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Have AI Create Your List Builders for Targeted Profit Promotions…Continued

You might add something like this: “Use the attached landing page copy as an example of the style and tone I want this one to represent.” Or, see what it comes up with on its own before doing that – you might end up with something better!

AI is going to instantly deliver a headline, add a small bit of storyline (2 sentences, which we forgot to mention), the bulletpoint benefits, and the call to action. Here’s what it looks like:

Secure Your Family’s Safety with Our Free Guide: "Family-Focused Bug Out Plan"

Discover how to prepare your family for any emergency with a plan that’s tailored just for you. Get instant access to our comprehensive guide by signing up today!

  • Complete Preparedness: Learn how to assemble a bug-out bag that covers the needs of all family members, including children and pets.
  • Tailored Routes and Locations: Gain insights on choosing the safest routes and bug-out locations that are best suited for families.
  • Family-Specific Tips: From managing your children's needs to including comfort items that reduce stress, find out how to keep the whole family secure and comfortable.
  • Practical Checklists: Use our detailed checklists to ensure nothing vital is forgotten and maintain readiness at all times.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert tips on navigating emergencies with confidence as a cohesive family unit.

Act Now! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare your family for any situation by downloading your free guide today. This comprehensive resource is your first step towards a safer future. Sign up now and ensure your family is never caught unprepared!

If you want to make any tweaks to it, you can do that now. Otherwise, load it up into your page builder and connect it with the downloadable report that AI generated for you in minutes and start the list building process.

You will need AI to write some emails, or at least the initial welcome email. Ask it to write it for this segmented audience like this: “Write a warm and welcoming email for those who sign up to my list for this download. Emphasize the purpose (family focused) and let them know what they can expect to learn in the coming weeks and months of their journey – more great tips, etc. Mention that they can download the report instantly and I’ll insert the link.”

AI excels at whipping up words on your behalf, and this is what it delivers:

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Welcome to our community, and thank you for taking the first step toward safeguarding your family's future! We’re thrilled to have you with us. You’ve made a critical decision to not just prepare, but to prepare with your loved ones in mind. It’s about creating a safe, thoughtful, and strategic plan that encompasses everyone you care about – and you’re doing just that!

Your journey starts here. You can download your "Family-Focused Bug Out Plan" instantly – just click the link below to get started. This guide is your blueprint to understanding and executing a successful bug-out strategy tailored specifically for families like yours.

[Insert Download Link Here]

What’s next? Over the coming weeks and months, you'll receive emails packed with valuable tips, deeper dives into critical topics, and practical advice that builds on the foundation we’ve started today. From detailed guides on packing your emergency kits to selecting the perfect bug-out location, we’ll ensure you have all the resources you need to keep your family prepared, protected, and poised for safety.

Stay tuned for:

  • Expert tips on how to keep children calm and cooperative during emergencies.
  • The best pet-friendly practices for evacuations.
  • Updates on the latest gear and how to use it effectively.
  • Real stories from families who’ve mastered the art of bugging out.

Remember, the goal is not just to prepare; it's to thrive, even in the face of challenges. You’ve taken an important step by joining us, and together, we’ll continue to build a community of readiness and resilience.

Thank you for trusting us with your family’s safety. We’re honored to be part of your preparedness journey and excited to see where it takes you.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

If you want to, you can have AI develop an on-going series for you, not just the initial welcome email. If you want to do this, and monetize the emails, prompt AI like this: “Create the first 5 emails after the welcome email to send out that include tips and a mention of one specific product they might need – be general about the brand, and I will select the best option to link to. Don’t make the email sound like a sales letter – I want it to be very natural and friendly, with a mention of something that can help them.”

It starts by creating a tip email for essentials on what to pack in your bug out bag. The tips given help them learn how to shop for one based on compartmentalization, weight distribution, and durability and includes tips on updating the contents every few months.

But instead of promoting bug out bags, it mentions a specific tool every bug out bag needs, a high quality multi tool. It tells why, and how to shop for one – and leaves room for you to link out.

At this time, you’re ready to start generating traffic. You might have a blog or you might not. You can prompt AI to give you a blog post to help get people on your list like this: “Considering what the lead magnet topic is about, what is a good idea for a blog post that this audience will read and see the lead magnet as a good option to download? I don’t want them about the same thing. I also want the title optimized for search engines.”

It comes up with a  great option: 5 Critical Mistakes Families Make When Preparing for Emergency Survival. It gives an outline and in seconds, you can prompt it to write a pillar blog post that will pull in traffic and recommend signing up for the free download.

You can also prompt AI to tell you what to name your social media accounts, what to put in the profile’s bio to get people to download the lead magnet, and which platforms are best for your niche.

Prompt it like this: “For this specific niche topic of bugging out for survival, where I will target a variety of bug out audiences (not just families), what social media platforms would be best for high traffic and list building and what are some account name options that might be available on all of them? Give me wording for the profile’s bio to get them to download a free report.”

You never want to fully rely on the information it gives you. You can use it as a starting point, but go out on these platforms and see for yourself. You're looking to see if there is a big enough audience that is engaged with other accounts, and that will give you a good indicator of where you should be marketing to earn your $100 per day.

 Not only does it list platforms you might want to check out and potential account names, but it then gives you your profile bio wording (including an emoji to draw attention to it) In a way that includes a call to action getting the user to go to your landing page to download something free.

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