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Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint

Wanting to run an online business can be exciting. But it comes with many responsibilities you have to take care of and most people don’t realize just how much is involved in getting the business up and running.

When there’s a lot on your business to-do list every day, it can start to feel like you have too much to handle. This is why you need to have a plan in place in order for your business(es) to be able to run smoothly.

When you have system in place, it can ease the feeling of juggling too much at once and you won’t feel as stressed. By setting up the right plan, you’ll learn when and how to arrange for outside resources or people to share the load so that you can have a break when and if you need to.

With the weekly plan provided in this guide, you’ll be able to implement the steps you need to take every day – Monday through Friday - including what you need to check off on your daily to-do list.

You’ll know when you should be updating your blog, when you should reach out to your mailing list, and when you need to touch base with your audience on social media. You’ll also learn the best times and ways to introduce your products, how to deal with customer service and how to establish and thrive with an affiliate marketing business branch.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like a daily to-do list that’s spread out during the week, you can make the plan work so that you group like-minded jobs all together on the same day.

For example, on one day, you can take care of all of the social media marketing and knock that off the list. Or, you can take care of your newsletter content. How you arrange the tasks is up to you....

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The Power of Ethics in Business and Why It’s So Important

The Power of Ethics in Business and Why It’s So Important

Business ethics focus on how your business should act to achieve its goals, while seeking to avoid harming other businesses or their employees and customers. In other words, business ethics sets the standards for how you and your employees run your business and act while running the business. Usually, these ethics reflect your values, morals, and high respect for your customers and others.

Here are five reasons why ethics are important to your business success.

They Improve Your Reputation

When you provide the same high level of service or experience for your customers every time, you set a positive reputation and expectation. This influences your audience to become loyal customers as they know what to expect. It even promotes word of mouth as they are more likely to share with friends, family, or co-workers.

They Allow You to Meet Your Customers Needs

Proper ethics means you value your customers' needs more than your own. If your customers are not happy or successful, neither are you. Meeting your customers' needs is the only way you can truly be successful.

They Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Establishing business ethics from the start means you know what actions to take to get there. This makes the decision-making process easier as you have a clear plan to follow.

They Increase Your Profits and Investment Potential

Businesses that lack ethics or follow questionable ones reduce their investment potential. Investors need to know your abilities to be certain that they will receive a return on their investment. They know that questionable ethics means your business plan is likely unfinished, making you not a worthy investment. Proper business ethics means you are willing to make a trustworthy deal and have the resources to take consistent action to return the investment and more.

They Improve Your Productivity and Decrease Costs

Proper ethics leaves less room for mistakes. That’s because ethics act as a guideline or instruction book. That makes it more clear how to achieve appropriate results. Consistency ensures that you make fewer mistakes, and that alone will improve your ROI.

Establishing proper business ethics that keep your customers' needs first is important to establish sustainability and demand for your business. Through proper business ethics, you can keep your customers happy and increase productivity and profits.


7 Common Forms of Success

7 Common Forms of Success

If you ask five different people their idea of success, you will likely get five different answers. This is because everyone's version of success is different.

According to the dictionary, success is defined as accomplishing an aim, purpose, or objective. You are likely successful when you do a set of actions that result in achieving a goal. Learning how everyone identifies success can help you understand yourself better to unlock more opportunities and achieve everything you want in life.

Here are seven forms of success to achieve more in life.

Inner Success

Your inner success includes your emotional success – for example, how you are feeling on the inside such as your state of mind, self-esteem, and overall outlook in life. Generally, inner success means having a more positive outlook on life and truly believing in your abilities.

Physical Success

This is about how your body feels overall – including illness, disease, fitness, energy levels, and physical appearance. Taking care of your physical self will ensure and enhance every other success you experience.

Family Success

Building strong family relationships and giving your family a safe place to be with you is a very difficult process that takes time and commitment to make happen. However, if you know how you want your family to look and how you want them to feel, and you know the steps to make it happen, you will succeed.

Career Success

Knowing what you want to do in your life – whether it’s a job, a business, or something else entirely – is very important to your overall life success. Money comes into career success, of course, but it’s more about feeling that what you do contributes to how you want to be known. Knowing what you want here and ensuring you follow a plan to achieve the desired results is essential.

Material Success

This means things or possessions, such as having cars, a house, clothes, and jewelry – whatever it is that you believe defines your success materially. It might be that you value minimalism or that you want the 10,000 square foot mansion. Of course, nothing you want is wrong. But you have to know what it is and ensure it matches your principles, morals, and values before you embark on achieving it.

