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Distributing Your Content

​Creating a content marketing strategy that converts is heavily reliant upon having a steady stream of fresh eyes seeing your content. Whether you have implemented a recurring plan or an asset-driven one, you'll never make a cent if no one sees it, no matter how incredible the content. If you want people to engage with your content, you have to be proactive in its distribution.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful strategies you can use to get the most out of your content. It is always the most direct way for businesses to connect with their audience. It's the only distribution channel that is sent directly to them and the only one that is personalized down to their name, specific interests, and past purchases.

There are three types of email campaigns that you can use in your business, the welcome campaign, lead nurture campaign, and the offers campaign. Each campaign serves a specific purpose. The welcome campaign is designed to immediately engage your audience and let them know that you’ll be communicating with them. The lead nurture campaign is designed to help your audience find your business and build trust. The offer campaign is used to provide them with relevant, timely sales offers....

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Creating your content

Once you’ve found your audience, decided on your offer and messaging, it’s time to start working on your actual content. Before you begin, you need to develop a channel plan to clearly define where you will publish the content once it is complete. Your plan should include the platforms you will use to tell your story, your criteria, process, and objectives for each piece of content you create. You also need to include how you will connect each piece of content to develop a cohesive brand conversation.

When you’re ready to start creating your content, you need to keep in mind that everything you create for your company needs to be focused on the following five pillars.

The Five Pillars of Content Creation


The level of complexity will make or break how a piece of content will perform. If you are not able to boil down the topic into something that is easy and simple to digest, then the topic shouldn’t be used. While there are some concepts that are complex and those that require an in-depth analysis and technical exploration, you need to strive to address those topics in a simple manner. This is the only way to ensure your audience will come back to your content again....

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Content Marketing Blueprint


.As a business owner, you know that how your market your
business is at the heart of your success. In fact, most aspects of
your business are dependent on you developing a successful
marketing campaign. You may provide the best services or sell
the best products, but if you don’t have a solid marketing plan,
potential customers would never know about it.

Today’s prospects are looking for useful information, but have a
strong resistance to the "hard sell." Most consumers spend the
time to research services online before making a purchase. They
take the time to study different products, compare prices and
features before ever stepping foot in a store. They want good
content that helps them make a decision but don't like being sold.
In fact, 70-percent of consumers would rather learn about a
company through an excellent article rather than advertising.

Compelling content can help your business build strong customer
relationships without resorting to the less productive "hard sell”
tactics. The content you produce showcases your expertise,
which gains consumer trust by highlighting important topics that
affect consumers. Well-crafted content can bring traffic to your
website and social media accounts, boost your performance on

search results pages, and give your audience the chance to share
your content with their friends, resulting in higher conversion rates
for your business....

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Making the Right Offers

After you've determined who your target audience is, the next step in your content marketing plan is to ensure that you are making the right offers. The products and services that you are offering should be tailored to attract your primary customers. Your primary customers are what matter most and now that you’ve spent the time to identify them, it is now time to give them what they want.

To understand the kinds of offers that are more likely to be successful in your market, you have to go back and take a look at your primary customers. You must understand what they need, what their problems are, and their motivations in order to find the best offers to offer them. There is a degree of trial and error involved when developing the best offers and it can take some time for the perfect offer to materialize. You might come up with multiple offers that will serve your target audience. To find the right offer you need to have a deep understanding of what matters most to your primary customers. To pinpoint the most valuable thing to offer them, you have to have a deep understanding of your target audience.

Developing the Right Offer

Product development requires a lot of patience, whether you are developing a digital course, physical product, or consulting service. One of the most important things that you can do for your business is developing the right products. Your company is built on what you can offer your customers and simply throwing something together for the sake of having something to sell, is not the right way to grow your business. This makes market validation a critical part of developing the right offers for your target audience. Before you start designing your offering, it is essential to take the following key steps.

