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Good business relationships will open up tons of opportunities for you.

9.Learn to say no. Say no to unnecessary demands, countless irrelevant commitments, and the myriad of other distractions which crop up often. If they don’t serve you or your business, cut them out.

10.Meditate daily. Retreating into the silence for just 10 minutes a day will help to calm your mind. Many high performers swear by meditation as a very effective tool to calm their mind and thoughts.

Do your best to practice these 10 habits daily so that they become second nature to you.
You don’t need to adopt them all at once. Just aim to master 3 at a time, and once you have a grasp of those, you can move on to the next 3 and so on.

Another facet to improving yourself will be shedding bad habits. These are hard to break, but break them you can. Adopt a gradual approach and slowly wean yourself off your bad habits one day at a time.

Time is your ally here and once you shed the bad habits and replace them with good ones, you will transform your life.
“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy

What to Do if Your Current Routine Isn’t Working

If you have been following a daily routine but it isn’t working, there could be a lot of reasons why. Rather than giving up, there are things you can do to revamp your routine to make it more effective. Below, you’ll discover what to do if your current routine isn’t working.

Discover the Reason

It can really help if you identify why your current routine isn’t working. Is there a specific area you struggle with? For example, your routine may require you to exercise early in the morning. However, this may make you feel even more tired, rather than energized. It would then cause you to struggle with the rest of your routine.

It could also be that you have changed since you first created your routine. Once you know why your routine isn’t working, you can take steps to rectify it. Depending on the issue, you may need to change something about yourself, your expectations, or the tools and equipment you use.

Tailor Your Routine

Is your routine currently tailored specifically to your needs? If not, that could be a key reason why it isn’t working. Many people make the mistake of copying somebody else’s routine. While some things may work well for you too, others may not. When you are trying to follow somebody else’s routine, you will fail every time.

So, if your routine isn’t yet customized, spend time tailoring it to match your needs. Look at what specifically isn’t working and what you could do instead.

Investigate Free Tools

These days, there are lots of free tools to help in all areas of life. If you are struggling with time management, even with a routine, you could utilize time management tools for example.

Look for anything that makes your routine easier. What can you do to streamline the tasks on your daily to-do list? If you can utilize free tools to take care of daily tasks quicker, it will free up more time for you.

Incorporate Flexibility

If your current daily routine is too strict, it could be a reason why it isn’t working. You need to leave room for choices in your routine. Switch it up sometimes so you don’t get bored. Boredom is the number one killer of daily routines. While there is bound to be some level of monotony, daily routines can be tweaked to match your daily needs and preferences.

Change Your Routine

How do you currently record your daily routine? Changing it up could help you to make it more effective. Rather than simply using a to-do list, schedule your routine into your life in different ways. When you schedule something in, you are more likely to complete the routine or task.

As you can see, there are many things you can try if your daily routine isn’t currently working for you. Your needs and preferences change over time, making a point to assess your routine monthly and adjust your routines to reflect your progress and needs. By making small changes when needed, you’ll find it is much easier to stay on track, as well as modify the routines.

Start Each Day with Positive Intentions

If you struggle in the mornings, there is one thing you can add to your daily routine that will help, and that’s positive intention. Helping to set the tone for your day, starting with positive intentions can deliver a lot of great benefits.

Below, we’ll look at the benefits positive intentions provide. You will also learn exactly how to create and use positive intentions to your advantage.

What Positive Intentions Are

A positive intention is much like a map. It tells your mind where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve. When you are adding a positive intention into your day, you are basically telling your mind what it is you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours.

We all set intentions at the start of our day, whether we realize it or not. Even bad habits can stem from positive intentions. For example, your intention may subconsciously be to feel good, so you indulge in your favorite junk foods. By taking control consciously of your positive intentions, it can deliver a lot of great benefits.

Benefits Positive Intentions Provide

Positive intentions provide a lot of awesome benefits. Some of the biggest advantages include:

•They help you to get out of your head
•They improve your focus
•They can help you to develop a more positive mindset
•You will be more likely to achieve your goals

Positive intentions give the mind a clear focus. They help you to become more present in the moment and focus on what it is you need to do today to achieve your goals. Helping you to get out of your head and provide a clear path to where you want to be, you will notice you are much more productive, less stressed, and happier overall.

The thing is the mind is going to set its own intentions for the day if you don’t intervene. Unfortunately, the mind finds it easier to focus on the negative. With positive intentions, it can help you to train the mind to be more positive.

How to Start With Daily Positive Intentions

Now you know some of the benefits of starting each day with a positive intention, what types of intentions can you set? Knowing where to start can be tough, but it’s much easier than you might think. Some examples of positive intentions include:

•“Today my intention is to accept love and joy into my life”

•“Today, I will remain silent for 15 minutes and listen to my inner guide”

•“Today, I will remain focused on my to-do list and not give in to distractions”

These are just some basic examples you can follow. Think of what it is you want to achieve or feel by the end of the day. Then, set that as your intention and remember to keep it positive.

When you start each day with a positive intention, it can add real meaning into your life. You may just be surprised by how beneficial this simple act can make you more successful.

Signs Your Current Routine Needs an Update

Daily routines can prove invaluable for improving our lives. However, they aren’t all made equal. When you are creating your first routine, there are several things you may miss out or get wrong. Your routine may have worked for you initially, but now you have stopped seeing the progress advancements you wanted.

As humans, we change and evolve over time. Where you are now and how you feel will look completely different to how it did a year ago. This means, what works for us initially, may not work for us further down the line.

