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30 Day Niche Research Blueprint

30 Day Niche Research Blueprint

Many people quickly select a niche before doing any preliminary research. This causes them to falter or fail when they discover that after buying a domain, spending months creating content, and hoping to build a list, there’s not as much profit potential as they had hoped.

You want to make sure your niche topic has lots of revenue potential, but also satisfies you on a personal and professional level, since you’ll be showing up to serve this audience on a regular, if not daily basis.

You have to make sure there’s enough interest, enough products you can promote or create. This requires you to do some digging online to see if it’s a lucrative niche concept. Below, you’ll find a 30-day plan to help you size up whether or not the niches you’re considering have what it takes to build a business with.

Day 1: Generate a List of Your Favorite Topics

Planning for your niche means you’ll need to create a list of your favorite topics. Because if it interests you, you can bet it’ll also interest someone else. Today, think about all the things that you want to learn about or stuff that makes you happy - or even sad.

It could be that you’ve experienced a health issue such as having an underactive thyroid after years of struggling to lose weight. So it could be that your niche focuses on weight loss when you have a health problem like with the thyroid malfunctioning.

You want to make your list one that has all the things that you might already do and that you’re good at it. But it’s okay to go into a niche based on topics that you’re willing to get to know and want to learn more about so you can share it with others....

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