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The Entrepreneur Mind

Book review:

The Entrepreneur Mind

If you want to start your own business, you need the right motivation. You need to know what you should believe and what should drive you. The book, The Entrepreneur Mind, can teach you how to do this in order to have the success that you seek.

The author teaches readers how entrepreneurs who are successful reached that point. It also focuses on 100 ideas that all touch on the different parts of starting and growing a business.

The book covers important information dealing with things like learning how to lead people to understanding how a sale works. You can learn to implement the right strategy for your business as well as learn the financial know-how you’ll need.

It shares how you’ll know when an idea just isn’t working out. If the type of business you want to have involves needing start up funding, you’ll learn how you can reach out to potential investors.

For those who want to create a partnership, the book can guide you through locating the right partners. It can help those who are just starting out as well as those who’ve worked their business for awhile.

One of the strategies taught in the book is that successful entrepreneurs need to have self-confidence. You need to believe in your idea as well as in your ability to build your business.

Another piece of sage advice the author gives is to stop acting like an employee. You need to have the right people on board working in the business so that you’re able to focus your time and energy on growing it.

In the book, you’ll learn about risk and how you can use what seems risky to your advantage to help your success. Some of the advice in the book centers on things like managing your time so that you get things done.

It also covers making sure that if you can’t do something, you turn to others rather than just trying to push through. The author talks about learning how to do what matters the most before anything else and how you can avoid the things that will steal your time.

In the part where the author mentions the type of people you should hire for your business, he makes a point of stating that the entrepreneur shouldn’t hire only people who think the same way.

There is a point in the book where the author states that contrary to the most common advice, entrepreneurs should put their family after their business, but that’s a personal decision that you’ll have to make for yourself.

The book explains why it’s okay to not to fret about the economy when you’re starting a business. You’ll also discover why it’s important to be flexible, to accept new changes with technology and to embrace change overall. Know your competition, be focused and don’t be afraid of failure are great takeaway points...

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How to Work from Home and Make Money

Book review:

How to Work from Home and Make Money

Like thousands of other people, you probably end up with more month left over than money. No matter how many pennies you pinch or how good you are at “making do,” you’re just not making it.

Or maybe you were doing great financially and then you lost your job. The good news is that you can turn things around. In the book, How to Work from Home and Make Money, you’ll learn how to say goodbye to the struggle and hello to being your own boss.

The book can teach you what you need to do so set up your business. You’ll have the freedom to decide what days you work and what hours you’ll work. You’ll be in control of your own career path.

You’ll discover that you can forget the myths you might have learned about working from home and embrace the reality that by working at home, you can choose the kind of money  you want to make doing whatever it is you choose to do.

You’ll gain flexibility and freedom when you work for yourself and not others. The book begins by explaining to readers the most common lies about working from home. It then goes into the different kinds of online home-based business ideas and teaches the number one key for your business success.

Solve problems for customers or do something that helps them. When you can meet a need, there’s the market for your business. If you’ve like to have your own store, you can do this without it being a brick and mortar one and the book can show you how.

Even if you don’t have a website right now, you can still get started without one. The author presents opportunities in the field of writing and you don’t have to be a writer to get involved in this type of home business.

You can break into Kindle publishing as well as other types of writing. You’ll learn how you can go offline to work from home if that’s what you prefer. You can start a food-based business.

The author also shares the importance of learning about passive income and teaches readers why this is an important step to create recurring income. There are plenty of opportunities that are available to you through things such as earning an income by teaching online courses.

Once you decide to work from home and choose the job that suits your needs, you’ll be able to live the kind of life that you’ve always hoped for. You’ll be able to take off on vacation whenever the urge strikes.

As the book explains, that doesn’t mean that you won’t work hard at your business. You will - especially in the beginning - but you’ll find the tools that you need in the book to help you get started building your business and making money...

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Amazon’s Best Black Friday Deals

Amazon’s Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday isn’t going to kick off the day after Thanksgiving in 2020. That’s because plans are already in the works to make this event begin a lot earlier. This is due to helping keep the number of people crowding into stores down.

Because of this, expect to see sales begin as soon as October arrives. Shoppers will be able to find the same items and more online for this sale event just as much as they could shopping in the store.

Some of the best Black Friday deals can be found on Amazon. You’ll be able to start shopping the minute the event kicks off and you’ll be able to do it from the comfort and safety of your own home.

