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Implement a Daily AI Content Marketing Strategy with a $100 a Day Goal

Now that your setup is complete, and AI is trained to address your content marketing needs in an effort to turn $100 a day profits, how will your day unfold? This is something you need to know so that you can prioritize and organize your task list.

Without consistent effort, your earnings will never take root, because online, you have to build up your brand and foster a sense of loyalty from your followers. You can monetize AI to work for you by prompting it to do all of the following:

  • Create affiliate promos and digital and tangible products
  • Brainstorm, outline and write complete info products (including the sales copy)
  • Write scripts or content that engages your social media audience and helps you earn Content Creator Funds, follower gifts and ad revenue, and more!

Have AI help you make a schedule to work on all of these things. For example, you might prompt it like this: “Help me make a daily schedule to use AI to create 3 daily TikTok videos of 90 seconds each – one that promotes a digital info product, one that promotes a tangible product and one that entertains and informs my audience to increase engagement and brand loyalty. Give me a list of tasks to do each day that include those 3 videos plus time spent creating my own info product using AI for a launch. I also need blog content 2-3 times per week.”

AI is going to give you a routine with hours that you can alter if you want to. For example, here is a snippet of part of what it gives you:

Morning Routine (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

AI-Assisted TikTok Video Creation (8:00 AM - 10:00 AM)

Video 1: Digital Info Product Promotion (it includes 3)

  • Use AI to draft a script highlighting the benefits and unique selling points of your digital product.
  • Record the video, focusing on how the product solves common problems or enhances survival skills.

Afternoon Routine (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

AI-Assisted Info Product Creation (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

  • Work with AI to develop content for your info product, such as drafting chapters or sections, creating outlines, or researching additional content.
  • Focus on areas where AI can generate high-quality content quickly, such as data compilation, fact-checking, or creating visual elements like charts or infographics.

It also has weekly tasks for analysis and strategy adjustment. Use this as a starting point and provide AI with any details that might help it help you allocate time to certain tasks.

You also want to ask AI for help in revving up your earnings. For example, you might ask AI: “For my promotion of a survival lost skills info product as an affiliate, what are some ideas for ensuring people buy through my link?”

It’s going to serve as your advisor to increase conversions, which will include a video review, special bonus offer, a discount code that you secure, an interactive session or product walkthrough, retargeting ads, and more.

Whenever you have a set monetary goal like $100 a day, you can have AI help you achieve that goal. For example, you might prompt AI like this: “I want to create a TikTok about the top 5 bug out bag essentials and I want to make sure I hit my goal of earning $100 in commissions today. What tips do you have about what products I could promote to help me hit that goal?”

AI knows that you’d need to focus on products with commissions in the $20-50 range and generate 2-5 sales per day. So an obvious one is the bug out bags themselves. But AI has some other great ideas, including a water purification system, a multitool top brand, a comprehensive first aid kit, and emergency shelter like a tent.

It goes farther, telling you how to optimize the video for sales, use a call to action that converts, which hashtags to use or trends to leverage, and what follow-up content will serve you well, like comment engagement or new videos with more detail.

For your email marketing, you can have AI help you create campaigns that ensure a 2-5% clickthrough rate to help you generate that $100 a day, giving you similar advice about what to promote to different audience segments.

The family bug out list segment might want to buy an 8-person tent, for example, and that could help you tremendously with your $100 a day goals – especially if you use AI to mention add-ons they need to consider – the ground pads, sleeping bags and other bug out camping gear.


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