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5 Ways to Win the Day and Feel Like a Success

5 Ways to Win the Day and Feel Like a Success

Here’s something most people are unaware of - feeling like you’ve achieved something worthy during your day is usually enough to give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.
It doesn’t mean that you need grand gestures or huge wins to accomplish ‘big things’. Forget the big wins and focus on the small wins daily.

Just completing the tasks you need to do instead of procrastinating will motivate you because you’ve stayed on course and did not drop the ball. Here are 5 techniques you can apply to achieve more daily.

1.Plan your tomorrow today

It’s an excellent habit to spend about 15 to 20 minutes every evening (or when you’re done with your daily work) planning what you’ll do the following day. Have a to-do list with 3-4 crucial tasks that MUST be completed.
This list will act as a roadmap for the next day. The moment you wake up, you can get started on your day productively, rather than spending time in planning mode.

2.Eat That Frog!

In his book, “Eat That Frog!”, Brian Tracy emphasizes a very useful technique to eliminate procrastination. He says that you should complete the most difficult tasks of the day - FIRST!
Very often, these are the tasks which you’ll be dreading and which will mean the most to your business.

The goal is to start work on them as soon as you can. Try not to think about it and just get started. Very often, thinking leads to indecision and your mind starts conjuring up excuses and very plausible reasons to avoid doing the activities you’re supposed to do.
So get started without thinking and finish up whatever you dread doing. Once you complete these tasks, you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief mixed with joy at having accomplished something worthy for that day.

3.Exercise daily

Exercise is crucial no matter what type of job or profession you’re in. One should never be too busy to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day exercising. Your body will release endorphins that make you feel happier.

Not only that, but exercise will boost your energy levels too. You’ll feel like your life is more balanced, and subconsciously you know that you’re living a more productive life.
Very often, feeling successful is about knowing that you’re doing the right things and progressing in life. While you do not need to spend hours at the gym like a professional bodybuilder, a 30-minute walk or swim will more than suffice to give your body the movement/activity it needs daily.

4.Challenge yourself every day

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, has a quote – “Progress equals happiness.”
He hit the nail on the head with this one. In order to progress in life, you must step outside the comfort zone and do a little bit more than you’re accustomed to. You don’t need to go overboard, but by pushing yourself just a little bit more each day, you’ll be forcing yourself to progress.

When you see that you’re gradually improving, you’ll be motivated to keep going and strive for greater heights. Success is a habit… and this is how you train yourself to seek success daily. Inch by inch, you’ll get better.
In a month or two, you’ll definitely see improvement. In 6 months, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.


You must hold yourself accountable every single day.
Did you do what you needed to? Were you distracted and wasted time along the way? Did you check off the tasks on your to-do list?
There’s a quote – “You either make yourself accountable or you will be made accountable by your circumstances.”

So, monitor your progress closely and be proactive about winning the day. If you can do that, your day will be productive and a success.

Initially, adopting these 5 techniques might be a challenge because they’re new to you. But as the days go by, you’ll discover that they are extremely helpful and actually help you to progress while reducing anxiety and freeing up more time for you to do what you love.

Apply these techniques daily and reap the rewards.


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