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The Importance of Being Proactive


The Importance of Being Proactive

All successful entrepreneurs have certain traits or habits in common. One of the most important characteristics is that they hold a proactive mindset. When you are proactive, you make plans and act based on data and planning and not merely reacting without thought. If you want control of your life, learn to be proactive instead of reactive.

It’s about taking the time to understand every obstacle that may be in your way or what you need to learn and understand to get there. If entrepreneurs stood around until the world gave them something, they wouldn’t be successful.

Accomplish Personal and Professional Goals

To achieve your goals, you must work for it and take the appropriate actions. You can’t expect life to throw you everything at your feet and be happy. It seldom works that way.

Take Charge of Your Life

When you are proactive, you are in charge and in control of your life. You get to decide where your day goes first before someone, or something else does.

Develop A Sense of Purpose and Direction

Proactive is moving forward and taking actions towards your goals and aspirations. To be more proactive, break down your life goals into many to-do lists each morning. Over time you will feel a sense of gratitude, peace, and direction and know what to do each day.

Learn, Grow, and Develop Your Skills

To achieve success, you must develop your skills and grow as a person. Just like anything, if you wait around for something to come, you won’t be doing much. Being proactive is more about doing and less about responding.

It’s about making a conscious effort to discover what needs to be done and act. All it takes is ten minutes each morning practicing your skill to become a better person. Please don’t wait around for someone else or another assignment to be given to you. Make it happen yourself.

Improve Health and Relationships

When you understand yourself and take charge of your life, you can better communicate with the world. No longer are you lost, confused, or depressed waiting for something to happen to make your life the way you want. These things can easily translate into negative emotions that people can feel no matter how hard you try to suppress them. Making it hard to truly develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships as you genuinely can’t share yourself honestly.

As you can see, if you want more control of your life and to realize your dreams, you must adopt a more proactive mindset.

5 Ways to Inspire Innovative Thinking

innovative thinking

5 Ways to Inspire Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is a form of creativity that helps you discover new ways to solve everyday problems. It is an important skill you can master to improve your life and achieve your goals. Below are five ways to inspire your innovative thinking.

Analyze Industry Trends

Most great ideas steam from other great ideas. Always stay current within your industry and evaluate each new idea and trend people are following.

There is likely something about it that got people interested that can easily translate into a new idea or concept. The more you work in your industry, the more ideas you can develop and the more information you will obtain to fully understand your audience or problem.

Experience New Things Daily

Try something new each day entirely outside of your niche or industry. The more you expand your mind and experiences, the more knowledge you will gain. It is allowing you to see life and things from a different perspective. If each day is the same, it is unlikely to boost your creativity as your knowledge and experiences are limited.

Work Alone First

Group-thinking can be beneficial as long as you do it the right way. Therefore, please come up with your own ideas before you consider working with a group. It can easily hinder your own creativity. Before you ask for advice from others, give yourself time to think for yourself and do your research.

Give Yourself A Break

Forcing innovation will likely not produce anything worthwhile, and many find their “Ah-ha” moments while relaxing. Walk away from it for more than a day. Get as much sleep as possible, try a few new activities, and then re-visit the problem.

Develop Strict Guidelines

Create rules that you must follow to develop a new idea, concept, or thing. It is easier to build something new when given specific rules and constraints to observe and guide you along. For example, think about a top beauty product company creating the next trending hair product.

When they work with their team, they establish their audience and what problem they would like to solve - then get to work developing the new product.

Without these constraints, they would likely keep throwing out products instead, ultimately wasting their time, hard work, and revenue. In the end, change is inevitable, and certain change is another reason innovative thinking is so critical.

Break away from the norm when you can, and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Common Habits of Highly Persistent People


6 Common Habits of Highly Persistent People

By far, one of the most important traits to possess, when it comes to success, is persistence. It is the ability to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles to achieving your desires. Use the following everyday habits that highly persistent people share.

Have A Burning Desire to Succeed

Highly persistent people know what they want, and they will do anything that fits their principles, morals, and values to get there. Their desire for success motivates them and they are determined to continue making progress and achieving their goals. This persistence is often the strong, driving force behind their successes.

