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Finding Your Audience

All successful copywriting campaigns contain three elements. First, you need to find the right target audience. Once you've determined your target audience, you need to develop the right offer, and finally, you need the right copy. All three elements must be present if you want your content marketing campaign to be successful. You can hire the best copywriter, but if you aren't targeting the right audience or have a mediocre offer, the work you do on your content will count for nothing.

To create a successful content marketing strategy, you have to have a deep understanding of your audience. You need to focus your efforts on evergreen content that holds its value over time, and that continues to be useful to your audience. While you may have a rough idea of who your target audience is, you probably don't have a clearly defined persona that you can build a marketing strategy around. That's why it is essential for your business to develop a customer avatar.

Why You Need a Customer Avatar

Over the last several years, the concept of a customer avatar has been gaining momentum. Developing a customer avatar allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s motivations, desires, fears, and problems that influence their buying decisions. Creating a profile that indicates your customer's priorities, challenges, and goals, allows you to tailor your marketing campaign to serve them best.

While every business caters to a wide range of customers, creating a customer avatar allows you to identify your primary customer, those individuals for whom your service is a no-brainer. When determining if a market segment is the right fit for your business, you need to take a three-fold approach and consider; perspective, capabilities, and profit potential. 

Assessing Perspective

This is about ensuring that your customer’s attitudes are in alignment with yours. You are trying to ensure that they have comparable sensibilities, priorities, and direction to your company. It is essential that the perspectives between your customers and your business are in alignment. 

Assessing Capabilities

This is about your company's embedded resources. This includes the resources and assets that position your company to serve a specific type of customer better than another. The key to choosing the right audience is determining if your capabilities fit with the perspective and profit potential....

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