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Wrap Up Your Day with Some AI-Powered Data Analysis

A step that can be moved to the end of your day might be the analysis and advanced planning for tweaks to upcoming strategies. For example, you might have results from an email campaign that you have queued up for new subscribers and it’s performing poorly.

You can prompt AI with the following: “Below is a copy of an email in my autoresponder system that goes out to new subscribers. It has a low open rate and poor conversions. Analyze possible reasons for its low performance and give me a split test version to improve on those metrics.”

You can also feed it any data from your site – such as topics that are doing best with visitors – and ask AI for an analysis and plans that can steer you in the right direct for content moving forward.

Your prompt might be something like this: “Below is a list of my top 10 performing blog posts in terms of traffic and conversions. Based on this information and what you know about the [topic] niche and target audience, create a content plan for my blog for next week to capitalize on this information.”

If you have data from social media accounts, you might prompt AI to give you plans for that type of strategy. For example, “Below is the data from my TikTok account for last week’s content. Give me more content ideas, timing strategies and other advice to expand my reach with my niche topic and gain traction with engagement.”

You don’t have to sit there and struggle to map out a plan. All you have to do is include a simple prompt like the ones above with the data you paste from other sources and allow AI to be the data analyst working on your behalf.

Having your data analyzed in this way (as well as on platforms where you’re selling products or promoting as an affiliate) can help with all of the other tasks listed above, too.

You can ask AI to come up with blog posts, social content, product ideas and more based on what it sees in your data that might not be as obvious to you. The use of AI doesn’t mean you’re taking a backseat to this technology, but merely using it to improve your productivity and free up more of your time each day to enjoy the results of the business you’ve built to support you financially.


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