For those who happen to be Amazon Prime members, you’ll get your items quicker, too. There are specific categories as well as items that you can expect to see for sale. Laptops are going to kick off one category.

What you want to look for are ones such as ASUS and Microsoft brands. These sales will range from $50 off to hundreds in savings. It’s speculated that Dell laptops will be on sale, including their gaming version.

Technology that can help organize your life or get you into shape will also be on sale. Look for smartwatches and Fitbit items at discount prices. You can save enough on certain exercise related items that you’ll be able to put it toward workout equipment or clothing.

Some of the best deals may also be wireless headphones, including gaming brands. Cameras and television equipment such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick will also make an appearance during Black Friday events.

Save money on items like Amazon Echo as well. If you’re looking for Wi-Fi enabled home security systems, you’ll be able to score savings on these, too. Keep an eye out for sales on the Ring doorbell camera, because it will surely make an appearance at a discount.

As always, television deals will top the list for what many shoppers are seeking. You want to be sure that you get a great brand, so do your homework on how these TVs perform before you buy.

A sale on a lesser quality product will cost you more in the long run when it doesn’t last as long or meet your expectations. One brand to pay attention to during this sale is Samsung.

Audio sales will show up for products like Apple AirPods or Powerbeats. You’ll also want to check out home speakers and channel sound bars for sales. E-readers will be on sale during Black Friday, and you’ll want to snap up the deals offered on Amazon’s top rated Kindle.

Popular video games will show up with lower prices and you’ll want to grab some of these for the gaming enthusiast on your list. Plus, these make great stocking stuffers.
Kitchen appliances like coffeemakers (including Keurigs) and Instapots are also usually on sale on Amazon during Black Friday and make thoughtful gifts for someone on your list. 

Goal Setting Rules That Work

Goal Setting Rules That Work

Poor goal setting can be a roadblock to success. Think of it as a business plan—the plan and path you need to take to be successful. Without a plan or a set of goals designed with steps to follow, you lack direction, and without direction, it is hard to get where you want to go. All humans need guidance and to do the work to reap the rewards.

Follow these rules to goal setting that work:

Be Realistic

For example, your goal may be to lose 100 pounds, but don’t expect that to happen in two or even ten months. Give yourself a realistic timeline to reach your goal. Don’t set yourself up to fail before you also get started by being unrealistic.

Baby Steps

Break down your goals into manageable steps or smaller goals that you can change or repeat each day to reach your goal. This way, your bigger goal seems easy to get to, and you won't overwhelm yourself again by doing too much or making it look too hard.

For example, maybe you have a goal to drink less soda. Instead of going cold turkey, you can only have one at each meal, and then as the weeks go by, reduce that to one meal and then finally zero. All you need to feel accomplished is to work toward your goals slowly.

Be Specific

Make sure all the goals that you set for yourself are very clear and specific. Don’t make it broad and all over the place. If you can’t see the finish line, you may not get started. If you don’t know precisely what you want to accomplish in the end, you won’t know how even to get started in the first place, much less the steps that it takes to reach the goal.

Be Relevant

Each goal you work on should be relevant to where you want to see your life going. Do you have big career goals? Then make sure the goals you write down are career related. Don’t make all your goals about your health and hobbies if you ultimately want to be a doctor one day. You will need to put in a lot of work to get there and make it a top priority.

Always Plan

Writing down the goals is only the first step. You must also plan how you want to achieve the goals. Having a clear direction, a beginning, middle, and end will lead to success. For each goal that you make, also write at least three to five things you plan on doing to get there first.

You must want to accomplish the goal and believe in it to succeed. After all, it takes your continued hard work and dedication to make it happen, no one else's.

Renewable energy is the cheapest source of electricity

A new report published by Rewiring America concludes that if everybody in the U.S. switched to solar, wind or other clean energy power, not only could the country reach zero emissions, but households would save an average of $1,050 to $2,585 annually on bills. This adds up to about $321 billion savings per year.

The report, No Place Like Home: Fighting Climate Change (And Saving Money) by Electrifying America’s Households, found that more than 40% of U.S. energy-related carbon emissions come from normal household activities like cooking, bathing and commuting. The way forward, according to the report, is decarbonizing households through electrification. This means driving electric cars that we charge via our rooftop solar panels. Instead of powering appliances with natural gas, the report promotes electricity to power heat pumps, stoves and clothes dryers.

