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Have AI Plan and Create Your Multi-Platform Social Posts Every Morning

Once you know which social media platforms you'll be using in your business, it's easy to work with AI on a regular basis to create content that can get discovered and deliver better engagement for you.

You can sit down every morning with charging PPT and, with the goal of freeing up the rest of your day, work with it in a structured approach so that it can help brainstorm topics, write or advise you on content creation, optimize it for discoverability, and even tell you what time to publish on the platforms of your choice.

Step 1: Ask ChatGPT to come up with your topics. You can prompt it like this: “Based on current trends in my niche, and the needs of my target audience, give me 5 topics for social media content that will generate interest on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.”

Step 2: Have AI create a cross-platform approach to those topics for each of the platforms mentioned. For example, you might prompt like this: “I like the idea of [chosen topic]. Create a Facebook post with an engaging question to encourage comments. Give me advice on what image to include in the post. For the TikTok video, create a script and storyboard for a 60-second video that hooks viewers. And advise me of what to publish on Instagram about this topic along with hashtags and a CTA. Tell me what time to post the content to each platform for maximum engagement.”

As you can see, only a portion of this task is handled by AI. While there are AI tools that can create images and videos, they’re not free – so unless you have access to those and are able to use them quickly, you’ll want to use something like Canva to put its advice to work when it’s time for you to do your part of the task.

Not only does AI immediately come back with all of the social content details, but it goes further in advising you on eye-popping colors, transitions for the short form video, emojis to use and more.

Your job with the rest? Copy, paste and queue it up to go live whenever it serves you best. The timing will be laid out for you – including a window of opportunity each day and the best day(s) of the week to get results.

Even with short form videos, with AI giving you the exact script to copy and paste, it’s a faster process than trying to come up with something on your own. If you have MidJourney or can use DALL-E, it will be that much faster.


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