Don’t Make Excuses

Persistent people find a way around any obstacle and refrain from making excuses because they know they meet their goals if they stick to them. They fully believe excuses prevent you from doing the things you want and need to be successful.

Maintain Daily Routines to Maximize Success

To have a burning desire to succeed means you live life in the most efficient way possible to save time, resources, and, most importantly - yourself. Success isn’t just about the monetary reward; it is about your happiness too. To maximize their day, they set specific routines and make sure they stick to them. If their body requires eight hours of sleep each night to perform their best, you can bet that they will almost always get to bed on time.

Continually Develop and Practice Skillsets

Persistent people always make time to practice and perfect their skills. It is essential to their success. They have fun doing it because they know how important it is to them. They often see this as a challenge and enjoy pushing their personal limits.

Have Clear Goals and Visions of The Future

Persistent people don’t waste time wondering what they want out of life. They already know it. They made the plan, and they will stick to it and fight for what they want.

Exhibit High Level of Confidence and Self-Aware

Persistent people believe in their ability to perform and know they have what it takes to be successful. They don’t compare their abilities, capabilities, looks, or projects to others because they know no one can be like them. They are a force to be wrecked with, and if you get in their way, they will show you just how powerful their persistence can be.

Overall persistent people have found that burning desire to be the best version of themselves and conquer every one of theirs dreams and desires. They do what it takes each day, no matter how uncomfortable, boring, tedious, and unrewarding, as each day brings something new and different.

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legally protect your online business

What legal pages and contracts do I need to protect my online business?

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Can a lawyer help me with legal documents for my online business?

 These are all questions that you may be asking yourself as an entrepreneur.

The answer is yes. A lawyer can help you set up your company, create your website terms and conditions of use, establish guidelines for customer service interactions, and draft any other agreements that support your venture.

And now more than ever it's important to have these things in place so that if something should happen they will protect you from lawsuits or liabilities.

Let me ask you:

Did you know that a Privacy Policy is legally required on your

Did you know you need to have an appropriate Disclosure and Disclaimer on your website?

Did you know you must definitely have a Terms and Conditions on your website?

So whether you're a new blogger or a seasoned online entrepreneur, here are  some more essential questions you need to be clear about: 

1. Know the risks of online business
2. Understand what contracts you need to protect your business
3. Find a lawyer who specializes in this area
4. Get legal advice for your specific situation
5. Consider using an attorney-in-fact or power of attorney to manage any legal issues that may arise while you're away from home
6. Remember that, if you are not careful about protecting yourself and your assets, it is possible that someone will steal everything you've worked so hard

The last thing any entrepreneur wants is legal issues that will disrupt their company's operations and keep them from doing what they love--running their business! If this sounds like something you want to avoid, we encourage you to take the time now in order to ensure that your future remains bright.

There's no two ways about it, you just can't afford the risks related to not having the watertight legal protection you need to avoid losing what you've build;

In fact, according to a recent Small Business Administration survey, 53% of business owners face a lawsuit every year.

As an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to know and understand the legal pages and contracts that will protect you. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; there are risks associated with going without these documents.

We suggest you get right sort of help getting started on this process and therefore highly recommend looking into the "Legal Bundle Package" by Amira Irfan who offers a very reasonably priced comprehensive bundle of "fill in the blanks" templates for all the legal documents you might need to be protected on all levels.

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Why You Need To Sell On Etsy

selling on Etsy

Why You Need To Sell On Etsy

It is important that you are fully aware of the benefits of selling on Etsy so that you will have the motivation to create your own Etsy shop and promote it. In this article we will provide you with the top benefits of selling on Etsy so that you can be confident that all of your efforts will be worthwhile.

Etsy is essentially an arts and crafts platform but there is plenty of scope for you to find products that you can sell for a profit. You do not have to have art and craft skills to be successful with Etsy. There are plenty of successful Etsy sellers that have never created any arts or crafts in their life.

1. Etsy is a Traffic Beast
Every month Etsy.com receives over 390 million visitors and this is growing all of the time. Most of the visitors come from the “top tier” countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.
The vast majority of Etsy visitors are from the US. They represent over 60% of the total visitors each month. This means that you have a great chance to sell your products to these people wherever you are from in the world.