“Too often we are told doing the right thing for the environment requires sacrifice and costs more,” Adam Zurofsky, executive director of Rewiring America, told The Guardian. “But no one is talking about the upside — we can actually make a better economy and save people money and a byproduct will be to cut emissions from residential buildings.”

This optimistic attitude nicely coincides with an analysis recently released by financial giant Lazard. In Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis Version 14.0, the firm concluded that wind and solar are the most affordable electricity sources. Building new solar plants is less expensive than keeping existing coal plants running.

Of course, the upfront cost is the hitch for individual households. A larger-scale infrastructure will be necessary for all those solar panels, car chargers and batteries to work together. And it all has to happen pretty soon, before humans render the planet uninhabitable for their own species. That’s going to require government help. According to Zurofsky, “The federal government can make it dirt cheap for people to switch to renewables.” Now we have to make sure they do...

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The Importance Of A Winning Mindset

The Importance Of A Winning Mindset

Most people do not have a winning mindset. They are content to let life take them in whatever direction it decides and stay firmly within their comfort zone. But are they really content with this?

The answer will almost certainly be “no”. But they see it as a trade off for not putting in the additional effort that is required to achieve something worthwhile with their lives. It takes time and effort to develop a winning mindset and they would sooner waste their time on meaningless things like social media and watching TV.

Get what you want with a Winning Mindset

When you have a winning mindset you will have the belief that you can achieve anything. It doesn’t matter how “far out” your dreams seem at this moment you will have the confidence that you can make them a reality.

You know that achieving your dreams is going to be hard work and that there will be a number of challenges and road blocks along the way. But with a winning mindset you will have developed a “hard work” ethic and also the traits to bounce back from any setbacks that you encounter. People with winning mindsets never quit.

Having a winning mindset will help you to identify what you really want from your life as well. Most people have no clue what they really want but you will be certain. This certainty will provide you with the drive and motivation necessary to achieve your dreams.

People with Winning Mindsets take Massive Action

Most people want everything handed to them on a plate. They believe that they are simply entitled to the good things in life and they don’t want to put any effort in to get them. This is why so many people are in massive debt because they use their credit cards to get what they want right now.

With a winning mindset you will know that this is not the way to do things. You need a plan and have to take massive action to achieve your dreams. Taking action on a daily basis towards your goals will bring you the success that you crave. And then it will be time to make your next dream come true.

With a Winning Mindset you never stay in your Comfort Zone

Winners are always striving to improve themselves. They constantly push the boundaries of their comfort zones and are never satisfied that they have done enough. Most people are afraid to do things that they have never done before but people with winning mindsets relish the challenge of this.

When you have a winning mindset you will be committed to learning. You will want to learn something new each day. Your education didn’t stop when you left college. Nor did it stop when you learned how to do your job efficiently. You are a life learner and discovering new things is one of your strong suits.

With a Winning Mindset your outlook is Positive

You see the glass half full rather than half empty. There are opportunities all around you and you grab them with both hands. You take full responsibility for your life and never blame anyone else for where you are today. Your outlook is always positive and you believe in yourself and your future.

The Winning Mindset Formula..

How To Achieve Everything In Life...

Want Do You Really Want?

Want Do You Really Want?

People that do not have winning mindsets usually don’t know what they want. If you ask them what they want from their life you will get a blank look and you will see their mind churning trying to provide a somewhat intelligent answer.

If you don’t know what you want then you will get what life throws at you. Unfortunately most people live their life this way. Why do they do this? Because it takes effort to work out what you really want. And most people do not want to put in any effort to change their lives for the better.

People with Winning Mindsets always know what they want

A person that has a winning mindset will always know what they want. They will know where they are going to be in a year’s time, five years, ten years and so on. Not only do they know what they really want but they have a plan to get it.

They take the time out to look at the different aspects of their lives and identify the improvements that they need to make. This can be anything from acquiring new skills, becoming healthier, getting a better home or car or improving their relationships.

People with winning mindsets know the power of asking themselves the right questions. They know that asking questions about their life will stimulate their subconscious minds and provide them with the answers that they need. They use the answers that they receive to set new goals.

