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Revisit with AI with Data to Reveal Income Boosting Ideas

What happens when 60 days have passed and your social media is starting to take off? Even if you are seeing good results, you still want to take that data and go back to AI with what has happened so that it can make tweaks to your strategy for the next 30 to 60 days.

Using our same niche example and social media platform of YouTube, let's prompt AI for some advice. Let’s make up some hypothetical data and prompt AI for some advice. Our prompt might look like this:

“I've been running my organic gardening YouTube channel for 60 days now, and I need your help to optimize my strategy. Here's the data from my YouTube Analytics:

  • Total number of subscribers: 800
  • Total watch hours: 2,500
  • Average view duration: 6 minutes
  • Top-performing videos:
  • Video 1: How to Start an Organic Garden from Scratch (10,000 views)
  • Video 2: Top 5 Organic Fertilizers for a Thriving Garden (8,000 views)
  • Video 3: How to Control Pests in Your Organic Garden Naturally (6,500 views)
  • Engagement rate (likes, comments, shares):
  • Video 1: 8%
  • Video 2: 7%
  • Video 3: 5%
  • Traffic sources:
  • YouTube search: 50%
  • Suggested videos: 20%
  • External (social media, blogs): 30%
  • Audience demographics:
  • Age: 35-50 (70%)
  • Gender: Female (60%), Male (40%)

What can I do to increase my views and earnings based on this data?"

ChatGPT will come back with advice on how to increase subscriber count with reminders at both the beginning and end of your videos for them to subscribe, including offering an incentive like a downloadable guide or exclusive content for those who do subscribe.

It will talk about working on engaging intros to capture viewer attention in the first 10 seconds using teasers and hooks throughout to maintain interest and get people to the end of the video.

It will also get you to optimize your top performing videos by using end screens and cards that promote other videos on your channel, specifically your other top performing ones.

It may advise you to update your descriptions and put out a call to action to get viewers to comment on and share your video. In terms of content creation, it advises you to create content that complements your most popular videos to increase the chance of your video being recommended.

It tells you to look at your demographics to see who is most concentrated on your content and then create content that is geared primarily towards those individuals. It also gives advice about expanding your monetization from just affiliate recommendations to include reaching out to brands for sponsorships and exploring the possibility of creating your own merchandise.

Gemini has some of the same advice, but some different. For example, it puts a focus on long tail keywords that can bring in more viewers and tells you to take snippets of your content and put them on other platforms with a call to action to watch the full video on YouTube.

Day after day, you can log on to your favorite AI tool(s), ask for very detailed advice about the text, scripts, and images that you need to produce for publication on your social media channels.

All of the research and brainstorming is done for you, and in some cases even the content itself. All you have to do is copy and paste it or record it and upload it so that you can begin monetizing these wonderful free platforms and building your six figure business.

There are some micro influencers who earn four to five figures per post. The more content you churn out, as long as it holds value to your audience, the more you will be sought after by brands who are willing to pay you for using their product in your videos or even mentioning them.

When the content is effective, engaging, entertaining, and accurate, you will develop a loyal fan base who not only takes your recommendations for affiliate products to buy, but also wants to support your channel or account by watching your videos, tuning into live streams and sending virtual gifts, and paying for top tier access to exclusive content.

All of this is done without a site and without a list. If you eventually want to start your own blog and build a list so that you can create info products (which, by the way, AI can also do for you) - that's up to you.

 But for now, while you are on a shoestring budget and working with a limited amount of time, social media, paired with artificial intelligence is a way to fast track your online income without having to purchase expensive tools and courses that may take you months, if not years to generate profits with.

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