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Optimize Your Traffic Content with AI-Generated Keywords

After you have AI dig down deep and deliver you a huge cache of keywords that you can use in your business, you'll want to have it help you optimize the use of those words and phrases so that you get the best results from it.

There are several ways AI can help you optimize the content you are using for traffic purposes. This can work on a variety of platforms, whether it's your blog or social media.

Many times, after the initial surge of excitement about a niche topic goes away, marketers will have trouble coming up with fresh ideas for their blog content. You can provide AI with one or more of the keywords it has generated for you and ask it to come up with some blog topic ideas based on those keyword phrases.

For example, you might prompt it like this: “I'm going to give you a list of keywords related to survival water filtration and I want you to come up with a dozen blog post ideas targeting these keywords that are varied in approach.”

Not only does AI come up with the topic ideas, but it also gives a short blurb about what should go into the block. For example: The Ultimate Guide to Emergency Water Filtration Methods would be an in depth exploration of various methods to water filtration in emergency situations, comparing effectiveness, ease of use, and accessibility.

At that point, you could have AI help you integrate keywords into that blog post. So you can prompt it like this: “I liked the idea of The Ultimate Guide to Emergency Water Filtration Methods. I have written a draft blog post and I want you to ensure I am targeting the best primary and secondary keywords to help this blog post rank well for that topic.”

AI will come back with advice if you have missed any opportunities or if you have over used certain keywords where they are not necessary. It can help you strategically insert the keywords so that it reads logically and effectively for both humans and search bots.

Next, you can have AI help you use keywords in your social media content so that it is optimized in a way that improves your discoverability and your engagement because it resonates with your audience well.

For example, you can prompt AI for any social platform like this: “I want to create a 60 second TikTok video about long term survival food storage. Help me come up with a list of catchy captions that incorporates the keyword phrase survival food storage for my cover thumbnail.”

This is beneficial if someone likes one of your videos and then goes to your account and begins scrolling through all of the videos you have created. The results will include things like: Survival Food: Lasts Longer Than You Think, Food Storage Secrets Unveiled, Survival Food Storage Hacks That Defy Time, etc.

One thing you can have AI help you with is coming up with attention grabbing titles and product descriptions. Before someone digs into the details about a product, they first see your headline or title and by including keywords that trigger their interest, it can make them click through and dive deeper.

For example, you can prompt AI like this: “I need a product description that is strategically created with relevant keywords to promote a first aid survival guide. Give it a title that incorporates a primary keyword and make the description engaging and interesting.”

AI will come up with a title such as: Ultimate First Aid Survival Guide: Lifesaving Tips & Techniques. The description that comes up with is written with an introduction that details who will benefit from it and what actionable information they will learn. It also includes a bullet point list of key features and a call to action that entices the reader to complete their purchase.

The use of hashtags on social media platforms is a popular way to get your content found by your target audience. These are used on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and more.

You can have AI craft a list of relevant hashtags that will increase your visibility with your target audience like this: “I’m promoting my blog post on how to build a DIY solar cooker on Instagram and I need a list of relevant hashtags to help with discoverability.”

You can then copy and paste the curated list of hashtags that AI has delivered to you that align with your content perfectly. These will include things like: #DIYSolarCooker, #SolarCooking, #SustainableLiving, #EcoCooking, and so on.

All of this is an effort to have AI help you move beyond your basic keyword research where you just look at the density of the words you are using in your content and allows you to use them more strategically so that your content gets found, your audience wants to engage, and ultimately they convert into a click through or purchase for you.


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