30 Steps to Printable Success -Step Four - Must Have Solutions

30 Steps to Printable Success -Step Four

Step 4: Purchase Branding Elements for Your Business

Once you’ve taken the time to come up with a brand name, you can start to plan out the visual aesthetics of your business. Choosing a color scheme is an essential first step, since it will go into every aspect of your designs.

If you feel creative enough, you can create your own graphics for your brand. Websites like Canva and Adobe can be used to create your own visuals. Canva has a free version, so you can test out some of your ideas before taking the dive and purchasing any type of subscription.

There are tutorials throughout different blogs and YouTube videos that can help you understand the basics. If you aren’t feeling up to that job, there are plenty of graphic artists who are willing to work with you to create your vision.....

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