Impact Success

When you know what type of impact you want to have on your environment and those around you, you’ll be much more likely to achieve it. For example, perhaps you’ve determined that to be truly satisfied in life, you want to empower and serve others in a specific way. Once you accomplish that specificity, you’ve achieved the impact success you desire.

Commercial or Economic Success

Some folks feel successful when they have achieved a certain amount of economic success, defined by what you see as the measure. So, if you believe having $2.5 million invested in stocks, a paid-off three thousand square foot house, and the ability to see any doctor in the world as success, then that’s how it should be defined for you.

Success is personal to you and can include one or more of these categories. The more you understand these different types of success, the easier it is to achieve happiness as you unlock key information about yourself. Achieving success is not about matching your friends' or families' ideas. It's about what you enjoy, love, and wish to achieve.

Five Secrets to Working Smarter but Not Harder

Five Secrets to Working Smarter but Not Harder

To save time and energy, as well as increase your productivity and motivation, you need to work smarter rather than harder. In other words, finding ways to adapt your daily schedule to do less with the same or more impact can allow you to achieve more success and happiness in life.

Being busy does not mean you are being productive, and having a lot of free time does not mean you are lazy. You can do little work while still working hard.  

Here are five secrets to working smarter and not harder to achieve more in life.

Focus on High-Impact Tasks First

When you think about the impact of a task or action before you think of any other factor, and when you place impact above all other criteria, you’ll accomplish more with less stress faster. And you guessed it – you’ll create more impact.

Work In Batches

When you look at your to-do list, think of how you can combine tasks that match to batch your work. For example, if you are a blogger and you need to write more blog posts, try to write five blog posts about the same or similar topic in one sitting instead of just doing one at a time. So, you’ll do your research, then you’ll do your outlining, then the writing, then the editing, and finally you’ll upload them.

Time Block Your Schedule

Rather than setting up strict times for everything, block your time instead. For example, you might decide that from 8 to 11, it’s your “morning routine,” and then from 12 to 3, it’s your “afternoon routine.” During these times, you’ll get done the things as they are happening and not on a strict schedule.

Create Realistic To-Do Lists

When you create your to-do lists, don’t overload them. Instead, consider how long it really takes you to get things done and remember to add in set-up time, travel time, and clean-up time if necessary. You want to make your lists doable, so account for all the time it will take.

Incorporate Stress Management Techniques

When you are unable to focus, take a five-minute break. Go for a walk. Do some push-ups. Eat a snack. Grab some water. When you reduce the stress that you’re experiencing, you can get back into focus faster.

Give each of these ideas your attention so that you can unlock the secret to working smarter and not harder. Life is not about working hard, and there is no guarantee that you will be compensated fairly just because you do. Working smarter is about finding ways to save time and do less with the same or better reward in the end. Working smarter can lower your stress, increase your productivity, and let you live a happier and more rewarding life.

Restarting After Major Life Changes

Restarting After Major Life Changes

As you go through life, you’ll encounter many precarious situations. Some of these situations can turn your world upside down and make you feel like things will never get better again.

Some people get mentally paralyzed by these events. They panic or freeze, unable to figure out a solution on how they can get back to normal. Many families have experienced some common major life changes that force them to adapt to new circumstances.

Whether it’s trying to restart your life after an unusual life-changing pandemic, a divorce, a health ordeal or something else, you can discover how to begin anew and maybe even create a life better than you had before, if you’re willing to think strategically about it.  

Beginning Again After Pandemic Life

Experiencing the changes the pandemic brought to the world caused many people to divide their life between a time of before and after. The way that they lived before the pandemic was vastly different to how they lived after it hit.

Before, these people were sure how their days would play out. They went to their jobs, they came home, and during their time off or recreational time, they went out and enjoyed entertainment venues and being with others.

Then, job security became an issue. Some of them lost what they once thought was a job that would last. The way that they lived with their schedules changed. Suddenly, that balance was upended, and the cycle was no longer one they’d planned out.

This new routine lasted for months or years, depending on where you lived, and people rose to the challenge and created a new schedule for themselves. However, the world is opening up again all over – and now you may be called back to the office, find yourself having opportunities again, and a fresh start can be unnerving.

During this time of returning to normal, there must be changes made to their routine once again. It was stressful recreating life due to the pandemic and if you’re not careful, it can become stressful as you try to plan your life to begin anew, too.

Getting into new habits can become a challenge and you want to do everything you can to minimize the stress involved. It’s not just you that may have to deal with this stress. Your partner or spouse can experience it and so can your kids....

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Five Habits to Boost Efficiency at Work

Five Habits to Boost Efficiency at Work

Being efficient is about getting more work done in less time, with fewer mistakes and increased quality. Increasing your efficiency and productivity at work or in business is crucial in order to grow your revenue and wealth over time.

