Prompting Smarter for Success with AI -part 2 - Must Have Solutions

Prompting Smarter for Success with AI -part 2

Tip #2: Spend Some Time Finding the Best Tool for Your Needs

Part of your prompting success will be in working with a tool that you feel is easy for you to use. Not all tools give the same kinds of results when you prompt them. So it’s best to sign up for a few that you feel might work best for you and take them for a test run.

For example, you might sign up with both ChatGPT and Google Gemini and give the same prompt, with differing results. You might find that Gemini is better for current research and creative output - and Chat GPT writes in the better business tone for you.

Tip #3: Train Your AI Overall and on the Fly

There are going to be some instructions you have for AI that are non negotiable – things you always want it to do. Then there will be times when you need to give specific instructions for a single prompt or project.

You can enter custom instructions on ChatGPT for things you always want it to remember. This might be something like a specific style or tone you always want used, such as empathic and motivational or professional, conversational, and so on.

You can also train AI right before you have it begin working for you. For example, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you might train AI by uploading some customer reviews of a product and telling it to consider addressing that feedback whenever it crafts the product review for you.

This background information is something AI will usually remember. Sometimes, it might veer off course and you can remind it of your previous instructions. Another common things to tell it is to MECE everything – meaning it delivers results that are Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive – no overlap of ideas and content....


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