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Applying AI’s Keywords for Paid Ad Campaigns

 AI can also help you with keyword campaigns for paid ads. There are three different searches you want to conduct for this use. They are: synonym, negative, and attribute keywords.

Synonym keywords are just different ways your consumer might search for the same thing. You’ll broaden your reach with this search. So prompt AI like this: “Generate a list of synonyms for the phrase bug out bag.”

The results will include wording like emergency kit, disaster bag, go bag, 72-hour bag, INCH bag, PERK bag, grab bag, quick run bag, survival backpack and more. Incorporate these into your ad campaigns or create separate ad groups for synonyms with ad copy to match.

Next, you can have AI research negative keywords for you. This helps you weed out the wrong people from seeing your ad. It prevents your ad from showing up for these keywords.

So prompt AI like this: “Identify a list of negative keywords for a comprehensive survival guide ad campaign.” AI is going to tell you not to include Free, DIY, kids, fiction, movies, entertainment, zombie apocalypse, etc.

When you apply these negative keyword phrases in your ad campaigns, it will improve your click quality and ensure you’re not wasting ad revenue on useless words and phrases.

You can also have AI uncover attribute keywords. These are words that discuss certain features or attributes of a product that potential buyers will use. So prompt AI like this: “Give me a list of attribute keywords consumers use when searching for a bug out bag.”

It will categorize them by things like functionality (size = compact, lightweight, large; durability = waterproof, weatherproof, rip-resistant; organization = MOLLE webbing, compartments, etc.).

These can increase your ad relevance as well and show your ads to people with very specific needs, increasing the likelihood of a click-through and conversion into a sale for you.

You can use these keywords to help you segment and group ads, to optimize your copy, to optimize your bid strategy, and to test and tweak your campaigns. You can ask AI to help you every step of the way in using these keywords, too.


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