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Examples of Recurring Revenue Models for Marketers

Before you get started, let’s go over a few examples of some recurring revenue models you might consider. Let’s say you want to be in the weight loss niche. You could have something like a Weight Loss Membership.

Customers get a monthly weight loss program with meal plans customized by a dietician, workout routines generated by a certified physical trainer, access to an exclusive community (which is important with this niche), and live Q&A sessions each week for increased motivation and support.

Plus, you could host ongoing challenges and have people pay to participate. Members of your community could get these at a discount if you wanted to make them available to everyone.

With licensing, if you’re in the online marketing niche, you might license a training program such as an AI Training Masterclass. You could license the course itself, any software integration (like a custom GPT), and provide training and support.

With a digital product they pay to use in the online marketing niche, you might have a tool that repurposes social media content and publishes it across different platforms so that each one is optimized.

This would be a monthly subscription, but you could have a free tier with basic features like idea generation and schedule planning, a level 1 tier with the ability to cross-post only, a level 2 tier that repurposes and cross-posts, and a top tier that does all of that, plus the option for collaborations, high volume use, and an account manager at their disposal.

Generating recurring income is a more attractive option than just having one-off sales where you’re constantly having to try to get someone to buy something new from you again.

As long as you focus on the audience’s needs and providing value and solutions for them, you’ll develop a brand that’s known for customer loyalty and your business will grow with ease.


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