30 Steps to Printable Success -Step two - Must Have Solutions

30 Steps to Printable Success -Step two

Step 2: Create a Customer Avatar

Once you can create an image of who your target audience is, you can begin to plan out how to market to them. Once you can correctly characterize your customers, you will be able to properly understand what they are looking for in a quality product.

 For example, if you are looking to focus on printables that provide organization, you could market towards other entrepreneurs, parents, students, and anyone else with a busy schedule.

If you want to focus on a certain age group, you can change up the aesthetics of your printables to make them most appealing towards your target audience. Or you can focus on weddings.

You can create printables for invitations, to-do lists, thank you cards, and welcome sheets. There will always be wedding planners and engaged couples on the lookout for printables that fit their wedding themes.....

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