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Use AI for Full-Coverage Social Traffic Monetization

You'll have to make a decision about which platforms you want to spend time on in an effort to generate profits, and you'll do this by not only seeing if there is an engaged audience, but also looking at what forms of monetization are allowed.

Some platforms allow ample affiliate promotions and selling, some have Content Creator funds, and some have built in ad revenue you can earn. Once you have made your decision on which social media platforms you are going to tap into for profits, you want to get AI to develop a schedule and plan for profitable promos that deliver valuable information to your followers.

You can prompt AI for that detail like this: “I’m going to call my account BugOutBasics and have it set up YouTube, TikTok and Facebook. I want you to create an aggressive publishing schedule for this month with topics this audience will find valuable and interesting but also give me the opportunity to promote products as an affiliate.”

AI gives you a specific schedule for each platform, creating one longer YouTube video per week, daily TikTok posts, and weekly posts and events on Facebook. If you want to, you can ask AI to make it even more aggressive, with daily or multiple daily publishings.

When AI gives you an idea for content, like a TikTok video called Quick Tips for Packing a Lightweight Bug Out Bag, ask it for a video script and storyboard. You can take those details and create the video with an AI narrator or plug it into an AI video tool like InVideo to do all of the work for you.

Be sure to ask AI to: “Give optimization advice for the content for increased discoverability and engagement, including details about the thumbnail, descriptions, and tags.”


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