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Allow AI to Handle and Filter Your Customer Service Issues

Customer service is something that some marketers fail at because they let their feelings get in the way and cause more problems for their brand when responding to people who have contacted them with heightened emotions.

If you have someone who is angry about something, such as they didn't get their download link and they assume (erroneously) that you have now stolen their money - you need to respond with a level head, and AI can handle this issue with care and thoughtfulness so that your brand is not damaged with a knee jerk reaction.

When you start each day working with AI, immediately review any unresolved customer issues or inquiries that happened in the last 24 hours. You probably already know what needs to be handled first, but if not, you can prompt AI to analyze them and put them in order of importance.

Then, you can quickly prompt ChatGPT to draft a detailed response to any inquiries that help explain or troubleshoot issues. A prompt might be something like this: “Write an email responding to someone who wasn’t sure if they could put their name on the private label rights (PLR) content. Explain that this is not only allowed, but encouraged and offer them a discount coupon to try the PLR.”

If you are addressing an angry customer, you can simply prompt AI to respond with an empathetic tone and a practical solution that resolves the issue. Your prompt might be something like this: “I have a customer who is angry that they didn’t get their download link for a course. Write an email that includes the link, apologies and empathy for their frustration and invite them to get back in touch if they have any additional problems.”

Before you simply copy and paste any AI response to a prospective or current customer, you want to make sure that it feels personalized and matches your tone and style and doesn't sound too robotic.

You can also prompt ChatGPT to create a follow up to check in with the people in case you don’t hear back. This ensures that you care about their satisfaction and go above and beyond.


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