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Dig in to Daily Project Planning with AI Before You Work Solo

You may want to create a specific chat that you return to each day when working with AI to complete project. That way, it remembers the scope of the project, the audience and goals and can guide you each day in what needs to be done.

AI will need to know the deadline and milestones you have for the completion of each phase of your project. You might start with a broad prompt like: “I want to launch a course 6 weeks from now teaching seniors how to start an online business and I want to recruit affiliates about 2 weeks before launch so they have time to create a bonus. I need you to map out the entire process for me of all the tasks needed to complete this project.”

AI then delivers a weekly plan of attack, and for that, you can then work specifically with AI each day to complete it in time for the launch. For example, you might spend one day having AI help define the structure of the course in order to help buyers meet a specific goal.

Then, you can have it develop detailed lesson plans, videos to accompany the eBook, and other educational material. Another day’s task might be the development of the sales copy, or the joint venture (JV) page.

One thing that can help quicken this process is to ask AI how to prompt it. You can say: “I want you to create an entire sales page for my new info products that includes headlines, storyline, a bulletpoint benefits list, and a call to action. What prompts do I use to have you create the sales letter from start to finish?”

Then put these in a file for future use whenever you have a new project coming up. That way, the initial work is done and you can copy and paste prompts like this and get faster results: “Can you write a subheadline and a short introductory paragraph that introduces the course and its unique value proposition?”

If you’re an affiliate, you can start a new project with AI each week like this: “I want to create a 1-week affiliate promotion campaign in the [topic] niche. It should include researching the trends and needs of the niche audience, the creation of reviews and bonus material to offer for higher conversions. Give me a one-week plan with tasks you can help with to maximize revenue and productivity.”

The plan will cover each of the tasks with details on how AI can assist you. For example, under content development, ChatGPT says: “I can help write the review content and suggest ideas for bonus materials that would appeal to your audience.”

So all you have to do is come up with (or ask it for) a prompt for that step. Tell AI: “For each of these tasks, and the things you say you can help with, give me a prompt to give you to complete it.”

That way, all you have to do is plug in the prompts it gives you like this: “Can you suggest ideas for exclusive bonus content that would complement [specific affiliate product]?”

The project planning AI gives you as an affiliate not only includes research, planning and content development – but also marketing material creation (like graphics), campaign set-up tasks, launch and promotion steps, monitoring results for adjustments and an end up campaign assessment to ensure better results next time.


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