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Office Furniture That’s Kind to Your Body

Office Furniture That’s Kind to Your Body

Working from home means you probably do a lot of sitting. That’s why having the right chair is one of the most important pieces of office furniture for your body. If you have to move between your computer and filing cabinets that are located nearby, you need to have a good swivel chair.

Having this type of chair can help keep strain off your back as you turn. Many office chairs have an ergonomic design. These types of chairs can do more than keep you from straining your back and developing aches in that region.

Because this kind of chair offers the best core body support, you won’t feel as tired physically - even after the end of a hectic or long day at work. You’ll find that these kinds of chairs aren’t just comfortable to sit in, but they also give you the support that you need.

Look for ones that have well-padded arm rests as well as offer full lower back support.
Desks are important, too. Most people don’t realize that just as there are supportive office chairs, there are also ergonomic desks.

These types of desks help keep your posture aligned, but don’t place tension across the shoulders because you’re not working hunched over. They allow for comfortable positioning of your hands as you type on the keyboard, plus they offer the space that you need for your legs to be comfortable.

While you can use a desk that you need to sit at in order to work, there are also standing ones that are kind to your body. Studies have shown that people who spend too much time sitting while working are more prone to developing health issues...

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Make Sure You Have a Monetization Plan

Make Sure You Have a Monetization Plan

Monetization means to make money from your efforts. This is the goal of the majority of online senior marketers. But far too many of them think about the money they’re going to make after they’re done setting everything up.

They don’t realize that the time to bring in cash is from the moment you decide to start a business. It requires you to think strategically with every decision and action step you implement.

There are many who go through the motions of conducting marketing every day, and fail to monetize their efforts. They might publish a blog post and forget to include an affiliate link, or send out an email and not monetize it with something of value for their readers.

The Irony of Learning How to Make Money and Forgetting to Monetize

It’s exciting to be your own boss and have a business. If you’re new to being an entrepreneur, one of your biggest fears may have to do with the fear of failure. Because of this, maybe you work practically non-stop to find ways to avoid failure.

With that in mind, you spend a lot of time on the learning aspect of setting up and running the business. You spend time learning how to blog. You learn about which content is best and how to present it.

You learn about uploading images and creating eye-catching headlines and subheadings. You study material on how to make videos. When it’s time to make the videos, you buy a background screen or software so that you look professional.

You invest in a good microphone or headset. You practice the material that you’re going to share in your video. Networking is something that you think is a good way to avoid failure.

So you spend a lot of time making sure you make the right connections. You’ve created a list of people that you can turn to if need be for advice, for future joint ventures and more.

You’ve worked hard to create your products and you’re proud of the efforts that you’ve put in. While all of these are good things, they’re lacking one important aspect. If you do all of these things, but fail to monetize anything, you won’t have an income.

This is the step that causes some people to falter. They’ve worked so hard, so they can’t understand why they’re not making any money. That’s because the efforts that you do along the way of building your business must include ones that pay more often than not... 

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Generate Traffic to Build a List

Generate Traffic to Build a List

List building is one of the most lucrative, long-term strategies you’ll undertake as a senior online marketer. It’s primarily based on two things – your ability to create an enticing offer and your ability to generate targeted traffic.

A mailing list is a list of subscribers and their contact details that have given you permission to email them. You can message them with information about your business, new products that you’re launching, your latest blog posts and any affiliate recommendations that you make.

The readers who come to your site via search engines or social media will be presented with your opt in offer, which is the lead magnet you hope will convert them into subscribers.

Understanding the Concept of Getting Found

In order to get subscribers to your list, you first have to be seen by them. This means that you want to be driving traffic to your site. Without traffic, no one finds your blog and no one subscribes to your list.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to use strong titles on your website and in your blog post. These titles should tell your audience what you’ll be teaching them. For example, a bad title would be “Good dog, bad dog.”

It’s too vague and could be anything. A better title would be, “How to Stop Bad Behaviors in Dogs.” The first title tells the audience nothing about what they’ll see when they click on your website.

But the second title promises pet parents who have misbehaving dogs that they’re in the right place. When creating content for your blog posts, you should break it up into sections.

Each section should have its own subheadings. Like titles, you want these subheadings to tell your audience what content they can expect. Use keywords in your subtitles that you want to use in search engines in order to be found.