You can do it too

Find a quiet place with no distractions and take a pen and paper with you. Look at the different aspects of your life and ask yourself searching questions. You can take a look at the following areas of your life:

  • Your business or career
  • Your money
  • Your health
  • Your relationships
  • Your skills
  • Your contribution to the world

The areas of your life that you want to identify are entirely up to you. You know yourself better than anyone else does. Once you have identified these areas it is time to ask yourself the right questions to discover what you want.

So you could ask yourself “am I happy with my current business or career?” If the answer is “no”, then ask yourself why this is the case. You might find that your business or career is not providing you with enough income for example. So write down that you want to increase your income.

Go through this process for all of the different aspects of your life that you want to work on. When looking at your health you may decide that you need to lose some weight and for your skills you may need to learn how to be a good public speaker. It doesn’t matter – just write everything down.

Identifying what you really want

When you perform this exercise you will probably end up with a number of things that you want to do to improve your life. People with a winning mindset know that they can’t take on too many new goals so they examine each item to see how badly they want it.

So if you wrote that you want to increase your income ask yourself how badly you want to do this. Then imagine having achieved this already and notice how you feel about this. Go for the things that conjure up the strongest feelings within you.

The Winning Mindset Formula..

How To Achieve Everything In Life...

The Traits Of A Winning Mindset

The Traits Of A Winning Mindset

The best way to develop a winning mindset is to understand and emulate the traits that a person with a winning mindset possesses. Successful people all have similar traits that enable them to achieve their goals and never give up even when the going gets really rough.

In this article we will take a look at the 6 most common traits of people that have a winning mindset. You can compare these traits with your own and develop and improve any that you are lacking.

1. Make a Start

Winners always get started. They know that time is a very precious commodity and there is no better time to start than right now. Also they know that starting a particular project enables them to build momentum that will help them to complete the project.

People with winning mindsets do not wait around for anyone or anything to get started. If they have an idea then they start working on it immediately. They take small steps to get the idea started and then turn these into bigger steps as they progress.

So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the weather to change or the government to do something before you start? Maybe you are waiting for someone else to validate your idea prior to starting? Don’t wait for any of these things – get started right now!

2. Prioritizing

You can’t do everything at once. People with winning mindsets often have a number of ideas and things that they want to achieve. But they know that they need to prioritize in order to use their time most efficiently.

So write down a list of things that you want to achieve and then prioritize them. Is there something on the list that is causing a lot of stress for you? If there is then tackle this first. Next pick something easy to work on. The reason for choosing something easy rather than something difficult is that it will build momentum.

3. Focus

It is extremely easy to get distracted in today’s world. Most people have social media accounts and their phones are constantly alerting them to an update. People with winning mindsets focus on what needs to be done and are rarely distracted. Distractions lead to procrastination which you need to avoid at all costs.

Some distractions are necessary. So if you have been distracted for an important reason then you need to refocus on your task. Any time that you lose focus just refocus again and get back into it.

4. Persistence

Persistence means never giving up. If your world is crumbling around you then you keep on going. When you give up you send the wrong signals to your subconscious mind. Keeping going in the face of adversity sends the right signals. Work on your persistence all of the time.

5. Review

When you have a great idea it is natural that you will be very excited and want to take massive action to get things going. This is fine but at some stage you need to check that things are going in the right direction. It is pointless to keep going down a road that leads to nowhere. Review your progress regularly so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

6. Organization

Are you organized? Do you know where things are on your computer and in your home? People with winning mindsets have high levels of organization because they know that this will save them a lot of time in the long run.

The Winning Mindset Formula..

How To Achieve Everything In Life...

