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Rapid Niche Blogging with AI Each Day

Every day that you want to publish a blog post, sit down and fly through the process with ease and extreme speed. It’s a quick 5-step process and you can work with AI to brainstorm, research, create and optimize your blog content so that all you have to do is oversee the final result and upload it for your readers.

Step 1: Tell ChatGPT your niche and target audience. You should have a template written of this information that you can feed it on a regular basis. For example, you might say: “I’m going to be working with you to create content today in the make money online niche where my target audience is senior online entrepreneurs who are trying to supplement their income. Tap into everything you know about this niche and audience before we move forward.”

Step 2: Get AI to quickly generate blog post ideas for the day and choose one you like. Your prompt might be something like this: “Give me a list of 5 blog post ideas for this niche and audience and explain why they’re good potential for my blog, where the goal is to attract a dedicated audience and monetize my content with course recommendations.”

Step 3: Tell AI to quickly research the topic, help with optimization and outline the post. Your prompt might be: “Research and identify keywords for the following topic that will help it rank well in search engines and generate a good deal of interest. Develop an outline for a pillar post that covers the topic comprehensively.”

Step 4: Go through the blog content creation process section-by-section and be sure to inform AI of the tone you want it to use. Your prompt might be: “Write the introduction for this blog post by discussing the problem readers have and then stating that there are solutions, but don’t explicitly detail what they’re going to learn. Use a friendly, professional tone of voice.”

Step 5: Feed the finished version back into AI and ask it to analyze the piece for SEO. Your prompt would be: “Here is the final blog post draft. Make sure it is optimized for the following keyword phrase and give me any final changes to make to ensure high ranking in the SERPs before I publish it.”

Throughout this process, your only tasks are now prompting (which you can develop copy and paste templates for), quickly reviewing the output and making decisions on whether or not to use it as is.

There’s no more burdensome and timely brainstorming, creative strain, cumbersome content creation and tweaking you have to do – that’s all handled by AI. You’re overseeing it all so that it adequately represents your brand and your time commitment has now been reduced significantly.

This entire process can take as little as 8 minutes from start to completion, or a bit more depending on how much you want to spend going over it with a fine tooth comb. Everyone has different speeds with this they read, so there’s no one set number – but it’s much less than you’d spend on your own doing all of this without AI.


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