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AI Is Capable of Expanding Your Audience Reach

Reaching more people is a problem many marketers experience – regardless of what niche or business model they’re pursuing. But artificial intelligence (AI) can help you with this struggle.

One reason why content might have poor reach is that it’s too broad or generic for your audience to want to click on or share with others. AI can personalize and tailor your content for many different demographics.

So you can have the same concept being written for men or women, seniors or college students, and so on. You can start with one piece and feed it to AI for it to personalize so that you can share it for each demographic.

If you don’t know who all could be a potential target for the content, ask AI – it can help you come up with a list of potential readers (or buyers), including many you may not have considered so far.

Not only can the content address a particular audience, making them more likely to click through and read it because it appears to be speaking to them and their needs, but it can optimize the content so that it ranks for that demographic and keyword phrase in search engines.

Even if your content has a broad audience, you can use AI to help you gain more free traffic with top positioning in the search engines. You can have it use the keyword phrases strategically, but also come up with meta data and schema markup to help you in this area, too.

Top rankings mean more traffic and a better reach than you had before! The same holds true for free traffic being generated from social media platforms. AI can pinpoint where your audience is, what kind of content they respond to, and even tell you what schedule to use (including frequency, time of day, and days of the week) to post.

Then, AI can map out weeks’ worth of content for you – including coming up with topics, hashtags to use, outlines or even creating the text, graphics, or video content that you want to post to your account.

If you are up against fierce competition and your reach is stifled because of this factor, AI can conduct a competitive analysis to see where your weak points are (and those of your competitors) to help you begin siphoning off some of their audience to pay more attention to your content than everyone else’s.

AI can hand over insight about your audience – their online behaviors, buying patterns and engagement – so that you quickly and easily rise to the top of your niche as a leader with his or her finger on the pulse of the industry’s needs.


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