Not sure whether your routine is working for you? Examine the issues, situations, and signs below to help you decide if your current routine needs an update.

You find the routine is difficult to stick to.

The right routine will become easy to follow over time. However, all routines require effort in the beginning. When you are making changes, the mind needs time to adjust and re-learn different patterns of behavior. It is said that it takes around 21 days to build up consistent habits. If you are still struggling after 21 days, it could be a sign you need to change it.

You don’t see the value in it anymore.

When you first start following a routine, it adds a lot of value to your life. It can boost energy levels, reduce stress, and make you feel happier overall. You can easily identify the value in the things you are doing.

If you are struggling to see the value in your routine, changing it up can help. Over time, you change and the things that once helped you are no longer relevant. This means it is important to change your routine as you and your circumstances change.

There is no room for spontaneity.

Daily routines create structure, but it’s also important to leave some room for flexibility. Life is unpredictable and this needs to be factored into your routine. If you make it too strict, you’ll find it’s much harder to follow.

Stick to including the most important tasks in your routine, such as habits to improve your mornings. Don’t aim to create a strict timeline of how your day should go.

You find change more difficult now.

One of the great things about a daily routine is that it gives you structure. However, it should also leave room for change too. If you use your daily routine to avoid change, it’s time to stop.

Many people find change is much more difficult if they have been following a strict routine. As you become used to your new rigid schedule, any change can leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it is important to be open to change so changing your routine may be necessary.

These are some of the top signs you may need to update your current routine. Remember, routines need to be altered over time to accommodate for any lifestyle and personal changes.

6 Reasons to Create a Daily Routine

6 Reasons to Create a Daily Routine

Did you know that having a daily routine can greatly benefit your life? While we all had a strict routine as a kid, when we become fully independent adults, we tend to relax the rules we once followed. This can lead to other problems. To keep the issues to a minimum, create a daily routine. Follow your routine to structure your life more efficiently and receive many powerful benefits.

1. Develop good habits.

One of the best reasons to create a daily routine is that it can help you to combat bad habits. By replacing bad habits with good ones, you can gradually improve all aspects of your life. It can be tough to overcome bad habits, but a routine can help massively.

2. Boost your efficiency.

Do you ever wish you could get more done and make the most of your time? With a daily routine you can. Adding structure into your life, a good daily routine will make you much more efficient. You won’t waste as much time as you once did, helping you to achieve much more during your day.

3. Improve your health.

One of the most powerful reasons to create a daily routine is that it can help you improve your health. Whether you need to improve your physical or your mental health, a good routine can prove invaluable. By using it to introduce healthier habits, you’ll start to notice fast changes in your mood and general wellbeing.

4. Sleep better.

Did you know when you have a routine you sleep better? If you go to bed at the same time each night, and awake at the same time each morning, you’ll feel much more refreshed. You can also implement things into your routine that help you sleep better, such as switching off technology an hour before bed. When you sleep better, you feel better and it improves every aspect of your life.

5. Incorporate more structure.

To achieve your goals, you need willpower and motivation. A daily routine can incorporate both. Exercise is a good example of this. When you add it into your daily routine, it quickly starts to become an automatic habit. You won’t need to force yourself through willpower or motivate yourself with a reward, once it becomes a habit.

6. Reduce and relieve stress.

A daily routine can help reduce and relieve stress. As you know what your day mostly consists of, and you use it to introduce healthier habits, your stress levels will naturally decrease. You can also schedule in time for relaxation each day to help.

So, there you have it, 6 reasons you should create daily routines. While developing an effective routine can take time, once you have it in place you won’t regret taking the time to create it. To become successful, happy, and healthy, we all need structure and routine in our lives.

Daily Routines of Successful People

Daily Routines of Successful People

If you want to become more successful, daily routines can help. Just look at some of the most successful people in the world and you’ll see the one thing they have in common is they follow a strict routine.

The question is, what does a daily routine of a successful person look like? To give you inspiration, below you’ll discover some great examples of what successful people include in their routines.

Start With a Morning Routine

One of the main things that successful people have in common, is that they all have a morning routine, as well as afternoon routines, and evening routines. It might not be the exact same routine, but they do have one that they follow religiously.

Interestingly, you’ll also find that successful people tend to wake up earlier than most. It isn’t uncommon for them to start their day anywhere from 3.30am to 5am. This gives them time to carry out their routines and it is also the time they feel most productive.

Limit Social Media

Another habit successful people have in common is that they take regular breaks from social media. In the mornings, they may avoid checking social media, watching television, and checking their emails for at least an hour. they may take time away from it in the evenings instead. Taking breaks from social media does wonders for our mental health. It can also help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Prioritize Important Tasks First

Successful people know how to work smarter. They take care of the important tasks first, ensuring they aren’t as stressed out throughout the day. When you get the important tasks done first, you will feel much more relaxed and more proud of your accomplishments.

Practice Gratitude

A lot of successful people regularly practice gratitude. I know what you’re thinking “it’s easy to practice gratitude when you are already successful.” However, these people were also practicing gratitude before they made it big. By focusing on the things that you are grateful for, it creates positivity. This in turn helps to boost productivity, helping you to achieve much more in your day.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is another key factor to success. When you exercise regularly, it keeps your brain more focused and alert. You’ll have much more energy helping you to deal with whatever your day throws at you. Many people choose to exercise early in the morning to get it out of the way, and to get a great energy boost.

These are just a few of the things you’ll find included in the daily routines of successful people. By looking at how you spend your time, you can figure out what your daily routine should include and you will begin the journey to success, just as the most successful people did.

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