2. Etsy is very easy to use
There is nothing overly complicated about setting up a shop on Etsy and selling products. Some of the other retail platforms make it quite difficult to do the same thing with a lot of rules and regulations. Literally anyone can set up a successful Etsy shop with no technical skills or experience.

After registering a free Etsy account, you can start to create your shop immediately. Everything is intuitive and easy to understand with the Etsy platform. We recommend that you use good graphics with your Etsy shop and you can outsource this on Fiverr.com for a few bucks.

3. There are already Successful Etsy Sellers
There are some sellers on Etsy that make thousands of dollars a year from the platform. As usual, there are millions of Etsy sellers that have not made a lot of money but this usually comes down to effort and determination.

The costs of selling on Etsy are lower than a lot of the other retail platforms as well which helps. We are not saying that selling products on Etsy is easy but you can say the same about selling on any platform. There are successful Etsy sellers so this should always motivate you to put in the additional effort required.

4. The Seller Community will help you
Unlike a lot of other platforms, the seller community on Etsy will always be willing to help you succeed. They have a different mentality to sellers elsewhere. If you want answers to questions or general help and advice then you are very likely to get what you want from the seller community.

5. The Etsy Niche Markets
It is easy for you to focus on specific niches when you are selling on Etsy. There are a lot of people in the Etsy community that will be interested in your niche. You can find niche communities on Etsy that have an interest in your niche and you can connect directly with them and explain what you have to offer.

Etsy Profit Secrets

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5 Reasons No One is Reading Your Blog


5 Reasons No One is Reading Your Blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog. Whether it’s for personal reasons, or with the intention of making money from readers clicking on affiliate links and advertisers, blogging can be rewarding digital sport…If only more people were reading your posts! And here are 5 possible explanations why:

 1) You never post anything new- How many times have you written about something that has been done before? It might not seem like an issue now but think back in 10 years when everyone is doing exactly what YOU did today; 

even if they're just "talking" as opposed to posting blogs (it's all relative). That idea will no longer be original then so there may come a day where this stops being interesting at least

2) You’re not opening doors. It may seem like you're not doing a whole lot, but in fact building relationships with other bloggers is one of the best ways to grow your blog's traffic by bringing new readers back day after day.

A big part of funneling this network into your site begins with networking and guest posting on people blogs with stipulations that allow for links from both parties' sites somewhere down the line once they've gained trust as well as credibility from each other through their work together.

3. You’re not building relationships. You need to have a contact button of form on your website, and harvest some emails. Alternatively, by blogging consistently and alerting social media connections of new posts, you can draw steady streams traffic to your site;

 the idea is for these readers come back time after time as they surf through various topics in search of something interesting enough that it merits their attention once more.

Not only will this increase reader engagement with continual exposure but over time those who are interested in what you're writing about might become potential investors or members too!

4. The old days of screen-scrolling and TV static are long gone. Nowadays, people’s first impression is the page they see before your content loads—and if it doesn't look professional or visually appealing in some way then you might as well have never posted at all.

5. Are you a writer or an artist? How about both! In order to be successful at anything, one must have determination.

 You can't just hope that your writing will sell without any effort on your part- no matter how good it is. People are not going to find out if they don't read what the blog has written unless there's something worth reading in it:

like creative punctuations and lots of pictures too! Use shorter sentences so people don’t get fatigued from trying to read through all those words;

use small paragraphs for easier comprehension as well. SEO experts tout long posts (over 2,000 words) but this would require balancing with short ones also because nobody wants their audience feeling exhausted by these blogs &  that out with reader experience—and most readers can’t tolerate more than half that word count.

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Top 3 Secrets Of Successful Solopreneurs


Top 3 Secrets Of Successful Solopreneurs

The idea of becoming a solopreneur has grown in leaps and bounds. Many people enjoy the idea of working for themselves while running a business that is manageable that they can set the hours and do the work on their own. If you are looking to become a solopreneur, take a look at these top secrets to see success!

Aim Small

There are a lot of business owners who want to aim big and make their business as large as possible. This may seem like a great idea, but then you are an entrepreneur instead. If you like the idea of being a solopreneur and just want to make enough to support yourself without the hassle of a big business, then your goal is to aim small and let the rest take care of itself. This can take a lot of pressure off and makes running your business easier.

