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A Solid Warrior Plus Affiliate Monetization Plan

After you know what your upcoming week and month is going to entail, you'll be able to better take action on the affiliate and vendor tasks that you want to complete. There will be weeks when you look at everything that is releasing or that you want to release and realize that there's simply too much going on for you to do it all.

In that case, you can whittle it down to the best options for you to profit from. Usually, there will be products that are listed long after a launch that you can still promote as an affiliate.

Your customers may not be able to get the same launch discount pricing, but you can always go back to the vendor and request a coupon code that you can use with your audience if they will agree to that.

Your weekend tasks for affiliate monetization is to first decide on which products you've seen that are viable for your audience. Once you have that list, you want to compare each product to see which ones, if any, are worthy of a bonus.

If you are going to go to the effort of creating a bonus and an extensive promotion for the product, you want it to pay off for you as much as possible. A front end only product of $7.00 with a 50% commission is not going to cut it.

However, if you have a $7.00 front end product with multiple upsells, where the price and commissions increase with each level and there is a cash prize contest attached to it, that might make it worthy of the extra effort.

Sometimes, you can request review access so that you can get a sneak peek of the product ahead of time period this is especially helpful if you aren't familiar with the quality of the product of the person you are considering promoting.

That's an important distinction to make. You aren't just promoting a product, but the person attached to it. This person is going to have your subscriber on their list from this point on, and your subscriber is going to trust that you are sending them to someone that will treat them well.

That's why it's important for you to only promote top quality vendors and products. If they aren’t willing to give you free review access (because some freebie seekers ask for this with no intention of promoting), offer to buy it early.

You may not need to buy it, but it might help, depending on what type of review you plan to do. As time goes on and you have good stats as an affiliates, vendors will be approaching you and freely offering review access in hopes that you’ll promote.

If you plan on promoting, and making a bonus, be sure to tell the vendor that. The more information you can give them, the better. For example, saying, “I have a list of 5,000 subscribers and I want to create a bonus that complements your product,” might help get you approved with a review copy easily.

But don’t lie about it because once you’re found out, that won’t go over well with anyone in the community. Word of mouth can be powerful and you always want to be regarded as someone above the board.

Don’t sacrifice your reputation for a quick buck. Next, you have to think about what kind of reviews you want to create for the upcoming promotions. You might want to only do short teaser emails that pique their interest and make them want to click through to see the offer.

Sometimes, a more thorough review will be a better bet. Much of this depends on your relationship with your audience, their expectations and what is needed in order to help the product convert.

If your subscribers take your word for it, a short teaser might work fine. If they need more information, review it more thoroughly, but make sure you don’t give the product secrets away in your review.

There are also cases, especially if you’re creating a bonus, where a full case study would be a good strategy. There are two ways to d a case study. The first is letting them know you implemented the course and then sharing the results.

You’re not giving away the product information, just your experience with it. But you can also turn a case study into a bonus. It’s a very effective bonus, too because the buyer gets to go through the course along with you and follow along with what you did.

You get to be detailed because it’s a private case study and everyone participating will have purchased it, so you can talk freely about the strategies, etc. This is perfect for courses, but not as much with plugins, PLR, etc.

Because you’re building this profit plan on weekends, you may want to employ the use of as many time savers as possible. For example, if your goal is to queue up several emails, you might see if the vendor has any swipe file emails on the joint venture (JV) page.

Or, you can use PLR (private label rights) if the content is generic enough for you to be able to weave in mentions of the product. For example, you might find PLR about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and then promote a new AI tool within the readymade content.

Speaking of AI tools, you can use those to help you shortcut your affiliate marketing tasks that you are doing on the weekend. For example, AI can help you write your product reviews for a blog as well as your emails and social media content.

There are some tools that you can use that will let you automate the publishing of these reviews. For example, you can schedule your blog post to go live right when the launch happens.

You can also queue up emails to spread out over the course of an entire week or month on your behalf so that those are ready and working for you while you do other things. You can even use certain tools to cross promote your reviews on various social media sites by telling it the exact date and time you want your content to appear.

Don’t forget scarcity reminders when you are promoting as a Warrior Plus affiliate. In the cases where you are promoting something in the hopes of winning a contest or earning extra commissions with a bonus, you'll want to send out your initial launch promo email, but then also remind them until the launch ends that they will miss out on it if they don't purchase within that timeframe.

As an affiliate marketer, you never want to agree to promote someone if their product is not a good fit for your audience. Not only does it hurt you because your readers now feel as if you don't know what their expectations are, but it hurts the vendor because the traffic you send them will lower their conversion rates and repel other affiliates who might be a better fit.


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