You’ll want to think about the terms that your audience will be searching for and use those as your primary keywords. If you’re not clear on which words may be relevant, you can use a keyword tool - but you can also use an online thesaurus to spark new ideas for keywords.

There are two types of keywords: broad and longtail. The best sites use a mixture of both in their content to draw in traffic and turn that audience into subscribers...

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Beginner Blogging for Seniors

Beginner Blogging for Seniors

Many older adults don’t know the fun and income potential that having a blog can give them. They avoid starting one because they’re worried it might be too difficult to get going or they fear they won’t be able to understand the set up process paired with the task of keeping it running over time.

They worry that maybe it’ll be too expensive to have a blog. Or they’re not sure how running a blog is going to help them make money online. The good news is, blogging is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly methods of starting a business online.

Anyone can do it – from young adults to those in their golden years. You can blog in any niche market, and it takes very little technical knowledge or time and money commitments to get the ball rolling.

A Blog Allows You to Keep Costs Low

If you’ve thought about the idea of starting a blog, but you’re worried that it will be too expensive, you’re not alone. A lot of seniors worry about incurring any extra expenses – especially when they’re pursuing this in an effort to bring money in.

This is a valid worry because many seniors live on a fixed budget. The idea of spending a lot of money on something you’re not sure of probably doesn’t thrill you. But if you’re thinking that you’re going to have to spend a lot to have this online presence that can help your business, you’re mistaken.

Having a blog can be inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs of setting up a professional website. You can purchase a domain for as little as $0.99 to $12 per year.

However, you may also want to purchase privacy protection for about $9.95. This protects your address and phone number from going out onto the web because it becomes publicly available information otherwise.

When you pay for privacy protection, the domain registers their address and phone number. You’ll also need a hosting account, which is what holds the files for your blog site.

You can find a host for as little as $4 a month - or even less. Some companies will both register your domain and host it as part of one set up, but many marketers don’t recommend this strategy.

The reason you need to have a blog is to have an online presence for your business – regardless of whether you sell products or services or promote them as an affiliate for other vendors...

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Pick the Best Business Model for Seniors

Pick the Best Business Model for Seniors

Running your own online business as a senior marketer starts by picking the best business model for your niche. There are several choices in online marketing that are suitable for anyone, especially those who want flexibility with their schedule.

These business models can be used to help you achieve the life that you want to live. Your choices can depend on how much you want to earn (and how fast), how much effort and time you’re willing to put into it, and how much (or how little) you want to learn.

One of the best ways to increase your income is to not only implement a single business model, but to have multiple ones to support you. You don’t have to do this immediately, but as time goes on, you can add on another business branch as you see fit.

Let Affiliate Marketing Pay for the Retirement You Desire

Your dream is obtainable. You can have the lifestyle that you want. It’s not out of your reach - regardless of your age. Some people have the desire to travel. Maybe that’s what you want to do, too.

You don’t want to be tied down to one location, but you still want to be able to bring in some extra money or even bring in the kind of income that can support your desire to travel all over the world.

Other people want to be able to spoil their grandkids. They want to buy nice things for them or have the freedom to be able to go places with their children and grandkids. To take them to amusement parks, day hikes, museums or to help financially support their family’s dreams.

Others want to have peace of mind when it comes to paying their bills. They don’t want to have to struggle to be able to do things. Seniors often find that when they reach a certain age, they either don’t have enough money or they want more so they can afford to do the things they want.

It’s not fun to get older and have to deal with financial pressure, too. Maybe you want peace of mind about your health. You don’t want to have to fret about paying for whatever it is you need to take care of.

If you need to go see a doctor, you want to be able to afford to go. If you want to join a gym or hire a trainer, you want the means to do so. If you want to buy exercise equipment, you don’t want to have to break your budget to get it. 

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Adopt the Mindset of a Go Getter Entrepreneur

Adopt the Mindset of a Go Getter Entrepreneur

In any endeavor that you want to succeed with, you’ll want to have the mindset of a go getter in order to get the necessary tasks completed and achieve your goals. But this is especially necessary when you want to become an entrepreneur.

You need to have this ambition, but it can’t be bought – it has to be learned. It helps you keep going and it can also work to help you overcome obstacles that get in your way. As a solo senior marketer, you’ll have many responsibilities resting squarely on your shoulders, and that can be a lot of pressure – especially for someone who is used to a team-based corporate environment.

So what exactly does a go-getter mentality look like – and how do you cultivate one so that you’re able to launch and grow an online niche business from start to expansion over time?