Unless you can pay others to use their time, time is one of the truly limited resources. You can never get time back, so use it wisely and efficiently. It is simple; efficiency allows you to get more quality work done while saving valuable time – time that can be used to increase your revenue or achieve more business goals.

Here are five habits to follow to boost your efficiency at work:

Work with Sunlight

Sunlight is an important resource for creating vitamin D that can boost energy to get through your work. Not only that, but it also changes up your environment, improving your focus and determination.

Always Set Strict Deadlines

Research shows that goals without deadlines are goals that get delayed or pushed to the side. It also states that the more time you allow yourself to finish something, the more time you will take.

In other words, setting strict and timely deadlines can help you get your work done faster and more efficiently. However, be sure to set realistic ones and account for a few obstacles to get in your way. You don’t want to stretch out tasks too long, just like you don’t want to give yourself too little time to do things.

Work in Batches

Your brain can only stay focused for so long. This means that working in batches instead of a standard eight-hour workday is best, if possible.

You can also use this strategy to organize your work in similar clusters. For example, instead of using the time to research and write one project, create ninety-minute sessions to manage your projects and then a separate session on writing. This way, you can keep your focus on one task at hand and limit the back and forth of different tasks as much as possible.

Limit Distractions and Turn Off Notifications

It can take twenty-three minutes to regain your focus every time you give in to a distraction or notification on your phone. This means that anytime you get interrupted you can expect to take up more time to get the work done than before – showing you just how important creating a distraction-free work environment is. If you never did the work to prevent distractions, you likely don’t even know how long it takes you to really get your work done.  

Declutter and Organize

Save time and free yourself from stress by creating systems that keep you organized and clutter-free. Making it easier it is to get to your desk or an important work file, for example, can make all the difference as you are no longer wasting your time trying to find important information or feeling frustrated.

Don’t let poor habits at work prevent you from working efficiently and productively. These five simple habits will give you the boost you need to get more done at work or in life. Remember, saving time in your life gives you more time to do the things you want to do. Efficiency is about working smarter, not harder or for longer.

Special Report: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Profiles

5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Profiles

Working to increase your engagement and overall following throughout every social media platform can be time consuming. In order to be successful on social media, you have to treat it as if it is at least a part-time job.

To make all of the time devoted worth it, you can try different methods of monetizing your social media profiles. When you monetize your social media profiles, you are able to generate an income directly from it, depending on how much engagement you receive.

So as you continue to work on increasing engagement, the amount you get paid will increase as well. Some of the revenue will be derived from where you send viewers to (your own links or those you promote), while others will stem from the platform itself.

Send Followers to Digital Products and Services You Sell

When you become popular online, it’s usually because of your style, your ideas, and your helpfulness. All of these things give you an opportunity to offer services to your following based upon your skillset.

There are many different product and services to offer your followers. You can offer self-help courses, depending on what your niche is. For example, if you are a fitness fan, you can offer a fitness training course, full of helpful tips and workouts to do over a certain time span.

Writing and publishing eBooks is sometimes easier than you may realize. It can be a nice way to generate a steady income, based off of sales. For example, if you write about entrepreneurship and working remotely, you could write an eBook that focuses on setting up an online business, with all of the details someone would need to know.

People often look online first for their questions to be answered, which may lead them right to your book. When people follow someone with a large following, it can often feel like they are joining a community.

To make things more exclusive, you can offer a membership to a different site (like Patreon) where you post special content that only members who subscribe can see. This incentivizes your followers to subscribe, so that they are a part of a smaller group who sees all of your content.

You’ll still want to post quality content on your public social media profiles, but you could tease your followers with shorter clips of your work, so that they have to subscribe to see the full process or clip of something you’ve worked on.....

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Five Powerful Characteristics of Highly Persistent People

Five Powerful Characteristics of Highly Persistent People

Persistence is the trait that keeps you going despite the work, challenges, or things that can continually knock you down. It’s the trait that allows you to achieve big goals, as many can’t be achieved without failure or difficulty. It's fighting through perfectionism, riding procrastination, and improving weaknesses continually to fulfill your biggest desires.

Successful people are highly persistent, and if you ask them, persistence is often the trait they say got them where they are now. In other words, without persistence, they likely wouldn’t be as happy and successful.

Here are five powerful characteristics of highly persistent people and tips on how to possess them too:


Staying true to oneself and ignoring the opinions of those around them is the main driving force of persistence. Persistent people continue to do what is needed to be done because they know what they want. Persistent folks ignore what is expected of them and chase after what helps them reach their goals and makes them happy instead. Don’t live someone else’s life. Be you. 


