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AI for Marketers Concerned About the Use of This Technology

Whenever any technology comes onto the scene, it immediately raises suspicion and concern, but with artificial intelligence (AI), the worry was heightened due to many factors.

One thing that concerns many marketers is how the AI is trained on data. Basically, it’s being fed billions of pieces of data in an effort to train it to think, behave and churn out results similar to how a human would.

But because it can access and scan huge datasets in mere seconds, its output is often flawless compared to some marketers who don’t have time or even access to all of that information.

It doesn’t typo or make spelling and grammatical errors. The finished content is usually pristine, but there are drawbacks you have to watch for. For instance, AI can fill in any gaps in information with something it makes up, and they admit this.

So if you’re a marketer utilizing AI in your business, you still have to do your due diligence in ensuring that whatever it creates is accurate and up to date. Timing is important because some AI models are writing based on information up to 2021, but not later than that.

If you’re someone who is worried about using AI, then the best way to handle that is to use a 3-pronged approach. First, go into the arrangement with AI using it as a partner or tool, rather than a crutch or freelancer.

If you’re bringing your own ideas into the mix, it has an original starting point with you at the helm. Secondly, you can use AI for brainstorming and improvements only. You don’t have to use it for full content creation.

You can come in with a basic outline and ask AI to expand on your points or ensure it fully covers a topic. Then you can create your content yourself and feed it back to AI, asking for insight on how to make it even better.

Third, you can maintain close oversight on your AI output. Read through everything it creates, ensure and double check for accuracy, and give yourself peace of mind that what you’re using it for is going to guide your audience in the right way.

AI isn’t a monster that is going to replace humans. It doesn’t mean the end of original ideas and human leadership. Al it does is provide a way for you to speed up your marketing and present the best quality for your readers possible – and that’s something we can all agree is beneficial for everyone.


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