Why Do You Want to Work in Your Golden Years?

Anyone can become an entrepreneur. There’s no barrier based on age or financial circumstances, either. But something that is particularly helpful when becoming an entrepreneur is knowing the reason why you want to do something.

When you have a why, it can help you outline the tasks that you need to complete. But it can also lead you to develop a strategy for accomplishing your goals. Having a why works to keep you grounded and driven.

It’s your compass that leads you to want what you want, and it underscores your motivation. When you know your why, it gives you something to always look at when you’re struggling so that you can push through.

Some people feel their reason gives them a purpose. As you get older, your life purpose changes. If you have children, they might be grown - so that job you may have worked to support them no longer gives you that same level of motivation.

Once you retire, you can also lose your sense of purpose. Starting your own business as a marketer can give you a new direction or allow you to continue having purpose in life.

It gives you a reason to strive for something you want again. When you work in your golden years, having a reason why you’re doing this can be beneficial for your health and your cognitive function. 

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How to Turn Defeat into Victory in Three Steps

How to Turn Defeat into Victory in Three Steps

While it may sound counter-intuitive, defeats are not failures. Defeat is really your own personal victory. It just takes a little grit, determination, and proactivity to find it. It may feel awful now, but if you take the time to pay attention, the world is providing you a gift.

Defeat is an opportunity to learn something and become an expert that no other person will get to experience like you. Sure, others fail too, but one experience will never be the same as the next. No matter how similar. It will always be different depending on who is experiencing it. A valuable gift to learn from and use as you continue to grow and live.

Step 1: Analyze Where You Went Wrong

First, the most important thing is to find the areas that went wrong. If you see where you went wrong, you can then use it to practice and get better.

Step 2: Optimize Your Strategy and Skills

Defeat provides you with vital information. Defeat is showing you that the strategies you are using are not right for you. Now you know exactly where to start to improve. Educate yourself on new approaches, experiment with each one, and then practice.

Step 3: Come Back Stronger

Don't let defeat keep you down. Use it as a practice round to come back stronger and turn it into an even better victory. You already got all the information you need that others will not receive without the failure you experienced. Remember, a defeat Is only damaging if you let it be and don't use the information it's giving you.

Instead, use it as motivation to be and do better every time. You already know what it's like to fail too. You know it is not as bad as it once seemed. Now you can use that energy to shine and thrive like you never have before. Often, letting yourself fail or experience failure is the best way to eliminate the fear that is holding you back from being your best self.

As you can see, defeats don't have to be as life-shattering as they may seem or feel. Get back on your feet, find what you are missing and what lessons you need to learn from it. Then come back stronger and more powerful the next time. A defeat is only a defeat if you let it keep you down.

6 Common Habits of Highly Persistent People

6 Common Habits of Highly Persistent People

By far, one of the most important traits to possess, when it comes to success, is persistence. It is the ability to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles to achieving your desires. Use the following everyday habits that highly persistent people share.

Have A Burning Desire to Succeed

Highly persistent people know what they want, and they will do anything that fits their principles, morals, and values to get there. Their desire for success motivates them and they are determined to continue making progress and achieving their goals. This persistence is often the strong, driving force behind their successes.

Don’t Make Excuses

Persistent people find a way around any obstacle and refrain from making excuses because they know they meet their goals if they stick to them. They fully believe excuses prevent you from doing the things you want and need to be successful.

Maintain Daily Routines to Maximize Success

To have a burning desire to succeed means you live life in the most efficient way possible to save time, resources, and, most importantly - yourself. Success isn’t just about the monetary reward; it is about your happiness too. To maximize their day, they set specific routines and make sure they stick to them. If their body requires eight hours of sleep each night to perform their best, you can bet that they will almost always get to bed on time.

Continually Develop and Practice Skillsets

Persistent people always make time to practice and perfect their skills. It is essential to their success. They have fun doing it because they know how important it is to them. They often see this as a challenge and enjoy pushing their personal limits.

Have Clear Goals and Visions of The Future

Persistent people don’t waste time wondering what they want out of life. They already know it. They made the plan, and they will stick to it and fight for what they want.

Exhibit High Level of Confidence and Self-Aware

Persistent people believe in their ability to perform and know they have what it takes to be successful. They don’t compare their abilities, capabilities, looks, or projects to others because they know no one can be like them. They are a force to be wrecked with, and if you get in their way, they will show you just how powerful their persistence can be.

