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AI’s Use of Keywords for High-Converting Affiliate Reviews

AI has a knack for weaving keywords in your content, and this is very important when you are crafting affiliate product reviews that you want to rank well in the search engine results pages.

First, you can use AI to help you identify affiliate products based on search trends for keywords related to your niche and they can do that based on high volume wording and positive user feedback.

Prompt AI like this: “I am interested in promoting survival gear as an affiliate marketer. Analyze search trends and user reviews to suggest high-performing products related to survival food topics.”

AI is going to come back with a list that includes things like long term food storage in the form of freeze dried food kits, emergency food bars, food preparation and cooking items like camp stoves, and more.

It will even give you the brand names and links to products from companies like Mountain House, ReadyWise, Valley Food Storage, etc. When you have selected the product you want to promote, you can then have AI help you create a keyword driven structure for your affiliate review.

For example, you might prompt AI like this: “I want to write an affiliate review for long-term survival freeze-dried food. Come up with a keyword-structured outline for my review that addresses common user questions and concerns.”

After the introduction, AI is going to recommend that you cover: the benefits of freeze dried food for survival, and in depth review of a certain brand’s freeze dried food, taste and texture issues, preparation and cooking, cost and value, shelf life and storage, etc.

AI gives you more detail about what to explain in each section if you want to do it yourself. But of course, you can also have AI write each section for you if you want to publish that as your affiliate review.

You can also have AI help you with integrating your affiliate links using anchor text keywords, that link naturally to the products you are promoting in a way that doesn't interrupt the visitors’ reading.

You can simply prompt AI like this: “In the attached affiliate blog post review on freeze-dried survival foods, identify strategic places to integrate my affiliate link in a natural way but so it leads to a click-through conversion.”


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