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Leveraging AI Keywords for Info Product Development

If you have decided to be an info product developer, you may not have thought to use keyword research in your brainstorming and product development phases. Instead, you may have looked at the marketplace to see what was already selling and then simply created a knockoff of those topics.

But you can use AI driven keyword research to help you create products your target audience will find valuable and useful in their own lives. You can start by having it help you analyze search trends so that you'll know what is generating a higher search volume and whether or not there are any gaps in knowledge that people are looking for.

You can prompt AI like this: “Analyze recent search trends related to survival prepping and identify topics with the potential to be developed into an info product that will be in high demand with consumers.”

Depending on what type of AI tool you are using, it may or may not have access to the most recent information. Google’s Gemini is a good source for the latest trends and when you ask it this prompt, it tells you that there is increased interest about supply chain issues, global war preparations, natural disasters, and sustainability practices with alternative energy sources.

At that point, you can have AI help you integrate keywords into the title so that it clearly reflects what the consumer is looking for. For example, you might prompt AI like this: “I’m developing an info product on building and maintaining a survival garden to combat food shortages and inflation. Give me suggestions for compelling titles that incorporate relevant keywords.”

You’ll get results such as: Grow Your Own Security: The Ultimate Guide to Survival Gardening, Food Shortage Fighter: Build a Thriving Survival Garden, and Beat Inflation at the Root: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficient Gardening.

Next, you can have AI help you generate an outline that is driven by keywords that show your consumers you have covered everything relevant to the topic at hand. You can prompt AI like this: “Help me create an outline for an info product on this topic and make sure relevant keywords are woven into the chapter titles. I want it to cover everything in a comprehensive manner.”

When AI comes back with your comprehensive outline, not only will the outline itself include keywords, but it may also put some related keywords in brackets so that you'll know what else to discuss within that chapter.

At that point, you can have AI help you create the content, or you can create it as a draft and then feed it back into your AI tool and ask it to ensure proper use of keywords within the chapter so that it is balanced and readable.


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