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Train Your AI to Make Quick Work of Your Profit Plan

The first thing you want to do is make it so that you can work with your AI tool efficiently and effectively. You have to take a little bit of time in the beginning to train your tool to work the way you want it to.

Start by having it take a deep dive into the topic or slant that you are going to target. Sometimes, AI will be too broad or too narrow, so you need to set the parameters for exactly what you want to discuss.

An example of this might be in the survival niche, where you have the option to target all survival topics from food and water to self-defense and homesteading. Or, you can decide to have a more narrow slant where you just cover bugging out for survival.

You also want to work with AI to determine what preferences you want in place as you work with it to earn your $100 per day. If you have no clue about how to do things, you can prompt AI to help you decide which social media platforms you should be working on.

Or, you might already have an idea and you can specify to AI that you only want it focused on creating content for your blog, emails, info products, and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Another thing you want to train it for is how you want your promotions to unfold. One of the ways you'll be monetizing in this strategy is with affiliate marketing and the sale of your own products.

It's a good idea to show AI examples of what an effective promo is in your view. If you don't have any idea, you can always work with AI to get something that you feel will be effective and then later tweak it as needed.

But if you do know of sites that are converting well with product reviews or sales letters, you want to attach a copy of that to AI so that it knows the same level of quality you are going to be looking for.

This is also true for any certain style that you want. Even in the survival niche, you have people who are more focused on self-reliance and happiness as a homesteader and then you have others who approach it with a very dark and dire viewpoint.

By giving AI some preliminary instructions on what it's going to be doing for you and in what way, you will eliminate wasted time having to constantly redirect your AI tool as you go.

So if you have any specific research resources or things you do or don't want mentioned in your niche content, make sure that you clarify that early on. On ChatGPT, you can even set up custom instructions for it to follow.

Another thing you can do if you decide to invest in the pay the plan is develop a custom GPT that you can log onto every day that is fully trained in the exact manner you want it to work from.

Be sure to specify what tone and length you want your content to be, whether or not there are any topics to avoid (such as aliens in the survival niche) or products you want it to leave out of promotions.

If you have a certain slant like eco-friendly homesteading, train AI to make sure everything it delivers for you has that concept in mind. You can even upload training materials and prompt AI to train itself using those materials.

A good training prompt might look like this: "Analyze the following set of blog posts from leading survival and outdoor websites. Identify common themes related to wilderness survival and homesteading. Note the style and tone used, particularly how products are mentioned and recommended. Summarize these findings and understand key elements that should be incorporated into my ongoing content to resonate with survival enthusiasts."

When you have all of this in place, it will make it much easier for AI to craft content that is high converting, helping you achieve that $100 a day goal. It will know from the very beginning each time you log on which demographic it is targeting, and how to tailor the content for that audience in a way that gets more engagement and earns more profits for you.


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