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AI Is a Great Tool for Getting More from Your Content

One thing all marketers should excel at is getting more mileage from their content. You are in need of regular content across so many different platforms and for multiple purposes, so it’s wasteful if you don’t maximize the use of every piece.

There are two ways AI (artificial intelligence) can help you with this concept. First, if you’re a marketer who purchases private label rights (PLR), you can get more out of your readymade content by pairing it with AI.

For example, let’s say you bought a 400-word article about survival gardening. You can feed that into an AI tool and ask it to expand on the topic so that you have a 1,500-word pillar blog post that has potential to rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

You can also ask it to change the slants or personalization for the piece of PLR so that you can use it for multiple audiences. A simple article about self defense for survival can be altered from a general audience to one for women, or one for non-lethal methods.

Repurposing content is another way AI can help you get more from your content. Whether it’s PLR that you bought or content you created (or even had AI create), this is something AI excels at.

So if you created a blog post, you can have AI repurpose it into many different formats. It can extract something for a social quote poster. It can take the main points and turn them into a listicle article.

It can take the steps in the article and create an infographic, even telling you what icons or images should accompany each one. It will take long sections and distill it into a phrase or sentence.

If you need a Pinterest image, it can create that for you – or something visually stunning for Instagram. If you want to turn your article into a podcast episode, it can do that – using your article as a transcription but adding more natural talking points to it.

It can do the same for turning it into a video, making it into a script you can use and even telling you what to put on the slides if you’re making a slideshow presentation. Now you instantly have a blog post, social media content, audio and video elements from one piece of content.

If you want to turn a 30 minute YouTube video into a 6-second short form TikTok video, it can tell you how to do that, too. You can even have it take materials and create outlines for Webinars or live streams if you want to repurpose it in that manner.


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