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Updating Your Keyword Research and Content Continually

Lastly, use AI to help you uncover fresh keywords based on evolving trends and then apply it to your older content to freshen it up. Google and other search engines (as well as human visitors) appreciate content that’s not outdated.

You might notice a blog post that previously had good traffic, but it starts to dwindle. You can prompt AI like this: “I was ranking well with the attached blog post for the keyword phrase [enter phrase]. It has started to lose momentum. Conduct fresh research for competitive keyword usage for this topic and tell me how to tweak my content to improve its ranking.”

You can also use this for new content, by prompting AI like this: “What are some growing trends for survival sustainability? Give me the topics and keywords associated with them.”

AI can give you insight such as the topic of decentralization and self-sufficiency using keywords like homesteading, off-grid living, permaculture, and local food production. It gives you an entire list, and you can then use those results for blog topics, social media posts, info products and paid ads.

Using AI is a swift and accurate way to boost your use of keywords strategically in your online marketing efforts. You’ll find that your content performs better due to the fact that AI has the ability to harness exact consumer details that you can apply to almost every area of your business for increased exposure and conversions.


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