The Benefits Of A Positive Mindset

The Benefits Of A Positive Mindset

You feed your physical body with "good food", you feed your car with "good fuel", so why not feed your mind with "good thoughts" as well. After research in the 1950s, it was concluded that having a positive mindset would help maintain good physical and mental health, increase longevity and promote success in personal and professional life.
See "the bright side"
Positive thinking is closely related to the concept of optimism. Someone who sees the world in a positive light and sees the "bright side" will feel healthier mentally and physically than someone who thinks negatively, anxious, or even depressed.
Positive thinking is not a new concept. It is a therapeutic method based on autosuggestion and which aims to make the subject adhere to positive ideas. By repeating positive messages twenty times a day, the individual is supposed to achieve well-being and achieve optimal health.
Better Health
Thought can act directly on the body. When you replace negative thoughts with calm, confidence, and peace, you feel good. Additionally, positive thinking can be helpful in overcoming sleep disturbances, muscle tension, anxiety, and fatigue. People who think negatively suffer more from depression and anxiety.
Prevent Stress
Many managers are already followers of positive thinking and integrate it into their businesses: well-being seminars, relaxation coaches, specialized psychologists, etc. The benefits are quite amazing, and one of the major benefits of a positive mindset is that it protects against the harmful effects of stress. 
It makes it possible to regulate the consequences and to find the right dosage at work, so as not to be overwhelmed. You learn to know yourself better, to better understand your resources and to concentrate on the tasks that you want to achieve. In short, we learn to be more efficient and above all, we know how to say stop when necessary.
A more favorable Living Environment
A positive attitude can also influence the way you conduct your life, which in turn has an effect on your health. If you are going through a particularly stressful time, you will be less likely to pay attention to your diet, exercise and sleep.
Instead you will be more likely to compensate for the stress by drinking alcohol or snacking on junk food. These lifestyle elements are also risk factors for cancer and other diseases.
Optimists live longer and healthier lives. Countless studies prove it. In the 1930s, psychologists at the University of Kentucky were able to determine that subjects identified as the most optimistic had lived, on average, ten years longer than the less positive, and they were in better health. Also, the power of positivity with healing is well documented.
Psychological Well-Being
Positive thinking has a positive effect on the survival of sick people as well as that of healthy people. However, having a positive mindset predisposes to exhibiting behavior that is also more "positive" in terms of health. Indeed, studies show that this frame of mind is accompanied by more virtuous behaviors. 
Of course, we don't get sick just because of stress, our emotions or our thoughts. But, we can now say that many symptoms and diseases are affected by our thoughts and behaviors. Thoughts are of great power. They have always shaped our life. Think positively, and expect favorable results. The situations and circumstances will change accordingly! 

The Winning Mindset Formula..

How To Achieve Everything In Life...

How Can I Work Smarter and Not Harder?

How Can I Work Smarter and Not Harder?

Many people mistake being busy with being productive. But being productive means that you deliver results in a timely manner. If you want to be more productive and focus on impact without working harder, you’ll need to keep your focus on deliverables and the impact of what you’re doing.

Focus on Deliverables

A deliverable is a result you’re shooting for when you make your plans. It could be a report, a slide deck, or even an experience like a ski trip – when you focus on the result you want to create from your work, you’ll eliminate most of the busy work during the planning process.

Chunk Down Tasks

Every task has many steps that need to be done to call the task finished. Chunk each task down to these smaller steps so that nothing seems like too much work. When you have chunked down tasks, you can take five minutes to do portions of any one project rather than having to do it all at once.

Organize Your Space

The best way to work smarter is to start with an organized area to work in. You will waste a lot of time if you have to constantly look for the tools you need to work with. Even if you have to get them all out to start over, you’re less likely to do it. Set things up, so it’s easy to do so that you have no excuses.

Get Rid of Distractions

When you start to work on anything, it’s always better to focus 100 percent on the task at hand. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, find a way to focus the time you set aside 100 percent of the task, and you’ll find you get done faster and more accurately.

Use the Right Tools

Don’t try to do things without the right tools to save a buck. The truth is, you can likely find the tools at a good price second hand and save yourself a lot of struggle. When you use the right tools, the task gets done faster without mistakes.

Delay Gratification

Sometimes to motivate yourself, it helps to delay gratification for yourself. For example, if you know, you need to create an outline for your next blog post, but you hate outlining you may set yourself up to give up. But if you set up delayed gratification that if you outline that blog post, you can have a cup of coffee or go for a walk or do something you really enjoy, you’re more likely to get it done.

Eat Right and Exercise

It’s hard for anyone to work with proficiency and speed if they’re not feeling well. If you don’t eat right, exercise, and stay hydrated, you may be wasting time being sicker than you need to be. Place a priority on your health so that you can focus on the good things in life and not illness.

Incorporate Breaks

Always set your schedule to include refreshing breaks. Check out the Pomodoro Technique, which incorporates 25-minute work sessions with five-minute breaks, and then every three “Pomodoro’s” you get a longer 30-minute break. Anyone can do any kind of work for a short time.

The thing to remember about working smarter and not harder is that there is no productivity without the product. The product is your desired result that you set when you developed your goals and objectives, whether the deliverable is 100 pounds lost or a finished novel doesn’t matter, it’s the intentional planning and delivering that is important to avoid extra work.

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