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$100 a Day Niche Profit Plan with AI

People who want to succeed as online entrepreneurs often get started in this industry without any clear goals other than to work from home or make money online. They don’t have directions or plans on how to do it or what it even means in specific terms.

A good goal to begin with is earning $100 a day. Some people might even start with $10, but earning $100 a day is a more generous starting point – and very doable, even for those without much experience.

You’re going to find all kinds of information online about pursuing your passions and setting up your own website. We’re not going to cover those basic beginner steps because we’re about to take a deep dive into a monetary goal and the steps it takes to make it a reality for you.

For the purpose of this lesson, you’re not only going to discover what tasks you have to carry out in order to start seeing daily profits at that level, but you’re also going to learn about using artificial intelligence (AI) to shortcut your success and allow you to scale your business faster.

There are different AI tools you can consider. Some have free levels and some have paid ones. Free is a good starting point, but there might be certain tasks that work better if you take the plunge and pay for a $20 a month subscription to a higher tier.

The strategy we’re going to discuss will work in many niches, but we’re going to choose the niche of survival prepping as our example – primarily because it allows you to earn money in different ways.

You can promote digital products as an affiliate, write and sell your own information products – or promote tangible items. Plus, there’s a hungry audience built into social media that can push even more profits your way thanks to monetization options provided by these platforms.


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