Change is inevitable and persistent people understand this more than others. They have a quick ability to recognize when they need to change in order to stay on the course. Instead of ignoring a plan that doesn’t work, they continue to improve it until it does.


Persistent people understand that time management is a valuable skill to utilize, and they fully understand how to get done everything they want to do in the day. Therefore, they will do what they need to in order to stick to their plan.


Persistent people know what they want and will do the work required to get there. But, if you're going to be persistent, you need to strive to be a doer in all areas of your life that make you feel fulfilled, inspired, and happy.


A strong trait that keeps persistent people going is their confidence and trust in getting something done. Even if they know they may not be great, they will try anyway to get what they want.

Overall, success and happiness require persistence. If you want to be more persistent and achieve more goals, possessing these characteristics is a must. These traits give you the tools and resources you need to keep going no matter what obstacles block or delay your path to success.

Special Report: The Success Strategy of Short Form Social Videos

The Success Strategy of Short Form Social Videos

Short form social videos are videos uploaded to different social sites that range from around 10 seconds to a few minutes. These videos can usually be posted in a specific area of an app, if they have a section for stories or short videos.

The short videos are utilized to draw in views and viewers to your social media pages, and bring more engagement to your content, whereas those who are loyal to a content creator may stick around for longer videos, such as 30 minutes to an hour.

Many marketers struggle trying to come up with short video ideas. After all, some platforms have 15 second video options – so how do you convey anything in that short amount of time?

Why Snippets Are Now Soaring in Popularity

One main reason snippet videos are popular is because they cater to the lifestyle of the viewers. Small attention spans are prevalent now. As people spend more and more of their time on social media, multitasking, and working towards their own career goals and dreams, their attention spans are only decreasing over time.

There are too many things to focus on at once, so most people don’t want to sit down and watch one video for twenty minutes. With short form social videos, viewers can spend thirty seconds on each video, watching new and engaging content with each swipe.

Everyone is busy. In a world where work and family take up so much time, many adults are finding themselves with less time to spend on their phones. The appeal of shorter videos creates an illusion that you will spend less time on social media while taking in more content.

In reality, the shorter videos can pull you in and keep you busy for hours. There’s a running joke (or meme) about how people will turn down a two-hour movie, but have no problem binge watching a series on Netflix in one sitting where they end up spending ten hours seeing the entire show.

Snippets allow you to create and consume a wide variety of content. If you are someone who enjoys fashion, cooking, crafting, and even gaming, these short videos will have it all.

Since it takes less time to watch a minute-long video on a quick cooking tip than a full twenty minute tutorial, you’ll have more time to move on to a different topic. This type of media intake allows viewers to broaden their horizons....

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Four Communication Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Four Communication Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Possessing proper communication habits are essential to become a successful entrepreneur or achieve any goals in life. Many activities or experiences require communication with others in order to be successful.

If you can’t properly transfer or receive important information, it will only delay your success while affecting those around you. In other words, good communication habits are vital if you want to live a more successful life and strengthen your relationships with others.

Here are the four communication habits of a successful entrepreneur:

They Listen First

Listening is the first skill you need to focus on if you need to improve your communication habits. Developing your listening skills is by far one of the most important steps to establishing proper communication. If you don’t actively listen to what others say, you will not keep the conversation flowing correctly.

They Wait Their Turn

Improving your listening skills means you will better understand when you can participate in the conversation. Interrupting others or not knowing when you can speak up prevents you from taking advantage of important business opportunities to become a successful entrepreneur. It is important to note that if you are thinking about what you should say next, you are not really listening. So don’t worry about what you want to say until you have heard their full thoughts.

They Focus on Body Language

Communication is more than just listening or speaking yourself. It also includes non-verbal communication in the form of body language. A person's body language is key to understanding what people you are communicating with truly feel, and it ensures you understand and honor their emotions. For example, when someone’s body language shows you that they are uncomfortable, you know to end the conversation. 

Understanding body language is a powerful trait to possess as an entrepreneur in order to inspire and persuade the many types of people you will meet.  Also, be aware of your own body language as you don’t want to give off negative or overpowering signals to those you are speaking with. This includes providing feedback as the others are talking through eye contact or head nods. This shows that you are engaged and truly listening instead of thinking about what you want to stay next.

They Stay on Point

Lastly, it is important as a good communicator always to keep the conversation clear, focused, and on point. In other words, don’t go through many different topics or steer others away from what they want to share. Redirecting the conversation is often due to the lack of proper listening skills and tells the speaker you don’t care to participate in the discussion fully.

Don’t let poor communication habits prevent you from achieving success. Professional and personal relationships require you to apply proper communication techniques. Remember to listen first, watch for body language, keep it positive and always wait your turn. The more your practice and learn appropriate communication habits, the more successful you will be.

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