Overall persistent people have found that burning desire to be the best version of themselves and conquer every one of theirs dreams and desires. They do what it takes each day, no matter how uncomfortable, boring, tedious, and unrewarding, as each day brings something new and different.

5 Tips to Live Each Day More Productively

5 Tips to Live Each Day More Productively

Whether you want to go to the gym more, start a business, get your next promotion at work, or achieve any life goals, it requires being productive and actively doing things that work towards aspirations and desires. It is essential to establish proper productivity habits to be successful.

Develop Clear Goals and Objectives

Start each day with a small to-do list. What is the overall theme for the day? Put your theme for the day at the top of your list. Next, break the list down into two to three actionable steps. Then execute the plan. Be clear and precise but don't go overboard. You want the list to be scannable and not overwhelm you.

Do Less

Doing less may sound counterinitiative, but productivity does not equal being busy or doing something every single minute of your time. In fact, if you over-schedule yourself or expect yourself to be a superhero, you will only achieve the opposite – because it will become daunting, overwhelming, or stressful and lead to burnout.

Not only that, because no one can be perfect, you will only continue your disappointment every day you don't do enough. However, productivity isn't about how much you are doing. Productivity is about what you are doing and how it relates to your overall goal. You could work for eight hours every day and still be unproductive, for example. Do less by focusing your time on what matters the most each day.

Be True to Yourself

In other words, make sure your expectations are realistic to you. If you are not a morning person, don't start something with the idea you will easily get up in the morning and get straight to work.

Not being true to yourself is an excellent way to self-sabotage yourself. Anytime you make a deadline or assign work to yourself, be sure you recognize the areas you may need more time or help save your time, frustration, and other vital resources in the long run.

Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Stop being busy all the time and equating that to success or productivity. It's a false mindset developed by a world of capitalism that rarely sees nor cares for reality. You need the time to unwind and enjoy life to stay happy and lead each day towards your goals. The finish line is not the most important thing about your life. The trip you take is.

Eliminate Stressors and Other Distractions

Do what you can to live a well-balanced and healthy life. Eliminate distractions or people and things that only cause you negativity. Lower your debt, adopt a new diet, get rid of bad relationships, upgrade your education, and take more risks. Don't let others or things weigh you down when you have the power to control your own life and succeed despite them.

Productivity is about being well-balanced and focusing your energy on the areas and things in life that you truly value. Productivity is a bumpy and windy journey that requires determination, forgiveness, and pride. Remember not to expect perfection or too much from yourself and enjoy the process.

5 Ways to Inspire Innovative Thinking

5 Ways to Inspire Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is a form of creativity that helps you discover new ways to solve everyday problems. It is an important skill you can master to improve your life and achieve your goals. Below are five ways to inspire your innovative thinking.

Analyze Industry Trends

Most great ideas steam from other great ideas. Always stay current within your industry and evaluate each new idea and trend people are following. There is likely something about it that got people interested that can easily translate into a new idea or concept. The more you work in your industry, the more ideas you can develop and the more information you will obtain to fully understand your audience or problem.

Experience New Things Daily

Try something new each day entirely outside of your niche or industry. The more you expand your mind and experiences, the more knowledge you will gain. It is allowing you to see life and things from a different perspective. If each day is the same, it is unlikely to boost your creativity as your knowledge and experiences are limited.

Work Alone First

Group-thinking can be beneficial as long as you do it the right way. Therefore, please come up with your own ideas before you consider working with a group. It can easily hinder your own creativity. Before you ask for advice from others, give yourself time to think for yourself and do your research.

Give Yourself A Break

Forcing innovation will likely not produce anything worthwhile, and many find their “Ah-ha” moments while relaxing. Walk away from it for more than a day. Get as much sleep as possible, try a few new activities, and then re-visit the problem.

Develop Strict Guidelines

Create rules that you must follow to develop a new idea, concept, or thing. It is easier to build something new when given specific rules and constraints to observe and guide you along. For example, think about a top beauty product company creating the next trending hair product.

When they work with their team, they establish their audience and what problem they would like to solve - then get to work developing the new product. Without these constraints, they would likely keep throwing out products instead, ultimately wasting their time, hard work, and revenue. In the end, change is inevitable, and certain change is another reason innovative thinking is so critical. Break away from the norm when you can, and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

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