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Prompting Smarter for Success with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have been a blessing for many solo online entrepreneurs. It’s an unpaid assistant available at all times of the day help you with strategy, brainstorming, content development, analysis and more.

But unless you do the work involved to master the prompting process, your efforts will likely not result in the best output possible. While AI does have the ability to understand your needs whenever you give it a command, there are ways to enhance its ability to perform.

Below, you’ll find 7 prompt tips that can take your use of AI to the next level, helping you cross more tasks off of your to do list each day. In the end, this is a technology that can bolster your approach in leading a niche and profiting from it - and by learning a few tricks of the trade, you’ll ensure your AI is working smarter and harder for you at all times.

Tip #1: Be Able to Clearly State Your Specific Needs

Some marketers are in such a rush when working that they forget to slow down and think of the best way to convey their needs to someone else (even a robot). The AI can’t read your mind, so regardless of how you’re using it – for content creation, analysis, strategy, etc., you have to be able to convey your needs so there’s no misunderstanding.

This is especially important if you’re using a paid tier of AI and only have so much output available to you. You don’t want to waste it by having to redirect AI because you weren’t specific enough.

When you are able to clearly state your specific needs, it optimizes your efficiency in using AI and makes you more productive. Being too broad and general with your commands can be confusing to the AI bot and it might choose something completely outside the realm of what you actually need when it creates its output.

For example, if you just say, “Write an article about email marketing,” AI has no idea what specific aspects you need covered, who your audience is, or anything else. It needs to know the word length you’re looking for, who you’re targeting with the content, what tone or style you want to use, and any parameters about what you do (and don’t) want included....


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