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30 Day Social Networking Blueprint

30 Day Social Networking Blueprint

When social networking sites were established, it created a way for ordinary people to network and communicate about their common interests. Rather than only being allowed to visit websites and leave comments, a whole new world was opened up to the consumer.

As a niche leader, you want to immerse yourself into the social networking scene online so that you can not only help guide people to success with their goals, but also be able to better understand their needs.

Social networking sites, whether they’re built on a format foundation of text, video, images or audio, provide you with an easy way to spread awareness of your brand, get traffic to your site for list building, and convert followers into buyers – and the 30 day blueprint below can help you do that.

Day 1: Pick Your Branding for Socialization

Before you start engaging with others, you need to have a brand envisioned to represent you on these platforms. You want it to be uniform across all sites so that you’re easily recognizable.

Think of how you want to brand your business in terms of what you’ll be helping people with, like weight loss for those over 40, how you want to be branded (by a business name or your name), and with what graphic representation....

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