Do Less Selling

Many solopreneurs feel like they need to do more selling to get anyone to take a look at them. They want to be heard above the crowd and get all of the sales possible. While it is noble to be so motivated to a goal, that is not how this is going to work. Overselling is going to annoy the customer and they may put you on mute in places like social media. Be more personable, meet the needs of potential customers, and find new ways to show your product, without the selling, and see how much that will make a difference.

Find Your Passion

If you are not passionate about your business, then you are going to get really tired of it quickly. Solopreneurs often are in charge of every aspect of the business. you will spend a lot of time around the product or service that you plan to offer as the business idea and it will be hard to stick with it some days when you are tired or frustrated. The good news is, if it is your passion, you will have a lot more good days than bad, and you can continue to turn this into a good profit. While you are at it, make sure to have a good accounting software or accountant by your side to help you continue making profits.

Becoming a solopreneur is a great way to start your own business while keeping it manageable enough to really enjoy. With the easy tips above, you can do this with no problems!

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Top 3 Reasons To Become a Solopreneur Today


Top 3 Reasons To Become a Solopreneur Today

The idea of becoming a solopreneur has really taken off. There are many people who are enticed by the freedom and the flexibility that comes with starting a business that they run and manage each day. They can get all of the benefits of being their own boss without having to hire others and worry about payroll and other headaches. Some of the top reasons why you should become a solopreneur today include:

To Control Your Schedule

One of the best things about being a solopreneur is that you get to control your own schedule. There is no boss to report to each day so the hours you work do not matter. You need to stick with the deadlines that you agree upon with your clients, but you will know about those upfront and can negotiate them. If you need an afternoon off for an appointment or want to take a vacation, or even if you know you work better late at night, you can make those decisions and tailor your schedule to fit that.

Choose Your Income

Many employees find that they are limited on how much they can earn. The human resources at the company may put a cap on it or they are not able to get a raise because of budget concerns and other issues. When you become a solopreneur, you get to choose how much you are worth. If you want a raise, you can take on more clients or change your rates. And you do not need to ask anyone for permission to do that.

Choose Who You Work With

How many times at work have you been stuck with a client or boss who does not share your visions or who seems to belittle you all the time. This can be a challenge but you keep going through it because you want that paycheck. When you become a solopreneur, you no longer have to feel stuck. You can choose which clients to work with. And you no longer have annoying or bad employees or a boss to report to at the end of the day.

There are many reasons why becoming a solopreneur is such a great option for so many people. You need to be motivated and organized to get it done, but for those who are ready to take control over their own lives, becoming a solopreneur is one of the best options out there. 

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4 Benefits of Becoming a Solopreneur


4 Benefits of Becoming a Solopreneur

A solopreneur is an individual who decides to start and run their own business. they can often do this from home without having to hire a lot of employees or worry about the added expenses. There are a lot of benefits to becoming a solopreneur, even compared to working as an entrepreneur and some of these benefits include:

You Are In Control

A solopreneur gets to be in control over the business. They can set their prices, they can set their hours, and they can choose the type of work that they want to do. This is control that most employees do not get to enjoy when they are at a regular job. This freedom is what entices a lot of people to look at becoming a solopreneur to gain more freedom over their money and their lives.

You Get to Make the Decisions

One of the best things about being a solopreneur is that you are the only one in charge of that business. This means you get to make all of the big decisions. If you are bad at making decisions, then this kind of business arrangement may not be the best one for you. But for those who do not want to answer to someone else, being a solopreneur may be a great option.

You Get to Keep the Profits

Solopreneurs often do not have the same costs as other businesses. They can do the work from their home so they will not have to pay for office rent. And without employees by their side to do the work, there are no salaries and benefits to pay and no payroll taxes either. This means more of the profits go to your pockets.

You Can Outsource

While most of the work in a solopreneur business is done by the individual, if there are a few things that come up that you aren’t knowledgeable about or that you do not have time for because life gets in the way, it is possible to outsource. Freelancers are great for helping with some projects or hire an accountant to help during tax season.

These are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy when it comes to being a solopreneur. With the right mindset and a great idea and time management on your side, you can become your own boss and enjoy all the benefits of a solopreneur. 

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