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For Free or Paid Traffic AI Can Ramp Up Your Conversions

One things many marketers have trouble with is traffic generation. They spend hours research topics, using keywords and trying to gain traction, but it never happens. They envy people with deep pockets who can spend money on ad campaigns, targeting the perfect audience to showcase their ads to.

But whether you’re using free traffic strategies or paid campaigns, artificial intelligence (AI) can help you get more conversions. All of the content in the world won’t help if your content doesn’t get the clickthrough, or findability that it deserves.

High conversions require many different elements that AI can assist you with, starting with knowing what your target audience is even interested in. You wouldn’t believe how many marketers don’t bother researching what the needs of their audience are.

Part of getting the clickthroughs you want is based on the topic, but also how it’s presented. The slant matters – as does the personalization showing it’s tailored directly to their needs.

Ai can help you develop a content strategy that appeals to your audience more than generic content will. For example, a blog post titled, “Tips for Better Marketing Strategies” isn’t going to results in much traffic.

But if you target an audience and use something like, “10 Easy-to-Implement Marketing Strategies for Seniors,” it’s more likely to get their attention and make them want to see what you have to say.

In addition to audiences and slants, Ai is going to help you master search engine optimization (SEO). It can see what’s performing at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages), and give you an action plan to bump those top ranking sites and replace them with your own link.

Every little thing that play a role in whether or not people go to your site via organic methods can be boosted by AI. Even making sure your site is user and mobile-friendly so you don’t sabotage your ability to rank in Google can be improved by AI.

For paid ads, AI can help with making sure your targeting is on point. You’ll have a precision-based campaign based on the right demographic and it can come up with split testing options to maximize the ROI (return on investment) for you.

If there is any sort of bottleneck in your funnel – from the time your audience sees your initial content to the time they abandon your link or offer, AI can help you identify and take corrective measures to prevent any obstacles in your business.


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