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Work with AI for Your Comprehensive Content Marketing Efforts

The next thing you want to do is begin working with AI to fast track the development of your content. Ideally, you'll have some idea of the specific direction you want to go. For our example, we are going to choose organic gardening.

Let's prompt AI for our first week of content, making three videos that are focused on this topic by asking for the following: “I want to focus on organic gardening. Create an optimized title, tags, and description for my first three videos on this channel. Make sure they are going to be in demand topics that will help me achieve my follower and hourly goals. I also want you to give advice about the thumbnail for each and create a storyboard and script for each one.”

Now depending on your niche, you may have your own topics in mind that you already know you want to talk about. If that's the case, you can simply tell AI what your basic topic is and what content you definitely want to include and have it map out something professional and engaging for you to work with.

The results we get back from AI are different. Let’s look at how Gemini returns the results using one of the video topics:

Video 1: Organic Gardening for Beginners (High Demand, High Engagement)

  • Title: Organic Gardening Made Easy: Your Beginner's Guide to Growing Food Naturally
  • Tags: organic gardening, beginner gardening, organic vegetables, natural gardening, gardening tips, grow your own food, sustainable gardening
  • Description: Overwhelmed by the idea of organic gardening? Don't worry! This video is your one-stop guide for getting started with organic gardening, even if you're a complete beginner. We'll cover the basics of organic soil, planting seeds, natural pest control, and more. Learn how to grow delicious, healthy food for your family the natural way!
  • Thumbnail: Split image - one side showing healthy, vibrant organic vegetables, the other side with a person planting seeds with a friendly smile. Text overlay: "Organic Gardening Made Easy!"
  • Storyboard:
    • Intro (0:00-0:30) - Welcome and introduce yourself/channel. Briefly explain the benefits of organic gardening.
    • What is Organic Gardening? (0:30-2:00) - Define organic gardening, explain key principles (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers).
    • Benefits of Organic Gardening (2:00-3:00) - Highlight health benefits (pesticide-free food), environmental benefits (supports healthy soil).
    • Getting Started with Organic Gardening (3:00-7:00) - Cover selecting a garden location, preparing organic soil, choosing organic seeds.
    • Natural Pest Control Solutions (7:00-9:00) - Introduce natural methods like companion planting, beneficial insects, homemade sprays.
    • Wrap Up & Call to Action (9:00-9:30) - Briefly summarize key points, encourage viewers to subscribe for more organic gardening tips.
  • Script: (Sample for Intro) "Hi everyone, and welcome to my channel! I'm [Your Name], and I'm passionate about growing healthy, delicious food organically. If you're new to gardening or curious about organic methods, you've come to the right place. Today, we'll dive into everything you need to know to get started with organic gardening, even if you've never planted a seed before..." (Continue script according to storyboard)

Can you see just how beneficial it is to have AI working as your assistant? This literally took a split second to return and you’re ready to start filming! Amazing! The way ChatGPT returns the results is a bit different, like this:

Video 1: "How to Start an Organic Garden from Scratch"

  • Title: How to Start an Organic Garden from Scratch | Beginner's Guide
  • Tags: organic gardening, how to start an organic garden, beginner gardening tips, organic gardening for beginners, starting an organic garden, organic vegetable garden, organic garden setup
  • Description: Welcome to our first video on organic gardening! In this beginner's guide, we’ll show you how to start an organic garden from scratch. From choosing the right location to preparing the soil and selecting the best organic seeds, we've got you covered. Whether you’re a novice or looking to switch to organic methods, this video will set you on the path to a healthy and productive garden. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more organic gardening tips!
  • Thumbnail Advice: Use a bright, high-quality image of a lush garden bed. Include the text “Start an Organic Garden” in bold, readable font. Use arrows or highlights to point to key features in the image (e.g., soil, plants).
  • Storyboard and Script:
  • Storyboard: Opening Shot: A wide shot of a beautiful, lush garden with background music.
  • Host Introduction: Host introduces the topic in the garden.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Close-up shots of each step (location, soil preparation, planting).
  • Conclusion: Host summarizes key points and encourages viewers to subscribe.
  • Script:
  • [Opening Shot] Host: "Welcome to our channel! Today, we're starting an exciting journey into organic gardening. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to go organic, this guide is for you."
  • [Step 1: Choosing the Right Location] Host: "First, let's find the perfect spot for your garden. Look for a sunny location with good drainage."
  • [Step 2: Soil Preparation] Host: "Next, we'll prepare the soil. Organic gardening starts with healthy soil. Add compost and organic matter to enrich the soil."
  • [Step 3: Selecting Seeds] Host: "Now, choose your seeds. Opt for organic seeds from reputable sources. We'll be planting tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots today."
  • [Step 4: Planting] Host: "Time to plant! Follow the instructions on your seed packets for planting depth and spacing."
  • [Conclusion] Host: "And there you have it! You've started your very own organic garden. Remember to water regularly and watch for pests. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more organic gardening tips. Happy gardening!"

As you can see, they both deliver a similar slant for the first video, but in a different way. This is something you can compare and see what fits with your natural style best. However, you may want to still use both AI tools because one may have different information than the other that you want to include and you can create a hybrid video for your channel.

Now, we want to ask AI one more question for these first videos. That is: “After I create video 1, since I won’t yet have access to the creator funds, what should I promote as an affiliate in the description area and what should I say to promote it?”

Gemini is going to give you a couple of options. For example, option one tells you to promote organic seeds because it directly aligns with the video content and gives viewers immediate value.

For the promotion, it tells you to say: “Ready to get started with your organic garden? To help you choose the perfect seeds for your needs, I recommend checking out [Seed Supplier Name], a company specializing in high-quality organic seeds. They offer a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, all certified organic! [Affiliate Link]"

The other idea it gives is to promote organic gardening starter kits. ChatGPT, on the other hand, gives you many different options. While one of the options includes organic seeds, but it also tells you to consider compost bin, gardening tools that are essential for beginners, organic fertilizers, and gardening books.

For its promotional wording, it gives you wording for each option, and they look like this: “Essential Gardening Tools Set - Get all the tools you need to care for your new garden. [Amazon Affiliate Link]”

That doesn't look as enticing as the longer text on Gemini, but ChatGPT goes one step further and gives you the script to verbally promote that item within your video at the end of the video.

So again, it pays to use both tools because you may want to pick and choose what you are using from each one and you get a comprehensive idea of the best way to tackle your social media startup business.


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