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Use AI to Take Advantage of Trends and News to Boost Your Earnings Every Day

Depending on which AI tool you’re using, you can have it check for the latest news and trends to tie into your content. Being one of the early adopters of these messages can boost your income.

For example, people who promoted N95 masks right as pandemic news was hitting the Internet made a killing on those – not to mention things like hand sanitizer. You had many people creating and selling info products the second they knew word was spreading.

Prompt AI like this: “For my bug out channel, what’s some very current news or a trend that my audience would be interested that might make them get prepared sooner?” Google’s Gemini, for example mentions this:

  • Mention the rising threat of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure, potentially leading to widespread power outages.
  • Touch upon the potential impact of global conflicts or political instability on essential services and resources.
  • Recent economic challenges and supply chain disruptions have led to shortages of essential goods and increased prices. These factors can spur people to prepare to be more self-sufficient.

This way, you’ll be first (generally speaking) compared to the masses who are too focused solely on keyword research to leverage information people are actively looking up because it just came on their radar.

Zero in on Bigger Profits Using AI to Guide Your Tweaks

AI isn’t just for handling the content marketing and scheduling aspect of helping you bring in $100 a day. It also serves to help you make improvements. You’re going to have access to data from your blog, email autoresponder and social accounts.

Share that with AI and give it a chance to help you tweak your strategy so that you make more every week. Whether it’s a subtle change or a huge overhaul, it can analyze the information and spot patterns and make predictive assessments of what will work best for you.

For example, if your TikTok video called Top 5 Bug Out Bag Essentials got a lot of views, but little direct interaction, or the bio was clicked, but the conversion to your landing page was low, AI could have a solution for you.

This might include verbally asking for them to comment with something specific by posing a question to them. Or split testing your current call to action with something more powerful or intriguing.

The data can also help AI determine what information gaps are in your niche, giving you ample opportunity to create info products to serve the needs of your audience. This kind of revenue – especially when you use AI to help you recruit affiliates – can easily tip the scales in your favor for $100 a day, or much more!

You can even ask AI to help you split test certain elements of campaigns and efforts that seem to work fine – just to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table. It can create split test versions of your landing page copy, email messages, social content and more.

AI works very fast. The more you train it in the beginning and have it work on a specific monetary goal with you, the easier it will be for you to achieve what you’re hoping to bring to fruition.


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