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AI Keyword Catalyst for Marketers

As a  general rule of thumb, online entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to speed up and automate their procedures so that tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT can serve as the catalyst you need to enhance and accelerate the keyword research and application process, and it typically comes at no additional cost to you.

Traditional keyword research merely skims the surface of what’s possible. As a human, you simply can’t compete with the speed of a robot, and it has access to enormous databases of detailed information it can sift through to spot patterns and substantial insight that can help you be more competitive and successful.

Even if you spent an entire day on nothing but keyword research, your results would only equal a small fraction of what AI can deliver for you. And this is information you can use as a foundation for your entire marketing business, not just blog SEO (search engine optimization).

When you truly want to edge out the competition, ensure that each piece of content is maximized for higher conversions, and have unprecedented access into the minds of your consumers, you’ll leverage AI to your advantage in this discovery and application process.

The Expansive Use of Keywords in Online Marketing

Many people are too limited in the way they think about keyword use. For example, most marketers you ask will simply say keywords are used for SEO purposes, to help their blog get ranked.

These individuals are missing out on important components that could help their sales explode. While search engines play an important role in whether or not consumers find your website, keywords have much more use for you if you understand everything about them.

They should not only be used for blog rankings, but for better discoverability of your content on social media, for idea generation about what your target audience wants to see from you, and to help you devise the products and reviews that consumers are searching for with language that immediately taps into their most pressing demands.

Strategically, it can help you remain competitive. It does this not by allowing you to be a copycat of other successful entrepreneurs, but to use a forward-thinking, cutting edge approach that makes niche consumers view you as the one with a finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

Keywords can have different meanings and intent. There are several types of keywords and phrases you can unearth to use in different ways. For example, you have informational keywords that educate your audience, transactional keywords for people wanting to spend money on products, and so on.

If you’re a marketer using content on your blog, on social media or elsewhere, you have to be developing ideas and titles that engage readers not only with the concepts, but the wording you’re using that triggers an instant response from them.

You especially want to nail down the right use of keywords if you’re planning to pay for ad campaigns on search engines or social media platforms. If you’re not weeding out the wrong keywords and zeroing in on the right ones, it can blow your ad budget easily.


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