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Scaling Your Recurring Revenue Income

Your next step in the system is to think about how you’ll scale the growth of your business. There are different ways to do this. We’ve already talked about tiered pricing, where people will level up over time.

You can also scale your earnings by enticing affiliates to promote for you. Many affiliates love promoting recurring income products because it contributes steadily to their monthly income, too.

You’ll want to approach the best fit for affiliates and set them up with an offer that helps them promote easily – such as giving them swipe file emails, a launch discount perk for their buyers, and readymade bonuses they can use to close the deal.

You can also use other income models to promote to your existing members. For example, you might have strategic ads placed within the membership where you can earn ad revenue or money as an affiliate.

Expand your content marketing efforts, too – so that you reach a wider audience of prospective subscribers to your membership or product. You might co-host webinars with people who have a similar audience and approach them for reciprocal guest blogging opportunities.

Think of what you can cross-sell and upsell to your members and subscribers. They’re already paying an ongoing fee, but you might develop (or find) courses and other tools that also meet their needs in different ways.

If they can get some sort of perk for buying it, you’ll expand your earnings easily. You might secure a discount for them, create a bonus, or do a case study inside the membership for those who sign up.

Try to automate as much of the processes you set up as possible. This frees you to create more value for your paying customers and do more lead generating. Automation tools (like those that cross-post across social media platforms for you) are beneficial in alleviating your daily tasks.


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