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30 Day Website Traffic Blueprint

30 Day Website Traffic Blueprint

Regardless of what kind of budget you have for your online business efforts, you’ll want to learn how to push and pull visitors to your website strategically so that you beat out the competition who is vying for their attention.

Traffic generation is an ongoing task you’ll need to carry out, and instead of getting overwhelmed with enormous projects, you can do it in bite-sized, frequent increments spread out over the course of one month.

Day 1: Use Search Engine Optimization for Increased Organic Traffic

Organic traffic begins with mastery of search engine optimization (SEO). Learning what the search engines want from you on your site is the best way to gain traction and take preventative measures from allowing others to beat you in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO can be simple or complex, and it’s constantly changing or evolving to keep scammers from getting an unfair advantage. So you’ll need to stay abreast of changes and implement them on your site.

Search bots who visit your site need to be able to quickly and easily navigate it and determine what each page is about so they can index it as a possible result for people who use their search engine....

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