Get the Facts

While you might already have a pretty good idea about the problems your customers are facing and the solutions they are looking for, you still need to listen to your customers in order to clarify your offer. You can accomplish this in a number of different ways. You can start by surveying them and asking questions that will help you quickly determine if your assumptions are right. This will also help you decide whether they are using your product or service in the way you think they are and what it is doing for them.

To find out whether your beliefs about your customers are correct, you can ask them the following questions.....

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Finding Your Audience

All successful copywriting campaigns contain three elements. First, you need to find the right target audience. Once you've determined your target audience, you need to develop the right offer, and finally, you need the right copy. All three elements must be present if you want your content marketing campaign to be successful. You can hire the best copywriter, but if you aren't targeting the right audience or have a mediocre offer, the work you do on your content will count for nothing.

To create a successful content marketing strategy, you have to have a deep understanding of your audience. You need to focus your efforts on evergreen content that holds its value over time, and that continues to be useful to your audience. While you may have a rough idea of who your target audience is, you probably don't have a clearly defined persona that you can build a marketing strategy around. That's why it is essential for your business to develop a customer avatar.

Why You Need a Customer Avatar

Over the last several years, the concept of a customer avatar has been gaining momentum. Developing a customer avatar allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s motivations, desires, fears, and problems that influence their buying decisions. Creating a profile that indicates your customer's priorities, challenges, and goals, allows you to tailor your marketing campaign to serve them best.

While every business caters to a wide range of customers, creating a customer avatar allows you to identify your primary customer, those individuals for whom your service is a no-brainer. When determining if a market segment is the right fit for your business, you need to take a three-fold approach and consider; perspective, capabilities, and profit potential. 

Assessing Perspective

This is about ensuring that your customer’s attitudes are in alignment with yours. You are trying to ensure that they have comparable sensibilities, priorities, and direction to your company. It is essential that the perspectives between your customers and your business are in alignment. 

Assessing Capabilities

This is about your company's embedded resources. This includes the resources and assets that position your company to serve a specific type of customer better than another. The key to choosing the right audience is determining if your capabilities fit with the perspective and profit potential....

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Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most powerful arms you can add to your overall marketing strategy is content marketing. Content marketing is used to establish you as a subject matter expert, which leads to an increase in your company’s revenue, as well as having a high-profit potential. However, creating content to build your audience and create a successful business is not a fast growth strategy. It takes months for the content you produce to grow into its potential.

Before you begin creating content for your business, you need to have a clear picture of your business goals if you want to develop a successful marketing strategy. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing. It is essential for you to have a consistent approach when it comes to the content that you are producing. Having a regular strategy provides you with content that keeps your audience engaged, resulting in them seeing you as an authority on the subject. When your business is seen as an authority on a subject, your audience is more likely to purchase from you when the time is right.

For your business to see a return on investment regarding your content marketing effort, it is essential that you develop a comprehensive ecosystem around your central content platform. Developing a complete system helps to leverage your resources to help you grow your business, rather than wasting your resources. For you to have a successful content marketing campaign, it is vital that you see your complete content marketing strategy as an ecosystem in which your content is a dynamic medium, where your customers are involved at every stage.

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

The content strategy that you first develop will grow and evolve. For your strategy to be healthy and productive, you must include many different elements. There are two main types of content that you will have to consider when developing your strategy; recurring content and content assets. Recurring content is content that builds your customer base over time, while content assets are used as a near-term client acquisition tool.

When working with a recurring system, there are six parts that need to be included to ensure a healthy ecosystem;

  • High-quality front-end content
  • An opt-in offer
  • An email onboarding sequence
  • An initial conversion opportunity
  • A follow-up sequence
  • Another conversion opportunity

The asset system consists of four parts and can be used on its own or combined with the recurring system. The four elements necessary for the asset content system to be useful are as follows;

  • A high-quality long-form content asset
  • An initial engagement opportunity
  • An initial conversion opportunity
  • A follow-up email sequence

Here is a quick look at the parts that you should include for both the recurring content system and the content asset system. .....

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